Like it! JO LOVES… Green Orange & Coriander

In 2006 perfume designer Jo Malone quit her job of chairwoman and creative director in her signature company, 7 years after Estee Lauder acquired Jo Malone’s perfume business. For a few years Jo Malone disappeared from perfume industry. Those who like her person and Jo Malone signed perfume have nothing to worry about because Jo is back. In late 2011 she returned with an announcement that she’ll be starting a new venture, forming a new brand named JO LOVES… This brand’s debut had place in November 2011, 4 fragrances were introduced. At the moment JO LOVES… offers 7 scents.

Green Orange & Coriander is one of the perfume quartet that marked the debut of JO LOVES… brand. This perfume is a marriage between this, what is citrusy and this, what is spicy. To me this perfume posesses a perfect balance and harmony of these two quite opposite aspects. It’s also perfectly visible that Green Orange & Coriander was created by a hand of Jo Malone. The simplicity is still the main key to succeed, a signature that is typical to Jo Malone’s creations. On this field JO LOVES… is similar to perfume from Jo Malone signature brand. But my nose tries to tell me here that perfume under JO LOVES… are much better. And I think they really are!

Green Orange & Coriander has a sharp opening full of bitter oranges. It’s very luscious, acidic and has that vibe that is typical to citrus rinds. It’s very energetic and somewhat pugnacious. This refreshing feeling stays around for a long time, but not much time after spraying, this bitter orange sharpness create a background for a lovely coriander accord. Coriander in JO LOVES… Green Orange & Coriander is mighty, strong and powerful. It’s aroma is quite pungent, but still it’s not that strong to be overpowering. It’s integral with bitter orange and citrusy part of this perfume. Together they create a charming sensation that is warm thanks to coriander and refreshing because of the citruses used in Green Orange & Coriander.

Jo Malone describes this scent as soulful and sassy. To me Green Orange & Coriander by JO LOVES… is a simple yet beautiful perfume. I imagine myself wearing it in early autumn just to bring back memories of the past summer. It’s this kind of scent. It’s being sold as a unisex fragrance but in my opinion coriander makes this perfume more suitable for men, it leans towards masculine side of perfume counter but I’m sure women will also find this perfume pretty interesting. It has a good quality. Green Orange & Coriander is rather a lighthearted scent. It’s projection is average or small, depending on the wearer and weather condition but it lasts for many hours. I still could smell it on my hand 6 hours later, and I used just one spritz.

JO LOVES… fragrances currently are available only in the UK. Brand doesn’t have a stationary boutique yet, visits can be made by appointment only. That kind of make these fragrances even more special. All JO LOVES… perfumes are available in 30 ml and 100 ml bottles. For bottles – simplicity gave a great effect. Bottles are square with black frame and perfume name printed on the front side. They have gorgeous outer packagings which are intensive red boxes with black and white elements, and matching colours ribbon. Definitely worth a try!

note: sample provided by JO LOVES… on my request.

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12 thoughts on “Like it! JO LOVES… Green Orange & Coriander

  1. jilliecat says:

    I am very interested in smelling this line, especially after reading your review Lucas. I am glad that Jo is back in the business of creating perfumes as I was wearing her originals when they first came out – a long time ago now!

    • lucasai says:

      I only know few Jo Malones. They don’t sell them here so in the matter of samples I have to rely on friends from abroad who have access to them.
      I gave a brief smelling to other two samples I got and they really smell nice. And their longevity is better than Jo Malones which lasted for around 3 hours. Jo is definitely doing fine.

  2. Undina says:

    At the right price point (and availability!!! – I still can’t figure out their business model since none of the first four perfumes is available to order from the website for the last several months) I wouldn’t mind wearing any of them and one in particular (Gardenia) I’m considering actively looking for. But with all my initial positive attitude towards this brand (since I’m a big fan of the original line) most of the things they do – I’m talking, of course, only about how they are seen by me, a consumer, – annoy me enormously. I still wish them luck.

    My experience with many Jo Malone’s original colognes are different then yours: I’m getting at least a good 4 hours wear out of them.

    • lucasai says:

      Yes, I noticed that too that some of these fragrances are not available for online purchase. I hope they’ll do something about it, because no one is going to talk about this brand if they’ll keep themselves well hidden. And I hope they’ll expand to Europe and US one day.

      Lucky you. Maybe I spray to little, because my samples are small. Onyl Blue Agava & Cacao lasted long on my skin.

      • jillie says:

        JM’s Pomegranate Noir is long lasting – my husband is rather fond of it. I’ll see if I have got any hidden away and will send you a sample! It is warmer and deeper than most of the others in the line, so that might be why it has more staying power, and I suspect that the cacao element gives the Blue Agava more tenacity. I used to be fond of Vetivert too.

        But I am just wondering if perhaps their fragrances might be more dilute nowadays, as with so many other brands? I get so disappointed when I find old favourites are reformulated, not just tampering with the smell, but making them weaker (making an eau de parfum more like a cologne strength). Wish they would stop!

        • lucasai says:

          I really have no idea if Estee Lauder changed the original Jo Malones formulation or if they made these fragrances weaker. As far as I know all Malones have Cologne in their names but they’re EDT right? I think you’re right about cacao in Blue Agava & Cacao. Pomegranade Noir sounds nice.
          I’m looking forward to sampling Amber & Lavender and Assam & Grapefruit one day, maybe…

      • Undina says:

        I do not really know if those are actual colognes or EdT but my experience with them is mixed: some of them are tenacious enough for me to wear during the work day (sometimes I would re-apply once) but some (especially new ones) disappear from my skin before I leave the store. I don’t buy those 🙂

        • lucasai says:

          I’m not sure of it either. Those that I tried thanks to my friends didn’t last long, as mentioned only Blue Agava & Cacao stayed with me for a good part of the day.

          I wouldn’t buy those quickly disappearing too!

  3. JO LOVES says:

    Thank you for reviewing the JO LOVES fragrances – we are delighted that you like Green Orange & Corinder especially.

    We are currently working on our ability to ship fragrances internationally and hope to have some news on this very soon. Do sign up to The Note on to be kept in the loop with product launches and availability information.

    In the meantime if you would like to try any of the fragrances please contact, or if we can help with any other queries please dont hesitate to contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter.

    Best wishes and thank you for your support,

    The JO LOVES Team x

    • lucasai says:

      I’m very happy to have a chance to try JO LOVES fragrances. I’m wishing you a lot success in the future! Ah, that would be lovely if the shipping was international. I’d happily order a bottle one day.
      Thank you very much, I’m sure we’ll be in touch!
      Best wishes!

  4. smellythoughts says:

    I’d like to try this line too. I haven’t had much success with Jo Malone – they are really not my type of fragrances – simplistic and clean, minimal and subtle etc. That may be a huge generalization. But some of the combinations listed in this JO Loves line sound very innovative and I look forward to sniffing them. Isn’t there a new mango and oud? Sounds fab! 😀

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