Monday Quick Sniffs, part 4

First week of new academic year at university was all about rules and organizing things, still it was quite exhausting. I finally know how my schedule looks like which was a mystery until October 1st. Guess what! For half semester (until mid Dec I guess) I’m having free Mondays, yaay! Here I am, bringing you some newest fragrance releases. All of them are coincidentally autumn friendly.

First time I’ve heard about this fragrance thanks to The Scented Hound, hat tip, my friend. Inspired by the words whispered to clientele of clandestine bars during the Prohibition era, Frapin introduces their newest creation, Speakeasy. I was keen on testing this fragrance as it was exclusively crafted by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato of my favourite niche house, Parfum d’Empire. Speakeasy opens with three notes: lime, sweet orange and rum that blend together bringing the association with mojito. The herbacious element of mint and geranium appears right after the opening phase making Speakeasy a bit louder. Rum and geranium were especially easy to notice. As the scent effuses it spices up and turns balmy with labdanum, styrax, tonka & tobacco. Further wrist smells exhibited the longest lingering notes of mild leather, musk and immortelle similar to Annick Goutal Sables, but toned down in Speakeasy. Smells great on dark autumn days. Available as 100ml EdP.

Jewellery designer Olivier Durbano introduced Heliotrope in Florence at Pitti 10 Fragranze. It’s an 8th fragrance in the collection inspired by gemstones. With this scent Olivier Durbano broke his plans of creating only 7 scents in gems family. Heliotrope is warm and balmy from the start. There’s a lot of elemi and olibanum with hints of ginger, mandarin and chilli pepper. After some time it smells of saffron, heliotrope and light touch of magnolia. Then Heliotrope goes woody. What we have here is cedar, sandalwood, musks and ambergris. Light incense feeling is created with use of myrrh and benzoin. It smells rather comforting than flamboyant. It has a medium sillage and impressive lasting power. O.Durbano Heliotrope is a good choice for people like me, who want to wear something heavier now and are afraid to be crushed by the monster sillage. Red coloured EdP is closed in 100ml square bottle. Presents and smells nice.

This year a Private Collection of Clive Christian grew bigger thanks to two new “V” scents, one for her and one for him. In this perfume “V” stands for Victoria, the oldest daughter in the Christian family. An inspiration for this fragrance was a true love between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. “V” for Men is balanced in an excellent way. Elemi and agarwood mix with olibanum and cedar in an interesting way – woody aspects are lounder than resinous. One deep whiff allows to smell pepper (black, pink) and citruses (mainy rinds to me). “V” for Men smells spicy with a touch of freshness to it. Some earthy and rooty vetiver was also used to create this Clive Christian scent but it’s practically impossible to notice. I don’t like vetiver much and had no problem with wearing “V” for Men which indicates there’s not much vetiver used here, great! Note list also says there’s iris in “V” for Men. I couldn’t smell any of typical iris aromas but “V” turned powdery after some time so I guess that’s it for iris. Bottle of “V” for Men is made of amber coloured glass. Available in 50ml, perfume concentration.

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18 thoughts on “Monday Quick Sniffs, part 4

  1. So glad you like Speakeasy. Where did you find a sample already?

    • lucasai says:

      My local niche perfumery sent me a pack of samples as a surprise, without letting me know. Samples of all latest releases were included in it.
      Don’t know what positive thing I did to them but it’s a 3rd surprise package from them.

  2. smellythoughts says:

    Been looking forward to reading thoughs on Heliotrope – it sounds as lovely as I’d hoped 😀 Haven’t had much success with the Dubrana line though – Black Tourmaline was boring as hell in comparison to what I had expected.

    • lucasai says:

      Glad I could provide you with some more information. I don’t know much in O.Durbano line, only one more + Heliotrope now.

  3. poodle says:

    Heliotrope sounds great and I love the color.

  4. hajusuuri says:

    The one that is most interesting for me is Speakeasy. I’m glad your schedule is all sorted out. And…yipee for Monday Quick Sniffs!

  5. EasilyEnabled says:

    than the Hi Lucasai! I’ve been following your blog since its creation, but this is my first post. Speakeasy sounds very interesting to me. I am someone that likes the smell of mojito better than the taste. I will probably end up getting a sample of this.

  6. Undina says:

    I haven’t tried any of the perfumes you mentioned. Speakeasy sounds the most promissing for me.

  7. Sylvia says:

    Love your Monday Quick Sniffs, Lucas!! Great reviews, 3 more I want to try.

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