Warm up for tomorrow and my first poll!

A quick poll for today, first one in my career. Your vote really matters here, so please participate. When you cast a vote it will be a great feedback and help for me.

If you answered “yes” please let me know if you would like quick sniffs to be a weekly stuff, or should it appear once in a while, not necessarilly on Monday? Also tell me how many mini reviews should a single quick sniffs session feature. Were four enough or maybe it was too much? Please share! I want it to be the way you like it.

New review will be up tomorrow! Can anyone guess what fragrance I’ll be talking about?


28 thoughts on “Warm up for tomorrow and my first poll!

  1. Olfactoria says:

    Mini-reviews are always nice and give a quick impression. As for the regularity, do it as you feel most comfortable, don’t make blogging stressful for yourself with rigid outlines. Your readers will find you and read it whenever you publish something.

    • lucasai says:

      Thanks dear! I liked writing those four minis on Monday, it was a nice fun. I think every day would be great for a quick sniffs. No, I’m not going to make anything stressful!
      Thanks for support!

  2. poodle says:

    I didn’t cast a vote because I like them both. I agree, don’t make it stressful on yourself and do what works for you. If you have time to write do a full review. If not do a quick sniff. You could even just do one quick sniff once in a while. That way you’re getting something new up there to keep things active. Plus, if people follow your blog or follow you on twitter they will know when you’ve posted something new. It’s not easy to post like clockwork every week.

  3. Irina says:

    whenever you feel like-no stress, no rigid schedule

  4. Quick Sniffs are fun, not stressful to write and are easy to read for viewers. I find that I just don’t have enough time during the week to write, let alone read everything that I want to. So quick and easy is sometimes nice. The best long reviews and stories are the ones in which your love and enthusiasm come through – fragrances that you really love. In those cases, the words flow easily.

  5. kelly4 says:

    Hi Lucasai, I love your quick sniffs idea. Whenever its best for you. Love your blog! Keep up the great work.

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you! Will do it that way, so don’t get surprised when it will be Wednesday quick sniffs next time.

      I’m not sure if I can say it will be Wednesday quick sniffs, part 2, or part two should be only for Monday and relative days?

  6. Just as you feel. I agree with the commenter above that the most enjoyable reviews are about favourite perfumes.

  7. smellythoughts says:

    I agree with everyone 🙂 Quick sniffs are a great way to sum up a fragrance that you would otherwise have to painfully spread out into one unnecessary review, but include lots of content!

  8. cheesegan says:

    I like the quick sniff reviews and I agree with the first commenter, Olfactoria.

  9. hajusuuri says:

    I’m looking in my crystal ball and I think you will feature Rose Anonyme 🙂

    I loved your mini reviews and like everyone said, just do what you feel comfortable doing. A combination of winners and losers would be good.

    Along the lines of mini reviews, how about doing several posts where you have tweet-length reviews of a particular brand / line / Note and invite your readers to contribute their own reviews? I myself have never explored Twitter and is unlikely to join, but I have read tweet summaries of novels and even recipe tweets, so why not tweet reviews?

  10. Lindaloo says:

    Yes, please do continue the quick sniffs. Don’t feel the need to commit to a specific schedule, unless it helps you reach your own goals (such as getting through a sample stash). Three or 4 scents per quick sniff post seems about right. And while I appreciate that you want to do it as your readers might like it, my feeling is that being too accommodating can wear a blogger out. For me, a blogger’s perspective and enthusiastic sharing of their opinion matter more than their ability to meet rigid guidelines.

  11. Undina says:

    I do not really care for long reviews from anybody – not unless it’s an interesting story on its own. Why? Because no matter how perfect you describe what you smell, my perception of the perfume will be different. Regardless of how many details you provide I’ll need to smell the perfume myself anyway.

    Quick sniffs, on the other hand, is just a part of the communication: you give your impression, your mood, I respond more to the tonality of your short review than to actual words of a long one.

    As to how often to do it, I agree with everybody else: do it at your own speed. You are not a newspaper with a guaranteed number of issues per year, not a radio/tv station with paid advertising. You do not owe anything to anybody and nobody has any real expectations. So do not over-analize and just go where it takes you.

  12. Nina says:

    Hi! Quick sniffs are great, as well as long reviews, but I find most often first impressions are reliable and can often be described in short reviews. Me too fully agrees with previous comments, please write when you feel the inspiration! Blogging should be lustful for fot readers and authors as well, right? Thanks so much for your blog, I love it! Also, your writing about aromachemichals is really useful.

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Nina! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I will be doing both, depending on what I feel like writing in the moment. I truly need inspiration for writing. I’m happy you like it! Please do visit often 🙂

  13. Amy (PerfumedLady) says:

    I’m late with my reply but I voted yes, bring on more quick sniffs! I love reading quick takes on scents and they’re a great idea when you’re squeezed for time. Agree with others who have said longer reviews work better in when it’s about a scent one feels passionate about. I feel there is room for both styles within the same blog. You’re doing great figuring this all out! Write what you are in the mood to write!

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