Friday reset, busy week update

I think I just had one of the busiest weeks in my entire university career since I got accepted to university in 2009. Two new classess started this weeks which literally means 10 additional working hours in my weekly schedule. As much as ten is not a huge number itself, it turns out to be huge when it refers to working-studying hours. It was really crazy time since Monday, lots of opening tests for those new classes plus weekly tests for classes that run on regular routine since day 1 of this academic year. After spending this much time at chemistry department I feel kind of brain scattered, need a day or two to put all my puzzle pieces back together!

One very important thing happened this week. We had a meeting with different professors regarding our master degree projects (it’s 1,5 year until we present them but you have to make a decision now!). Yesterday I was informed that I got accepted for a master degree project to work with a professor I wanted to cooperate with. The topic is not decided yet but the main theme for my project will be perfume. There’s a chance I will be analyzing chemical processes behind perfume turning bad or I will be researching molecules such as Iso E-Super. I’m pretty excited!

Now I need a good cup of tea and some relax. I’m gonna keep up my best working quality until the very end. And December starts soon, which means time for a new perfume is drawing near. Would you like to help me chose a new scent? And one more thing – my fellow American friends, did you have a happy Thanksgiving? I hope so! Talk to you soon!

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16 thoughts on “Friday reset, busy week update

  1. For your December bottle you should think about Nuit de Noel or one of the Smell Bent Christmas range.
    Portia xx

  2. Cuir Ottoman is a great choice Lucas. Congratulations on the efforts of your hard work!

  3. hajusuuri says:

    Hello Lucas, I am glad things are going really well for you. And how exciting it is that you can choose perfumery for your project!

    My Thanksgiving celebration was very nice…I had a good combination of being with family and with family AND friends. It could get overwhelming sometimes with just all family.

    Today, I went shopping at the mall. I did my exercise by walking there and back. I did not even try for the Early specials because I decided to sleep in. I ended up getting 30mLs of Alien EDP with my $20 off of $40 coupon — I looked around but Lord & Taylor’s in-store selection is not very extensive but I couldn’t pass up using the coupon.

    Oh and did I tell you I got my Parfum d’ Empire Discovery Set? I have not tried any yet (except for the Azemour for which I already had a sample from LuckyScent). Perhaps I will try Cuir Ottoman this weekend to see what got you excited about it.

    • lucasai says:

      I’m excited about my project as well!
      Glad you met your family and friends during Thanksgiving. And congrats on your perfume scores! enjoy Parfum d’Empire sample set!

  4. poodle says:

    Make sure you squeeze in a little time for yourself here and there.

  5. Undina says:

    I vote for Cuir Ottoman! (love it – both on me and my vSO)

    I wish you luck with your busy schedule. You’ll figure out how to handle it once it becomes a routine.

    Thanksgiving this year was just great: I’ve got to eat great food, meet friends (including a perfumista friend from another city) and even to shop (though not for perfumes and only online).

  6. Amy (PerfumedLady) says:

    A million congrats on your perfume project! Couldn’t be happier for you and I know you’ll do something very interesting with this opportunity. Enjoy your new bottle (are you going to tell everyone what you bought?)!

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