Three days with new Lubin perfume trio

Few days ago, on Tuesday to be certain, I received a package in mail with samples of new perfume trio from Lubin respectively named Galaad, Akkad and Korrigan. I spent three days with those perfume and am ready to share few words about what I thought about the trio. Initially I wanted to write separate reviews but then I thought I might not have time for that so decided to review them together in a lovely quick sniffs convention. Hope that you’ll enjoy this read.

On Wednesday I sprayed some Lubin Galaad in the morning. This one opened with an intensive and powerful oriental vibe. I immediately could smell a generous dose of myrrh mixed with dense and balmy scent of copahu balm. From the very beginning I thought that it smells kind of plastic and somehow remiscent with something burning (burnt plastic).  Galaad quickly lost its sillage and focused on staying close to the skin. 20 minutes later I noticed some honey and it was slightly powdery. Few minutes later Lubin turned duskier with oud and tobacco. After a longer break from previous wrist sniffing I noticed that it became dry with touch of spices (cardamom). I also had a feeling of smelling something sweaty – must’ve been a rosemary. Lubin Galaad was made by Delphine Thierry, belongs to oriental woody fragrance family. It’s my least favourite from the trio. Fans of myrrh and balms should be satisfied.

The next day I decided to give Akkad a try, hoping that it would be just a little bit better than Galaad. It’s opening was very nice. It started with balmy and slightly salty olibanum which also had a delicate, transparent incensy aroma. Just a few seconds later Akkad became an amazing amber fragrance. It was warm, cosy, elegantly sweet. Really inviting. Around 30 minutes from spraying Akkad spiced up – ambery notes were still there plus elemi and cardamom joined the composition to make it even warmer. When I smelled vanilla I thought that Akkad smells like a good composition for a tasty gingerbread – both sweet and spicy. Styrax and light citrus notes gave some aromatic nuances to the scent while patchouli and labdanum gave Akkad a smokier finish. Akkad was also made by Delphine Thierry, it’s classified as oriental spicy scent. I enjoyed it much more that Galaad.

On day 3 of testing new Lubin trio there was only Korrigan left for me to try. I sprayed it very early in the morning, before I left home to attend some classes on Friday at 8 in the morning. Korrigan invited me with alcoholic vibe of warming cognac and whiskey combined with aromatic saffron and oud. It was also pretty enveloping thanks to ambrette. To me Korrigan smelled like a milky vanilla toffee or a creamy fudge, waiting on the table to eat it. Light amount of juniper berries and vetiver created warm, light spicy sensation. There was also a hint of lavender in the background, working well with other Korrigan ingredients. Cedarwood and leather, thought applied lightly in this perfume, are noticeable and nice. Lubin Korrigan is a oriental woody fragrance. It was created by Thomas Fontaine. It’s rather a skinscent than a sillage beast. Actually none of the trio is a sillage beast. Korrigan was my favourite of the bunch, ranking very close with a runner up Akkad.

As you can see my impressions are pretty different and I didn’t like all of new Lubin scents. They offer different takes on oriental fragrance family. As far as I’m concerned I’m not going to buy any of those three.


14 thoughts on “Three days with new Lubin perfume trio

  1. RobWales says:

    These three interest me, and I think I’d like to try them. Your review is really helpful, and I’ll use it as my guide – Akkad first for sniffing, then Korrigan, and finally Galaad. Thanks!

  2. I love the bottles, but not the fragrances so much. Thanks for the review!

  3. bloodyfrida says:

    The only Lubin I really like is Inedite. Thanks for these reviews as I sure don’t need to purchase samples of them now (plus I’m super broke, so any excuse to not purchase samples/perfume is a good thing! 😉

    • lucasai says:

      I don’t know how Inedite smells but I kind of like Nuit de Longchamp and Idole, but not this much to buy a bottle.
      Thanks for relying on my reviews

  4. laniersmith says:

    I am on the same perfume blotter as The Scented Hound. Love the bottles not too sure about the the fragrances are for me.

  5. […] of Chemist in the Bottle was also not a fan of Galaad. He found “something sweaty” in it, along with a note of burnt plastic. He also detected oud in the perfume; I did not. […]

  6. Marian Harrison says:

    I wear Akkad all the time as i just adore it. I constantly get compliments of how gorgeous i smell

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