A look behind, smells and sights of 2012

Christmas is gone and its magic is slowly disappearing only to come back next year, the fairy dust fell to the floor taking down all beautiful charms and sparkles. The biggest celebration might be over but the holiday season lasts until the very end with New Year’s Eve waiting around the corner. Few last days of each year make me want to go back, remember the events, do the summary of good and bad things and finally hope that new year will be exciting. It’s time to look behind the year 2012.

Year 2012 was very special to me, it was so much different comparing to other years. It’s hard to believe but just 8 months ago was the first time when I accidentaly discovered niche perfumeland existing so close to me. It was very surprising, in the positive meaning of this word. Stepping into this new area (in April) made my eyes wide open, broadened my horizons. A little bit later in late June I was all in nerves as it was my time to present my 1st degree project. Everything went well and I became university 1st degree graduate and got enrolled to continue my studies at master degree level. Education is very important to me and I’m proud of myself for advancing.

On to perfume. Since 2009 when I bought my first perfume my journey around the world of fragrance was slow but moving forward. This year I got special acceleration. Discovering niche showed hundrets of unknown fragrances to try and evaluate. I only managed to try the smallest part of it, still have a lot of work to do. Establishing Chemist in the Bottle was one of my best decisions this year. Thanks to it I met many wonderful people who are willing to help. Talking with you, swapping was amazing – you guys taught me so much. Thanks to making friends and my own curiosity my samples collection grew from zero to few hundrets and my bottles collection grew pretty nice.

As always I’ve been pretty money conscious and bought only these fragrances I truly love. Most of my new perfume were released earlier than this year. From 2012 launches I acquired

From what I managed to try this year Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme is my number 1. It’s very unusual and sophisticated blend of oriental rose with a minimal amount of oud. Perfect! There were so many new releases this year that I can’t even remember which perfume that I tried were released in 2012 and which were not. It was hard to keep track but I believe that what is important is to suit your own tastes with each perfume, no matter the date of its release. I’m going to stick to this rule.

Yesterday I looked into the blog statistics to see if there’s something interesting in there. They show that three most often read reviews written since the beginning of the blog are:

Maison Francis Kurkdjian being the absolute winner that gathered two times more people than the runner up. What really caught my attention was that the short announcement post about Dsquared2 Potion for Women release was one of the most popular posts! From Monday Quick Sniffs a leader is

It featured reviews of Frapin Speakeasy, Olivier Durbano Heliotrope and Clive Christian “V” for Men right after Pitti 10 Fragranze in Florence. It’s been an amazing year! Both for me and perfume.

I’m thankful for me and my family being healthy and cheerful most of the time. I’m happy that fate has guided me to discover the magnificent world of niche perfume. I wouldn’t stand here right now if it wasn’t for this turn of events. Learning about new scents and trying my best seriously gave a knowledge. I feel more educated. Now I fit into the perfume world more. I’m thankful for Quality Missala for their constant support – they’ve been sending me samples so that I have material to write about. Thanks to them I could write reviews of fragrances that have just been released.

But most of all I’m thankful for having you! Your enormous support gives me power to try harder, to learn more, to bring you all the best I can. If you weren’t such a lovely audience I wouldn’t find such a pleasure in writing each review. I was happy writing them because I knew someone would read them and find them interesing. Thank you for all good words, comments, for lemmings I could bring to you. You’re amazing and I hope you’ll stay with me in 2013! Let’s smell good together!

What will happen in 2013? I have no idea. The exam session starts soon and I will be taking a wee break to give my best to exams. I will try to keep on writing about new fragrances but also about past releases. I’m going to finally find a lasting citrus scent for me and I already got new Dior Homme Cologne on my radar – it sounds promising to me. What else is going to happen? I don’t know and I don’t want to know! Let’s just see how life will guide us through 2013. I’m awaiting the future with a smile on my face and my arms wide open.

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14 thoughts on “A look behind, smells and sights of 2012

  1. poodle says:

    Happy New Year Lucas! It sounds like 2012 was pretty good for you and I hope that 2013 is just as good.

  2. jilliecat says:

    I join Poodle in wishing you and yours a wonderful 2013. May next year bring you many more lovely perfumes to smell and write about, and good marks for all your exams!

  3. Natalie says:

    Thank you for the kind words to us readers. I hope you know how much we appreciate your blog in return. I’m glad I “met” you in 2012. Best wishes for 2013!

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Thank you for a wonderful year, Lucas. I’ve enjoyed “meeting” you, reading and participating in your blog. My wallet also got a lot of exercise for the lemmings you created 🙂

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2013!

  5. Happy New Year, Lucas! Here’s to an equally fragrant and memorable 2013!

  6. Kiliwia says:

    You’ve had quite a year, Lucas! You deserve all the good things coming your way. Hope you have an exceptional 2013, too!

  7. nozknoz says:

    Lucas, congratulations on your exams and Chemist in the Bottle. I appreciate the crisp look of your blog and love that your year end post combines personal reflection, scientific analysis, great perfume choices and a reminder to welcome the new year. I also always watch for your comments at the other blogs I follow.

    Best wishes to everyone in 2013 and, as Ariadne said on Bois de Jasmin, may we never lose our sense of smell, sense of humor, or sense of wonder!

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you Nozknoz. It’s really good to see you here! Thanks. Now new exams are yet to come.

      I’m very happy to hear that you like it, thanks for your compliment. Aw, you really look into my comments on other sites? So sweet!

      That’s a great New Year wish that Ariadne wrote!

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