Sometimes… a comet falls from the sky

And one has just fallen right in front of my door. My Mum’s bottle of Thierry Mugler Angel eau de toilette in comets bottle arrived. Isn’t this bottle beautiful? Someone had to be very creative to come up with such a design idea. Mum will be happy! She’s been thinking about this perfume for many months. She couldn’t decide on full bottle, but finally she made up her mind and decided that eau de toilette smells much better on her than eau de parfum.


26 thoughts on “Sometimes… a comet falls from the sky

  1. Zubi d'Nova / Melissa de Blok says:

    Very pretty! 🙂

    Wish I could get past the association I have with Angel, which is young over made-up girls at clubs, as it is a lovely scent.

    • lucasai says:

      Isn’t it? Wow, that’s an interesting vision of Angel women.

      • Zubi d'Nova / Melissa de Blok says:

        Yes, it smells very similar to what many girls wore to the clubs in Kenya when I used to club a lot (age 15 onwards). It just reminds me too much of not-too-classy women 😉 I’m sure it smells lovely on your mum though, I just cannot put it on myself 😦 I gave away Loverdose too, because of it, even though I adore the licorice.

        • lucasai says:

          I see, sometimes those memories associated with a scent are too strong to come back to the scent, even if i is really nice.
          On the similar manner I can’t wear Dior Fahrenheit, but I truly think it stinks. I wouldn’t wear it if it was the only perfume in the world to wear.

      • Zubi d'Nova / Melissa de Blok says:

        You should answer my newest blog question about associations… 😛 (shameless advertising)

  2. TF says:

    Your mom is so lucky! I just bought a bottle of the original Angel (edp) two weeks ago, but have the baby size bottle of the edt that I got for free from sephora. Honestly I think the comet bottle is better than the star, because the star won’t stand up! So frustrating! (champagne problems 🙂 )

    • lucasai says:

      So you’ve got a miniature of Angel edp, am I correct? yes, I liked that edt can stand in the shelf, but wait, isn’t there an edp version in star column bottle, I’ve seen it last week.

      • TF says:

        No, sorry I have the full size edp but it is the non-standing bottle, so it just lays around on its back instead of standing. I have the mini of the edt. While I do like both, I think the edt is much easier to wear, so I can see why your Mum would like it more.

  3. poodle says:

    I love Mugler bottles. That comet one is really nice. I’m sure your mom will love it. I love Angel but don’t own any anymore since my husband gave some to his mom. I do not want to smell like my MIL. Someday I’ll wear it again when I stop smelling it on her. For Christmas this year we are giving her a bottle of something I don’t want to wear and hopefully she’ll switch to it.

  4. smellythoughts says:

    Sweet present 😀 Angel KIND OF reminds me of my Mum – she wore it for quite a long time. But also No.5 and Opium – all classics 🙂
    I’ve now divulged her into the world of niche where she ownes Voleur De Roses, Dzongkha, Sienne L’Hiver and Songest >:P

    • lucasai says:

      She adores the bottle. Mum mum got into perfume around a year ago. She wore Coty White Musk (or something like that) when she was younger but she never really cared about fragrances. She caught that from me.

  5. smellythoughts says:


  6. hajusuuri says:

    Sweet. Happy Birthday to your mum!

    I myself prefer Angel EDP and have a few sample sprays to tide me over until I decide! I also got a sample of A-Men which also smells pretty good.

  7. Natalie says:

    Happy birthday to your mom! I am in the same boat: I prefer Angel EdT to Angel EdP.

  8. mylifeinrouge says:

    Pretty bottle, however I am not sure if I would like the perfume… the EDP was just horrible for me

  9. Undina says:

    I like the original Angel though I wear it once or twice a year. I do not mind the EdT version and I like the bottle but it’s not different enough to add it to the collection.

    I hope your mother will enjoy this perfume.

  10. Amy (PerfumedLady) says:

    Ok, have to admit I’m not a Mugler fan. But that bottle is just gorgeous! Wowie-wow! What a pretty thing, hope it brings your mum a smile everytime she uses it!

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