Celebratory giveaway!

Today is a happy day. Actually there is more than one reason that makes Thursday, September 20 a special day. First thing is the arrival of a new perfume. My bottle of Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme has been delivered which makes me an ultra happy guy today. The second one is the thing I wouldn’t achieve without you. Chemist in the Bottle reached 10000 views today. That’s unbelievable! I want to thank every visitor! Thank you for accompanying me, visiting, cheering me up. It’s you who create this blog a special place. Without you I would stop perfume blogging before I truly started. Big thank you and hat tip to all of you.

To celebrate this first (and hopefully not last) milestone I would like to offer a special gift to one reader of Chemist in the Bottle. You can chose whether you’d like 1,5 ml sample of Amouage Interlude Man or a 1,5 ml sample of Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme, decanted and prepared by me. On request I can include my “autograph.” It might be worth some money in 10 years, who knows…

To join this draw you need to meet few requirements:

  • follow Chemist in the Bottle
  • like my review of Amouage Interlude Man or Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme (or both)
  • submit a comment under this post in which you will tell me what is your favourite Amouage scent or rose fragrance and what you like best about it

The draw is open to everyone all over the world. You can join until midnight – Sunday, September 23 (my timezone is London + 1 hour.) Lucky winner will be announced on Monday, September 24 before next session of Monday Quick Sniffs.

Good luck!



32 thoughts on “Celebratory giveaway!

  1. WOO HOO! Congratulations Lucasai! 10,000 is HUGE. Don’t include me in the draw because I have both your giveaways but I wanted to wish you great fun and joy in fragrance and 20,000 super quick,
    Portia xx

  2. Gwenyth says:

    Just wanted to say “congratulations”!
    I have enjoyed reading your posts and comments since I discovered your blog a few weeks ago.

    I wish you success in all your endeavors, perfume-related and other. It would be wonderful if, in 10 years or sooner, you became a Major Player in the world of perfumery. Good Luck!


  3. shellyw says:

    I am really enjoying the blog. The chemistry explained is great. Keep going.

    I have only one rose fragrance, Vengeance extreme. It is described as a dirty rose by the sales clerk. I find it fun, not traditionally beautiful. I would love to win a decant of Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme.

    Best wishes

  4. willforageforfood says:

    I enjoy the blog, congratulations on your success. My favorite rose perfume is Rose d’Homme by Les Parfums de Rosine. It’s a leather rose and I love leathers, so it’s a match.

  5. poodle says:

    That’s so great! I’m really happy for you. Keep up the good work! I’ve never tried any Amouage scent so no favorite for me there. As far as roses, I do like Whips and Roses by Kerosene quite a bit. It doesn’t sour on me like some roses do or smell like mildew. I love the idea of getting your autograph. You are too funny!

  6. Congratulations Lucas! I love reading your blog and look forward to doing so for a long time. No need to enter me in your contest. Steve

  7. hajusuuri says:

    Follow blog – check (from waaaaaay back)
    Like review – check (I LIKED the Rose Anonyme review)
    Favorite Amouage? – none as yet as I have not tried any
    Favorie Rose? – not sure; it’s not a note I frequent

    If I am the lucky winner, I would like to receive the Amouage!

  8. Irina says:

    congratulations, nicely done!
    would like to be entered the draw, please, should I win, I would like the “Rose Anonyme” sample
    good luck with your studies to be soon resumed

  9. malsnano86 says:

    Congrats on this blog, which I knew would be a success from reading your thoughtful comments on NST! And best wishes on a new year of studies. (Incidentally, most American universities started classes about six weeks ago. Interesting that there’s a difference in the schedule.)

    I’d have a hard time picking between Amouage Memoir Woman and Lyric Woman. Memoir’s more difficult to wear but I love love love it. Lyric is one of the most contemplative fragrances I have, and one of the few incense-heavy ones. I suppose if you MADE me pick, it would be Memoir because it’s so… weird… Lyric is much easier to love, and yet I have only a decant of it as opposed to my treasured bottle of Memoir.

    I love rose scents, though – from fruity, dewy roses like Rosine Rose d’Ete to rose-violet scents like YSL Paris to rose chypres like L’Arte di Gucci to the rose-incense-vanilla of Lyric or Parfum Sacre. Or DSH Perfumes’ lovely citrusy Rose Vert.

  10. rosiegreen62 says:

    My favorite rose perfume is Parfum Sacre. I keep trying others but always come back to it. I have been following your blog for a few weeks. Loved the review of Rose Anonyme. I am lucky enough to have received a sample of it and the Vetiver. I would love to receive the Amouage sample, I haven’t tried any perfumes from this house yet. Congratulations on reaching 10,000, it will be up to 20,000 sooner than you think.

    • lucasai says:

      Parfum Sacre? Didn’t try it but I remember hearing about it. Good that you try to discover more. Glad that you got your samples. There’s nothing better than trying before buying.
      Alright, you’re in the draw!

  11. kelly says:

    Hi Lucas, Congratulations! My favorite rose fragrance is Diptyque Eau Rose uplifting and simple. Just order a new bottle to celebrate my twenty first wedding anniversary. I love your blog. Thanks for the draw.

  12. Undina says:

    Lucas, congratulations! Enjoy your new perfume. Enjoy your blog and the next 100,000 views (and comments).

    No need entering me into the draw – I have both samples.

    I love Amouage perfumes. Ubar is my most favorite one but there are many others. With roses it’s also hard to choose, they are all so different. If I had to choose just one, I’d say Ormonde Jayne Ta’if.

    • lucasai says:

      Thanks Undina for your congrats. I didn’t try Amouage Ubar, the niche perfumery in Poland carries only a selection of Amouage, not every single one.
      Thanks for sharing your favourite rose. That’s another one for me to discover.

  13. nushechka says:

    Congratulation ! My favourite rose is Red Roses Jo Malone

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