Quiet whispers of the ending summer

I wish I could use the different words here but there’s no sense in fooling myself. This summer was an unlucky and bad summer for me. I can blame the whimsical weather which gave us scorching heat one day and heavy rain in the next one. I can also blame myself I guess. I’m shy when it comes to face to face encounters and I have problems with getting new friendships. I had few plans for this summer but none of them succeeded. I wanted to visit London for a week with my best friend, but we’ve forgotten that Olympic Games were on their way – it was impossible for us to find reasonably priced place to stay. I want to go there next year…

For the last two years we had our annual event of going to Tatra Mountains in early September. We spent there a week wandering around the mountains. But this year the tradition breaks, he got a practice in small IT company (he studies IT at university). I’m envious, it was his university that got him into practice. I wish my university cared about students in the same way. I would do a lot to practice in chemistry lab during summer. I tried to apply on my own and I did, but didn’t get any answer (neither positive or negative).

This summer also turned out that my friends from chemistry faculty are not the friends I though they were. I didn’t get a single text message asking how is my summer, what I’m doing and how it went with enlisting to 2nd degree at university. I got into boring summer routine – going to the pool and swimming in the morning, cycling in the afternoon. The rest of each day I was watching tv or browsing through the internet, refreshing this blog and Basenotes every few minutes hoping someone would message me. What a futile hope I had. At least this blog kept my mind busy. Perfume samples became my friends this summer, and you’re my friends too I think (unless you feel different). In February my Dad changed jobs and he won’t get a holiday leave… I miss our family trips to Bulgaria or Croatia.

The only bright side of summer 2012 is that I could dig through many perfume samples. I made many discoveries during this time. I found out that I fancy neroli/petit grain fragrances and re-discovered my love towards many citrus scents. This summer I forgot about Dior Eau Sauvage and devoted to Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien. On some days I was flirting with delicious Limone di Sicilia by I Profumi di Firenze which is a gorgeous and luscious perfume. After trying Dyptique Philosykos I realized that fig is not my kind of thing in perfume. Later a surprise appeared in the form of Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio, which is a figy scent that I absolutely adore and want to buy for the next year’s spring/summer season.

The other scents I enjoyed this summer were Serge Lutens Fleurs de Citronnier and Gris Clair (on gray days). I happily reached for Iskander, Azemour les Orangers, Eau Suave, Eau de Gloire and Equistrius, all from Parfum d’Empire. I love so many from this niche perfume house that it became one of my favourites. I will have all those bottles one day. I wish I could have some great memories connected with those scents, but I don’t. That’s too bad. At least I’ve been to those two nice kayak trips with my parents. Paddling made me tired, but allowed to forget about bore. I wish my next summer will be much better. How was your summer? And what perfume will remind you about it?

34 thoughts on “Quiet whispers of the ending summer

  1. Oh Lucas 😦 *hugs* I’m so sorry. Try to see the positive in this though – you have learned so many valuable lessons – better to learn now who your friends are than later. I have also been learning the past few months that I – and my boyfriend- are my only true friends. I have less than a handful of others who flipflop a lot. I feel lonely too sometimes, and have moments where I refresh pages over and over (Ive been there!), but I have also learned to appreciate what amazing things I do have.

    I just found Yosh White Flowers, and although I found it late this summer, it will be my “happy summer” perfume.

    I will try to comment more on your blog! I am reaaaaallyl busy moving right now but I’ll try harder now on. πŸ™‚

    • I just went on to the poll post to quickly comment, feeling guilty, and found 26 comments! You are so loved πŸ™‚

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Melissa! I’m sorry too, it’s just bad plot of events. Yes, I learned a lot during these few months, and many people helped me because they wanted to, they didn’t want anything in return. I knew they were not the real friends. They were always close in the university building, because I’m a cosmetic chemistry representative, so I was a good source of information. I hope my friend (the one from our mountain trips) is still a friend. He studies in different city (and practices now too) so we meet once in a few months only.
      Thanks for cheering me up! I’ve got a sample of White Flowers, but it’s not mine, it belongs to our Ladymurasaki, she asked if I can order one for her in Poland because it’s cheaper. I’ll send it to her when she’ll be back from Tokyo.
      Glad to have you around!

  2. poodle says:

    I know how you feel. I really, really know how you feel. I was just thinking about my similar summer this weekend. People wonder why I have a lot of pets. Well, other than my husband, I don’t have much else in the way of close friends. At least my furry and feathered buddies are always here for me. I spent my summer checking twitter and refreshing pages too. I manage to stay busy with work and the house but some days it can get to you. To fill in some time I am starting a blog for hubby’s company and maybe even my own blog. I can never have too many distractions. My hubby is in the same boat too. His family only calls when they need something. It is what it is and we just make the best of it. I don’t mind being alone but there are times when you do get a little lonely. There is a difference. Hope things brighten up for you. You’ve got to make your own fun and happy memories. Enjoy the things you do have and don’t dwell on the other stuff.

    • Yes! I and my 12 cats & 2 dogs are quite happy without human company most of the time! I feel so lucky to have my best friend be my boyfriend. Right now I am away from my family, and it’s very lonely. 😦 *hugs to a fellow animal lover*

      • lucasai says:

        What a nice furry family you have! Good that you’re best friend is one of the closest to you. You’ll reunite with your family soon right?

      • By “family” I meant the 12 & 2 (and bf) haha πŸ˜€

        End of the year! Perfume has kept me going the past few months, and so has everyone in this community. Did you read my blogpost about the perfume online community?

        • lucasai says:

          Of course, animals and boyfriend included. I thought you return earlier, still have some time before December. Perfume always keep me going, they calm me and help to survive the hard times. No I didn’t read it yet, I shall do it now!

    • lucasai says:

      Aw, sorry to hear that! I was hoping there won’t be more like me this summer. At least your little friends accompany you. We’ve got a dog in the house too, it usally ignores me but at least it is with me when there’s no one else home. On times like that I can’t wait to return to university when I’ll be again busy learning for tests and working in lab. Definitely let me know when you decide on your own blog! Will it be perfume related? I would be more busy if there were more places to go in my hometown. We don’t even have a cinema here.
      Thanks, I’ll indulge myself with new perfume. Rose Anonyme should be in my local niche perfumery any day.

  3. TF says:

    Cheer up Lucas! I too have had such summer when I was very lonely. I don’t have any true friends from my university and after a couple of years my friends from high school (gymnasium) also forgot about me. I was bored too because I couldn’t get a chemistry internship (practice?) for the summer or any other summer work. But my summer this year was amazing and very busy! So…to conclude, once you’re up and once you’re down, it will get better.

    On a perfume related note, I was in Hungary for a couple of weeks and saw some stores and kiosks that sold French perfumes, but they bottled them there for you from big boxes containing the perfume into small plain spray bottles. Are these legitimate places (they said they have Chanel No. 5, Coco Mademoiselle, Diors etc) and do you have these in Poland?

    • lucasai says:

      I don’t have childhood friends either. People in my classes during the whole education prefered to rival and be envious towards each other rather than make friends, that’s sad.
      I hope I’ll get into practice/internship next year, our professors say it’s easier to get one after 1st year of 2nd degree. After a down there must be an up one day, I hope so!
      Those stores/kiosks in Hungary… I think they sold fakes, or if they sold real thing it’s against the law then. Such things don’t exist in Poland. There are few “so called” perfumeries like “Refan” that have stands in shopping galleries and they sell perfume per mililiter and decant from big to small bottles, but they sell only their own products, not well known brands.

  4. shellyw says:

    As a teacher the end of summer always seems bitter sweet, vaction over etc.. As a kid it meant leaveing my grandparents camp in the mountians. I can understand some of your disappointment. Best wishes for the fall. And may there be many lovely sample in the mail for you to try.

    • lucasai says:

      Yes, kids go back to school tomorrow, but we, university students still have one more month. I hope fall will bring a change. And I hope samples will keep coming πŸ™‚

  5. Lucas – I can only wish for the days when I could hang by the pool, etc for the summer. Those days are long gone and I don’t seem to be winning the lottery so I don’t think they’re coming back! Don’t worry, life will bring you good years and bad years, some fun, some boring. It all helps to make you the wonderful person that you are. In the meantime, I hope you at least get some pleasure out of the samples I sent you! Take Care – Steve

    • lucasai says:

      I keep repeating the same thing, that there can’t be always good, sometimes it has to be bad for a change. I might be more busy soon – when my schedule will be published I’ll know if I need to move back to PoznaΕ„ and find a room to rent or if I can commute like I did last year. I’m sure your samples will be valuable.

  6. Suzy Q says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been feeling lonely. Think of it as “solitude” instead and maybe you can see things in a more positive light. I’m no longer a student, but a professor. During the summer I enjoy my solitude, nurturing my own work rather than the students’. The colleagues I’m friends with and I give each other a lot of space. Maybe that’s what’s happening with your peers.

    As for perfume, you and I like a lot of the same things, I see. I wish you were in the U.S. because I’d love to send you some Seville a l’Aube because you will probably like it a lot. I would also send you some Guerlain Cruel Gardenia, as it does not smell like gardenia but like soapy neroli. I like Grand Neroli from Atelier Cologne in the summer. And I just got a decant of Vetiver Fatal, which you should try when it comes to your shop. It’s a very upbeat vetiver.

    • lucasai says:

      I’ll be fine soon, just having few worse days. I have nothing agains spending time alone, I’m an introvert person but I wish people at least contacted me. Even this friend that is practising doesn’t text me just to say how is he doing at the internship.
      I admit I haven’t tried Seville a l’Aube, it won’t be available here because it’s a limited edition. Also don’t know Cruel Gardenia. Grand Neroli is also one I like.
      I tried Vetiver Fatal last week, got it from the local niche perfumery along with Rose Anonyme. I don’t like vetiver, but this was quite nice.

  7. Undina says:

    Hang on in there! It definitely wasn’t the worse summer in your life. As Steven said, there will be many good and bad years ahead. Just try to get the best out of all of them and not let the bad ones to hold you down.

  8. hajusuuri says:

    Hello Lucas. It certainly took a lot of courage to share your innermost feelings to the “internets”. In my point of view, you’ve had an idyllic summer (albeit not what you planned for) and I long for those days. As to the trips that did not occur, all it means is that you’re then able to save up for the next trip and/or your next perfume love(s)!

    My reference to summer is purely a traditional weather-related seasonal label and not any natural break since I work full-time (and not as a teacher). That said, this summer flew by really quickly for me – I was busy at work, “learning” my new boss. The only out of the ordinary thing I did was the cruise to Norway. The perfume that will remind me of this summer is Prada Infusion d’Iris Absolue — for its gorgeous bright accord and because it was what I used throughout the cruise.

    Keep on keeping on, Lucas. I enjoy your blog, your reviews, and I’m happy to see your readership growing!

    • lucasai says:

      I didn’t even think about that I’m sharing something innermost. Just wanted to share, to feel the relief of not keeping it only for myself. There was something idyllic in it, that’s true. When I was younger summer passed quickly. I visited my grandma, cousings, traveled with my parents and I’ve been on camps every year, but now I don’t do these things so my summer is less busy. Prada Infusion d’Iris Absolue will be a great summer reminder. Maybe I’ll buy a bottle for next summer, who knows.

  9. Petalis says:

    Hi Lucas, I’m sorry that you feel this way. I’m sure in one month when academic year starts things will change. At least now you can fully devote to your fragrant passion. I wish I had more free time (pipe dream… πŸ™‚
    Btw, I’m Polish too, living currently in Japan with non-Japanese hubby and 2 kids. Here summers are extremely hot and humid, a nightmare for cold-lover. This year I survived till September thanks to Un Jardin sur le Nil, Pacifica’s Malibu Lemon Blossom, 24 Faubourg edt light and Infusion d’Iris.

    • lucasai says:

      Hi! I’m feeling better already. Yes, I’ll have more to do when an academic year starts. I sniff much until I have plenty of time. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan and I will do it one day. Best wishes to you.

      PS. Nice summer choices.

  10. Meg says:

    Lucas, may autumn bring many renewals to you– of friendships, of plans, of purpose, and of hope.

  11. Natalie says:

    I agree – hang in there! I am adding my wishes that autumn brings you much happiness and good things, to make up for this momentary dip. Hugs!

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