When the passion is born

Everyone once had a different life before they discovered the word perfume in their dictionaries. For some it’s a matter of a distant past, but for others it’s not that far from now. Well, for me the second option is the right one. To be able to start I need to rewind the time to a year of 2006. That’s when my story started and now I’m gonna share that story with you. Please sit comfortably and read.

Back in 2006, at the age of 16 I was beginning my education in junior high school. I was shy, not self-confident and keeping myself in the background, never in the first row. But few months after a school started again I found that one of my classmates is just like me – gray and insecure. We became friends and spent a lot of afternoons together. We lived in a medium-sized town, where the only cinema has just been closed, leaving us no option of entertainment. But we were smart kids, with good grades, so we came up with an excellent idea. We decided that once in a while we’ll take a train to a nearby metropoly and spend there an entire day having fun. And we did like we said.

We visited Poznań every month, sometimes every two months, it all depended on how busy we were at school. One hour train journey was our pass to a bigger, louder, more colorful and entertaining world. Every trip was perfectly planned – we knew which train should we take, always checked the cinema programme. We loved those trips! We usually started with a movie. Then we always took a stroll around the shopping gallery and doing shopping because in this one gallery there were more shops than in our entire town. Everything always ended with a dinner and as the day was coming to an end we departed back to our town, already thinking about another visit in Poznań.

While one of those trips Pauline, my very first friend suggested that we should go to Sephora. It was there, but we never visited it earlier before. So I agreed and off we went inside. I was stunned by the amount of different smells flying in the air and by all those bright colors of shower gels sitting on the shelves giving you and illusion of a rainbow. I was overwhelmed! When I headed to the male perfume counter I was surprised by the amount of bottles there. Different sizes, shapes, colors of liquid. Those times all of the brand names told me nothing. And then I’ve found it. A simple bottle, with a sprayer top closer to the right side of the bottle and a light purple liquid inside. And on the bottle it said Prada. That was the only brand I knew thanks to the movies. So I picked it up from the shelf and sprayed it. That was the moment for me…

In that very moment my life has changed. There were only me and Prada. A beautiful scent that I found suitable, perfect and made specially for me. Prada Amber Pour Homme was the key that opened the door. The door to another world, to a fragrant world. I entered without a doubt, left the door open but I already knew then that I’m not going back. Pauline also found a perfect scent for her. It was L’Instant Magic by Guerlain. Since then each time we visited Poznań we had to get our dose of fragrance. As the time was passing I started thinking about my future. I decided to take an advanced biology and chemistry classes in high school. While three years of high school I came up with an idea for myself – I wanted to study either a pharmacy or cosmetic chemistry. As some of you know I study cosmetic chemistry nowadays and have no regrets about it.

Of course I couldn’t afford a bottle of Prada as a teenager but decided to save every coin to buy it one day. Later I became an English tutor. I had a thought in mind that this might help me to get the amount of money I needed. Stocking money was difficult but not impossible. I managed to get the amount of money and after I passed my matura exam (the most important exam at the end of high school in Poland) I celebrated with buying my first perfume, Prada Amber Pour Homme, three years after I discovered the scent. No! Three years after I discovered the world of perfumery…


13 thoughts on “When the passion is born

  1. Mimi Gardenia says:

    Great post Lucasai – reminds me of when I first discovered perfume – my Chanel No .5 when I was very young. I still love it .

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you! So Chanel No. 5 was the very first for you. I think it’s the part of a story of every perfumista, the first perfume they experienced.

  2. flittersniffer says:

    It is always interesting to hear how people fell down the perfume “rabbit hole”. I have only been interested in the subject since 2008, at the age of 48(!), so I envy you having many more decades of happy sniffing ahead that I missed out on… : – )

  3. Catherine (devilcat) says:

    Lovely story Lucas, and congratulations on getting your site up and running!

  4. Amy (PerfumedLady) says:

    Wonderful! My interest in fragrance was apparent from the time I was very young but it wasn’t until I was a teen that I became the perfume addict you know now. You’ve reminded of that time and how Shalimar yanked me “down the rabbit hole”! Lovely memories. Still love Shalimar, too.

    Having so much fun reading your blog, Lucas! You are off to a fantastic start! Hope it’s ok if your FG feels a little (happily) teary pride!

    • lucasai says:

      At the begininng I also used some fragrances from Avon and Oriflame (you know, the catalogue selling) but I didn’t have much luck with these. Smelling a scented page is nothing comparable to a scent on my skin. I usually didn’t like them as I should.

      Prada amber Pour Homme was my first designer fragrance, from a higher shelf.

  5. Amy (PerfumedLady) says:

    Yes, I started with lots of Avon. In fact, just had the Avon lady let me sample Timeless after sampling Tauer’s Miriam and being reminded of it. Discovered it’s still lovely and on sale for $6 and some change. Looks like I’ll be re-purchasing!

    Also started out with many drugstore scents and a box full of Estee Lauder handed down from a neighbor. Many of my first loves are ruined or discontinued but I love re-visiting those who are still hanging in there.

  6. Amy (PerfumedLady) says:

    I love to re-visit scents when they turn out to be still great, or at least close enough to my recollection of them (as in the case of Timeless). There are many scents from my early days that are still holding up well in spite the ridiculous regulations that have been forced upon them. However, many more are unwearable- sniffing Heaven Sent (a favorite in the 80’s) in its current form makes me want to throw the bottle against a wall! Horrible!

    I’m curious to see as the years progress if it will be different for you. Since your passion has been developing more recently, maybe future fragrance industry regulations won’t affect you the way it did many of us. At least you won’t have to give up nitro-musks and oakmoss, like some of us did!

    • lucasai says:

      That would be hard for me if I had to give up on oakmoss. Parfum d’Empire Iskander is a runner up on my to-buy list and few more from the house are on a sampling list (some of them also contain oakmoss)
      I must say that now I sometimes go back to those fragrances I liked before Prada and I hardly like them. Can’r imagine how could I wear it those 8 years ago…

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