Très très chic, M.Micallef Style

I never tried any M.Micallef perfume before. I noticed Style in new arrivals section of Quality Missala online boutique when I was buying my Eau de Gloire. I clicked on the bottle miniature, read its description and thought I need to try it – its notes appealed to me and I liked the name. I’m kind of guy that tries to be fashion conscious, so took M.Micallef Style sample as a purchase gift.

Style is a beautiful perfume from the first moment. Its opening is created by warm and sensual lavender essence combined with smoky incense which does not bring the association with church. It smells similar to incense sticks I use at home to introduce a contemplative vibe to my place. M.Micallef Style is also a hot scent, spiced by a generous dose of cardamom. It really smells spicy and powerful. There’s also a lot of wood in this fragrance. Sandalwood is dry here, enveloping, kind of flame burnt, giving a cracking fireplace illusion that is kind of nice.

After some time I could smell lily-of-the-valley on my arm. It was effusing rather light aroma that made a good blend with all those spicy, incensy and woody ingredients. After some time it develops some provoking character when musk, patchouli and cinnamon come forth along with nutmeg which continues spicy vibe in Style. Lemon and jasmine are really toned down in this M.Micallef perfume. I noticed some lemon in the opening, next to lavender but it quickly subsided, jasmine is only in the background. Jasmine lovers might be disappointed – I’m not, don’t like too much jasmine.

Style by M.Micallef really is a stylish perfume. Its bold, warm and seductive character is very appealing. From the smell I can say that this fragrance is very masculine and manly. Women might feel this perfume as something not suitable for them to wear, but they can always try, why not? To me Style is the kind of fragrance that smells best on a well groomed man. Classy gentlemen that treats elegant clothes and suits as his second skin but can also turn casual wear into a stylish combination with ease. He’s self confident and he knows he looks and smells good.

M.Micallef Style was launched in 2012 and is a part of Les Exclusifs collection. Availability – in bottles of 30 ml and 100 ml, decorated with dark blue crystals and silver cap. The bottle looks elegant and kind of funny – the cap makes me think of a futuristic propeller, haha! No seriously, that bottle won’t fly away! M.Micallef Style makes a great addition to perfume wardrobe of a style conscious man who wants to smell stylish any time, any place. It’s ideal for upcoming winter.


9 thoughts on “Très très chic, M.Micallef Style

  1. poodle says:

    It sounds like a good fall/winter scent with all the spice and smoke.

  2. I’m glad that you liked this. After liking Gaiac and reading your review I’m going to continue to press on with M. Micallef. I was reading good things about Patchouli so I think I need to get a sample.

    • lucasai says:

      I’m glad I liked it too! There’ll be two of us, I think I’ll try to discover some more M.Micallef. I’m buying new perfume in 2 weeks (very early Dec) and I think I might ask for Avant Garde sample of M.Micallef.
      I”m also taking HdP Ambrarem under influence of Freddie.

  3. laniersmith says:

    The bottle is indeed a small work of art. And your review leads me to believe that the contents of said bottle just might be a bit of art I might like to wear. Bravo on an excellent and coolly evocative review.

  4. Christos says:

    This one is really interesting. Developing and engaging.

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