4 perfume I would put under a Christmas tree

Winter holiday season is fast approaching and very soon it will be the high time to collect all Christmas presents for family and relatives. I won’t be buying perfume for Christmas because my student budget doesn’t allow me to buy fragrances I would like to give to my dearest ones. But I will tell you about fragrances I would put under a Christmas tree or would like to find them there.

For my MumComme des Garcons Kyoto from Series 3: Incense. Kyoto strucks me as one of the most harmonious, luminous and wonderful incenses I tried. Not being an incense lover yet the moment I tried it I just knew I could wear it without any pain. It’s elegant, sophisticated and somehow reserved. It’s like the memory from Far East, forbidden and unknown. Kyoto has a buddhist soul. To me it’s extremely wearable and easy to enjoy. Mum really liked it when I sprayed a little bit from my sample on her wrist. This fragrance really suits her. We could use this one together.

For my DadAndy Tauer Perfumes 03 Lonestar Memories. My Dad is an ex-soldier and it’s hard to pick a perfume for him. First of all he barely wears perfume and when he does he always applies to much. I believe his bold character wouldn’t allow him to wear other perfume than strictly masculine. I think Lonestar Memories would do a trick. He should appreciate the mix of leather and myrrh, along with carrot seeds and crisp geranium. Woody vetiver should also be suitable for him. Once again I wouldn’t resist to borrow a spritz or two every now and then. I fancy something powerful sometimes.

For GrannySonoma Scent Studio To Dream. Granny always loved smelling perfume but I don’t think she has used more than 3 bottles of drugstore fragrances through her life. To Dream created by Laurie Erickson is kind of a decadent perfume. Blend of violet and rose creates lovely aura and heliotrope adds powdery finish. To me it’s kind of old fashioned scent with a past. Musk combined with woody notes of cedar and vetiver make To Dream one lovely, dreamy perfume. She would like it.

For me – to continue my falling in love with Parfum d’Empire I would like to find one sleek bottle of Cuir Ottoman under a Christmas tree. I think I deserve one solid and reliable perfume for winter and Cuir Ottoman is exactly what I need. Balmy and opulent, almost plastic leather that slowly loses its sillage to reveal warm and embracing veil of iris, benzoin and incense along with few more notes. I blame Forfreddie for this lemming (thanks pal for sending this sample!) This leather is unusual!

How about you? Do you dream about finding any particular perfume under a Christmas tree?

28 thoughts on “4 perfume I would put under a Christmas tree

  1. sinnerman01 says:

    That was really nice to hear about your family ! Thankyou .

  2. jilliecat says:

    I hope that Saint Nicholas will put your wished-for fragrance under the tree! Wishing you and all your family a very happy Christmas!

  3. poodle says:

    Great choices. I’d like to find Sonoma Scent Studio Champagne de Bois under the tree but since I’m such a fume freak I’d be happy with almost any bottle of any perfume I was given.

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you Poodle! I need to check if I have Champagne de Bois in the discovery box I got from Swapmania. I’m sure you’ll get a nice perfume for Christmas!

  4. What wonderful picks, Lucas!

    I have always wanted to give Lonestar Memories as a gift. You dad sounds like the perfect recipient. Kyoto is beautiful to wear and as a candle too 🙂 And it’s so nice to give something luxurious to your grandmother.

    Here is hoping there will be some Cuir Ottoman under your tree this year.

    As for myself, I am wishing for a big bottle of L’Ambre des merveilles.

    • lucasai says:

      I’m very glad you liked the choices. Mum would rock Kyoto and Dad would love Lonestar Memories while Granny would smell super fashionable. The best parts of those gifts would be the fact that I can borrow those scents from my parents too 🙂

      I can’t believe I still didn’ try L’Ambre Des Merveilles!

  5. hajusuuri says:

    Very nice post, Lucas! You know your family well and your love for them shows through your writing.

    I have been SUPREMELY self-indulgent lately that every day in December so far felt like Christmas!

    Last weekend, I succumbed to a 50mL bottle of L’Ambre Des Merveilles and it had been my SOTD for the past 2 days. The scent is gorgeous and the bottle is so cute – fits my small hands perfectly.

    • lucasai says:

      Thanks honey! Self-indulgence before Christmas sounds like fun. Just as you mentioned – it’s like Christmas every day.

      I haven’t tried L’Ambre Des Merveilles (how could I not?) but I’m sure the bottle is a beauty. It was lovely on the picture

  6. laniersmith says:

    Lucas thank you for the little peek into your family. How lovely they all are. And what thoughtful gifts. Each so specifically chosen to fit each person. Bravo and Merry Christmas.

  7. Sweetgrass says:

    I don’t really give perfumes much as gifts because nobody in my family is all that interested in it… and I can’t afford to spend that much on any one person. I have a whole Amazon wish list just devoted to perfumes I want. I have a Firefox add-on that lets me add stuff to my wish list from any site, not just Amazon, so my list is mostly decants from Surrender to Chance. I’d be happy to see anything from my list under the tree, but I’m really kinda hoping for a Sonoma Scent Studio sample set.

  8. Undina says:

    Lucas, I haven’t tried Comme des Garcons’ perfume but I really like your other three “choices.” It’s ok that you scent your family virtually (just don’t tell them 😉 ). One day you will buy these (or other fabulous gifts) to everybody on your list.

  9. smellythoughts says:

    I’m glad you liked the Cuir Ottoman, I thought you didn’t like anything I sent you! Haha. It was ages ago now I can’t remember what else was in the goody bag D: It is a great fragrance, I struggle to wear it a lot these days just becuase it’s so rich and sweet, but it’ll be worn more in winter, it didn’t see the light of day in the summer!

  10. I am actually looking for a perfume for my dad for his birthday and as usual, it’s so difficult to choose a perfume for him. But I am defiantly going to test Lonestar Memories, i have been seeing good reviews about this perfume. hope it works

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