Infatuation, By Kilian Prelude to Love

In 2007 Mr. Kilian Hennessy established in Paris an eco-luxe, niche parfum brand named By Kilian after his own name. The brand appeared in the perfume market introducing a family of fragrances under the name of collection l’oeuvre noire (“Black Masterpiece“) reffering to the fact that all By Kilian perfume are made of transparent glass, but they’re lacquered black from the inside, hiding the juice from your eyes. Prelude to Love, Invitation was created in collaboration with Calice Becker, one of two perfumers working with Hennessy’s brand. Prelude to Love launched in 2008 and it was 7th perfume holding a metal emblem of By Kilian line.

In the opening of By Kilian Prelude to Love you get to experience a very interesting blend of orange blossom, bergamot and neroli. Those notes create a tingling and vibrating sensation that oscillates between bitter, sweet and tart. On this stage Prelude to Love is a very happy and prominent perfume. Few minutes later you notice an awakening of the iris which plays wonderfully with the initial stage of this By Kilian composition. Iris used here adds some slightly floral and powdery quality. Who would’ve thought that combining iris with some citrus-floral aromas might be this good. It’s so fresh and lively, yet elegant and not overwhelming.

Some time after the iris appeared, two new guests came to play and have some fun. Lemon and orange make Prelude to Love even more citrusy than it is, and believe me, it is citrusy a lot from the very beginning. Thanks to these two notes composition becomes crisp and almost edible. Personally I’d love to have a bite of Prelude to Love if someone ever created a dish that would have this gorgeous smell. Hours later Prelude to Love settles into sophisticated, quiet but noticeable perfume. Some time later a small dose of spices like pepper and ginger become noticeable. If you’re lucky or if your nose is good in detecting rose accords then you might smell some tingling in the background of this citrus based composition.

Prelude to Love, Invitation from By Kilian is a pretty and memorable perfume. Theme for this fragrance is Love and it’s prohibition while Prelude to Love itself is meant to be an olfactive memory of the first date. [1] And it really is. It’s exciting, making others curious about the wearer. It really is an invitation to come closer and talk.  The longevity is great and sillage is nice, decent and appropriate. Prelude to Love is a unique perfume, personally I can’t remember if I know any other perfume that would smell similar. I know it’s pretty expensive but if you’re willing to own a perfume that is stunning and drawing attention, this might be the one.

The black from the inside bottle has a metal plate with the name and By Kilian words engraved. The bottles is kept in very elegant and stylish black lacquered case (see above) with a lock. Lately I’ve seen some pictures of a famous actress holding such a case on a red carpet, treating it like a hand bag. Prelude to Love is an eau de parfum, available in 50 ml and in 1 litre refill fountain. 100 ml and 50 ml refills are also available, as well as 4 x 7,5 ml travel sprays.

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10 thoughts on “Infatuation, By Kilian Prelude to Love

  1. poodle says:

    This sounds too citrusy for me. If anything has too much citrus it makes me think of a cleaning product. I’m curious about some of the Killian scents but I’ve only tried one and it was not good on me at all.

    • lucasai says:

      I see. I wouldn’t say that Prelude to Love smells like a cleaning product. To me it reminds a high quality citrus soap or body butter. Smells really nice. Which Kilians are you curious about and which didn’t work for you? Do tell!

      • poodle says:

        I tried two. I’d have to try and find the sample for one of them because all those names with love in them get confusing. Anyway that one was okay, but nothing I’d want. The other was Liasons Dangereuses. That was okay at first but then it smelled like a deodorant panty liner to me. The rose note that seems so nice on other people just turned into something awful on my skin. It’s okay to sniff in the vial but it’s not something I can wear. I love the name.

        • lucasai says:

          Yes, the names are confusing. I think that they’re like that to identify with different stages of relationship, from getting to know each other to breaking up.
          I know so many perfume that smell gorgeous in the vial and they don’t smell this good on my skin…

  2. I was very keen to smell Prelude to Love as it had a reputation on internet forums as an iris scent. I finally had my chance in Paris last year. It is an interesting combination of citrus florals and iris. I ended up taking Straight to Heaven home instead. Have you tried Cartier’s L’heure Promise 1? It is a similar theme with the addition of an overload of white musk and synthetic sandalwood; one of my favourite ‘non rooty’ irises.

    • lucasai says:

      I see! So you liked it, but Straight to Heaven was better. It is indeed a good blend of citrus floral accords and iris.
      No, haven’t tried L’Heure Promise 1. I think it’s not available here.

      • I liked it but not enough to buy a bottle. I was given a sample and I showed it to a friend who fell in love with it- she even asked a friend to pick a bottle up in Paris (we have no By Kilian stockist here in Australia). Straight to Heaven is another affair, it reminds me of the old Gucci’s from the early 2000s. And yes, Les Heures by Cartier can be hard to find. Many have been disappointed by them calling them overpriced….but I do love Promise.

        • lucasai says:

          That makes it all clear! I do like Prelude to Love, but not to get a bottle of it (too expensive also!) glad your friend liked it.
          I wonder how much would it cost to send perfume samples between Australia and Poland so that we could exchange some samples. I guess that would be expensive…

          • Expensive and also Australia Post consider perfume a ‘dangerous good’, so all perfumes have to go by sea and take forever. Strange because I buy perfume online and on Ebay and it gets here OK….it’s just going the other way which is not easy.

            • lucasai says:

              Same goes for sending perfume samples from the US, but my dear friends have their methods how to send them to me without any problems.

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