Feeling scent-curious

Just a quick Wednesday question. What is the latest perfume you’ve read about and immediately decided you need to sample it? If you’re feeling scent-curious just like me share the fragrance name and tell what made you so curious about it. I wish good luck to those who still search their samples and insist on hearing from those who were lucky and tried their curiosity fragrance sooner than expected. My answers: Humiecki&Graef Candour (after reading a post about its launch at NST), Tom Ford Private Blend Lavender Palm (my lavender venue continues) and Ann Gerard Cuir de Nacre (based on Victoria’s review at Bois de Jasmin).


28 thoughts on “Feeling scent-curious

  1. I have tried one of the Ramon Monegal but Olfactoria’s Travels made me want to sample the whole range.
    Portia xx

  2. Dionne says:

    I’m about to put in my October sample order today, and I’ve been keeping a list of recent lemmings; I want to try Jungle L’Elephant because of Victoria’s review over at BdJ, Botrytis because I just finished reading “Coming to My Senses” and Mure et Musc because of a recent post at FFF. Last month’s order was heavily influenced by Portia’s blog. 😉

    • lucasai says:

      Welcome! Very nice choices, hope you’ll like your monthly sample order. Jungle l’Elephant is nice, Botrytis is also superb, for me Mure et Musc was too fruity.
      Enjoy your samples!

  3. Anne says:

    Reading the notes in Odin 09 Posala made me curious. Peach, tobacco and bourbon, among others. But not curious enough, I suppose, since I’ve not ordered a sample. I’m on a hunt for leather, so unless it’s leather, it’s not on my radar for sampling.

  4. It was a while ago now, but the reviews of Seville à l’aube caused me to pester SA’s all over New York until it came in.

  5. Cymbaline says:

    Blacknall Allen, at aperfumeblog, did a review recently of Caron’s l’Accord 119 and I immediately ordered a sample – and then ordered a large decant! (hopefully a FB soon) It’s funny you mentioned Mure et Musc being too fruity, I didn’t like it for the same reason and thought it would be wonderful if it was just a little more sophisticated. l’Accord 119 is what I wanted Mure et Musc to be – you should definitely check it out, if you haven’t already : )

  6. hajusuuri says:

    The moment I become “scent-curious”, I immediately feel lemmingish and I tend to want instant gratification. The most recent ones include:

    Chemist in the Bottle – Amouage Interlude Woman; after winning Interlude Man from this site (Thank You) and trying it, I ended up getting a sample of Interlude Woman which I tried over the weekend and loved. Also Rose Anonyme which I now have via swap, but have not yet tried!

    Bois de Jasmin – the entire Ann Gerard line and Jungle L’Elephant (although I think this one is not available anymore, but I could be wrong)

    Scent of a Hound – A*Men Pure Havane (I now have a small decant from STC, although I have not tried it yet) and Ineke Field Notes from Paris (which prompted me to purchase the Discovery Set)

    NST – Diptyque Volutes EDT and EDP (I now have samples, will likely try them this weekend), Dune (didn’t read a review but read through comments; I now have 2 FBs from the NST Swapmeet), Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay (I now have the 30mL), EDLO Like This Tilda Swinton from comments (I have a sample which I tried today; I found it too sweet but will give it a try again) and SL Une Voix Noire (will hit Barneys sometime soon). Also, I would not have known about SSS, Tauer, Slumberhouse (through comments) were it not for NST.

    Perfume Posse (not very sure but they can be blamed for the lemming) – Vero Profumo Mito (I see it has now hit U.S. so will be sampling this soon too)

    Smellythoughts – the entire Imaginary Authors line (I now have the sample set)

  7. EauMG had a review on Mon Patchouly by Ramon Monegal… I had to have a sample. A week later I did. I love it!

  8. poodle says:

    There are so many. Portia’s blog has sent me on many a mission to discount stores to find things. When she called Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Nights “dirty bitch Shalimar” I simply had to get it and know what she was talking about. The Scented Hound recently inspired a sample set purchase of Ineke which was followed by a full bottle of Field Notes From Paris. And you have put Rose Anonyme in my head as a scent I need to try.

  9. Mel says:

    Tom Ford Jardin Noir Lys Fume

  10. Christos says:

    I always fall for the classics: Une Voix Noire

  11. Undina says:

    The only fresh and unfulfilled lemmings are for Ann Gerard’s trio (Birgit’s recent review and somebody else’s before that).

  12. Sweetgrass says:

    I’ve gotten really interested in Ineke Field Notes from Paris after reading about it from seeing an ad listing the notes in the sidebar of a website (don’t remember which one). I just got a lot of samples, and this fall so far I’ve been interested in leather and tobacco, and I’ve gotten interested in orange blossom too after getting samples of Seville a L’Aube and Cuir Venenum. FNP has all of those notes together, so I really want to try it. Haven’t yet, though.

    As it happens, Cuir Venenum and Volutes smell really good together.

    • lucasai says:

      I need to try Field Notes from Paris too, thanks for reminding me about it! I’ve been craving so light tobacco and leather too this season. I didn’t like Seville a L’Aube but Cuir Venenum is quite of my liking.

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