It’s like signing the air around you…

A perfumista wouldn’t be a perfumista if they didn’t have to deal with a question of how many perfume is the right amount for his/her collection and where is the magic border between being passionate and being obsessed, being sort of perfum-o-holic. Moreover perfumista wouldn’t be a real perfumista if they never had serious thoughts about signature scents. What really is a signature scent, does it even exist in the world we live in? Why does it cause so many extreme and opposite reactions and feelings. Inspired by Ari’s post at Scents of Self I decided to share mine approach to this delicate topic.

The first thing that needs to be said is to admit – yes, we all are on lost position! Why? It’s simple, in the past time staying commited to one certain fragrance was so very much easier. When there was only Chanel no.5 plus few more to chose from no one was able to collect (and what more, afford) to possess more than a single bottle of perfume. And what do we do now? We cheat on our bottles by making our collections grow bigger, by replacing one older bottle with two new. We are promiscuous perfumistas, I like how Ari pointed the fact out. Don’t be afraid to admit that, actually you can be proud of it if you want to. The question is – is it possible to stay commited to one bottle of perfume in actual times, in a fragrance world where new scents are released every few days?

The answer is – yes and no! It’s all about your own mentality. People change, times change and so does the meaning of some behaviours. I’m absolutely sure that each and every one of us has feeling that connect them with every single bottle that is a part of their collections. In the past having a signature scent meant to use the same perfume on every occasion. It was like signing the air around you, like living your personal finger print in a place one visit. People were associated with their perfume, so the very moment they realized they smell perfume molecules in the air they knew who has just arrived. Nowadays many of you would say that wearing only one perfume is boring. Yes, it might be. On the other hand having a bunch of perfume leaves you with making a decision which perfume you should spray in the morning. This state also leaves you indistinguishable in your nearest surroundings of a perfume world.

What does signature scent mean to me? Oh, it has a big value in my dictionary because I know what does it mean to have a signature perfume it it’s essential, past times manner. I spent 2 years wearing Prada Amber Pour Homme because it was my only perfume I had. It’s even more precious to me because it took me another 2 years to save money to afford it. I sprayed it day by day feeling glorious each day I’ve worn it. And I can’t even count how many times people said they knew it was me who entered the classroom and all this because they recognized the scent, the one that I was always wearing. Isn’t it amazing? I believe it’s more than that.

Now my collection has grown bigger. Not extremely bigger, just slightly bigger, as few more bottles joined me on my perfume journey during the last few years. Do I still have a signature scent? I would answer yes, I do. Still the same one. Do I wear it everyday? No, I don’t. Someone might ask why do I still call my Prada a signature scent if I don’t wear it daily. And here’s the most important part. It’s not all about wearing it daily, it’s about feelings and emotions, about what does the certain flacon of perfume mean to you! To me it’s the one that I reach for when I have no idea what to spray, the one that suits every mood, every time, every occasion.

My signature scent, although not used in the same manner as it used to be in the past, it became a part of me. It was there for me in good times and bad times. I can’t imagine my collection without it – that’s what signature scents are about. About being afraid of perfume loneliness without it! What is your opinion about signature scents? Do you agree with me or your opinion differs? Please join the discussion, let’s talk big about it!


10 thoughts on “It’s like signing the air around you…

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    I just watched the film Perfume yesterday, starring Dustin Hoffman who is a perfumist who takes in a murderous orphan seeking the ultimate scent! I gather you may enjoy it. Please let me now if you’ve watched and your take on it.

    • lucasai says:

      I’ve seen Perfume, the story of a Murder numerous times. I think It’s a great film. Really well made and the action is nice in it.
      This film stays somewhere on the edge of fantasy and reality, you can’t exctract a smell of a human body…

  2. Undina says:

    There are millions people who do not wear any perfumes – even if they can afford them (so I’m not talking about those who struggle to stay alive). There are millions people who own just one or two perfume at a time, so it is possible to have a signature scent for them.

    I think that being a perfumista, collecting perfumes isn’t compartible with having a signature scent – it’s a contradiction in terms. Well, unless you do all the testing at home (where you spend the most part of your life) and then, whenever you go out[side], you always wear the same perfume. But it seems strange: what’s the point to test anything if you’ve already found the one perfume for yourself. And if you haven’t yet, what’s the point of wearing constantly the same perfume that isn’t the one?

    • lucasai says:

      That’s right. There are many people that own one perfume and they’re totally in love with it.
      And I agree that there’s some contradiction between signature scents and collecting perfume as perfumista.
      Maybe the point of testing is to try if the taste changed and maybe your signature will change over time. And yes, there’s absolutely no point in wearing one perfume if you don’t love it.

  3. poodle says:

    I like your take on signature scents. I guess I agree with you about having that one that you know you can turn to anytime. You are right about being able to afford things too. When I was a student I had a signature because I couldn’t afford to have a collection. That was before the days of Internet and samples and decants. I saved up and bought what was my favorite at the time and used it up. I also had access to fewer things then. If it wasn’t at the mall then you didn’t get it. Online shopping opened up a world of new scents. I don’t know if it was better to have a few to chose from or the unlimited selections we have now.

    • lucasai says:

      I’m also torn here. In the past people had less options of purchase and less perfume to chose from. Now we can purchase in every possible way and have thousands to chose from, don’t know if it’s this good as it sounds.

  4. kelly4 says:

    Hi luacsai, I love your new website. I also like reading your comments on NST. I’m also torn.

  5. Natalie says:

    I like the way you explain this, that you do have a signature scent, and yet you don’t. I think you are the first person to express this in a way that feels like it captures both sides of how I think about this – like two sides of a coin. I can imagine myself in a perfume that is so wonderful I want it to be my signature, but still not wanting to wear it everyday. There is no “THE ONE” but there could be “the one.” 🙂

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