The ardent flame, Histoires de Parfums Vici

Continuing my reviews of new Histoires de Parfums Edition Rare fragrances it is time to have a closer look at second fragrance in the lineup.

Vici, embodies fire, which translates into passion and power. It encourages mankind to create as well as to destroy and our mastery of it requires wisdom as much as well as strength. Let’s see how fierce this perfume is.

Right from the start Histoires de Parfums Vici has a fruity aroma of light raspberries and more intensive red berries. After a few seconds the fruity tones stabilize and I start to get the feeling that these fruits are candied but this feeling is very light, almost insensible. Five to ten minutes after spraying Vici becomes a green scent. Very interesting aldehydic tones appear. They’re well mixed with some basil. Right next to it flowery & green osmanthus interlaces with what I believe is violet leaf. This green stage is quite invigorating and lively boosting my curiosity for how it will evolve soon.

After some time those fruity and green tones become lighter but they don’t disappear completely. They make place for mellow musk which slowly becomes more spicy thanks to coriander, angelica and celery seeds. The spiciness is very mild and pleasing, nothing is overdone here. In later drydown Vici turns into more aromatic perfume. Osmanthus seems to get stronger as well as those celery seeds. Powdery iris can be also felt and there’s slightly gourmand-sweet vibe of raspberry. In the end a woody aspect is shown. It smells of cedar, patchouli, some incense and galbanum, all blended into a fine-smelling composition. In my opinion it is a harmonious and peaceful scent.

That said I just don’t understand why Gerald Ghislain gave Vici (translates into I conquered from Latin) the element of fire. Fire is a destruction, uncontrollable force of havoc. If you asked me I would say Vici smells so much of plants and greens that it should be entitled with a force of nature, flora, everything green but that is just my opinion. By the way the flora doesn’t sound so captivating as flame of passion so let it be as it is. The perfume is fine so I’ll leave the backstory alone.

Notes for Histoires de Parfums Vici are angelical roots, cardamom, pink peppercorns, basil, galbanum and aldehyde in top notes, rustic lavender effects, céleri graine, iris concrete, osmanthus absolu, essence incense as heart notes and patchouli oil, musk, vanilla, cedar, raspberry in its base. Available in a 60 ml golden lacquered half-cut bottle. Both longevity and sillage are great.

note: sample is a courtesy of Histoires de Parfums, first two pictures – my own.

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12 thoughts on “The ardent flame, Histoires de Parfums Vici

  1. Bertt says:

    Thank you L for ‘flowering up’ my early saturday-morning by this review.

    The only reason i’ld try this one, is to discover the aldehydic tones. Since i still am not a big experienced in niche perfumes, i only know very few perfumes common known with for (among them) the aldehydics notes, among which are Chanel no 5 and his ‘male counter-part’ Amouage Gold. Both i like a lot, while i only can use from time to time the Gold one (which, halas, in the dry down to often leaves a – to my humble nose – disturbing, animalic/urine-ish, note; if that weren’t the case, that perfum very well could turn in one of my sign. scents).

    A nice(smelling) weekend to all.

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Bertt, thanks for stopping by this morning!
      Aldehydes are not as sparkling as they are in Chanel or Frederic Malle Iris Poudre but they’re noticeable for a while. Good that you like them (I’m a moderate fan of both) but I totally understand that you can’t wear them everyday.

      A good weekend to you too.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks for another great review! Like you, this isn’t necessarily what I would expect from something that supposedly evokes “fire,” but it sounds nice nevertheless. I do enjoy green scents, so this one might be a good fit for me. I quite like the bottles too (actually I really like the Histoires de Parfums packaging in general).

    Can’t wait to read Veni! I assume it must have been your favorite!

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Kevin, welcome, hope you ave a good day. Glad you came to visit me. Yes, that backstory with fire might not be the best but the smell is really nice. Do try it.
      Oh don’t tell me, I love the way HdP packs the bottles, and I love those bottle shapes too, didn’t have the smeller size in hand but a friend says that it’s a little problematic to use a sprayer in half-cut bottles.
      Veni will appear on Tueaday morning.
      Yes, it was my favourite.

  3. hajusuuri says:

    This sounds so appealing, Lucas! I am going to ask for all 3 in the Posse PFG post. I agree with you that a name for a perfume should evoke what is commonly associated with it (or maybe I have watched too many foodie competition shows where the judges criticize the contestants whenever their submission does not quite match the name of the dish). That said, what is one to do with niche perfume houses (Slumberhouse) that insist on using made up names?

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you Hajusuuri! Glad to hear that. I’m happy you liked my review of Vici. Hope someone will offer you at least one of these three.
      I posted my dreams too and I will get a sample of Chanel 1932. So cool!
      I’m with you, I like when a perfume name gives a tiniest hint of what to expect from the juice.

  4. Kafkaesque says:

    A wonderful review, especially because it notes the way the smell doesn’t quite fit the theme. I can’t imagine any of the things you describe evoking Fire — let alone it’s destructive force which translates into power!! Raspberries and green….. mild and peaceful…. hm. Definitely not “fire.” Personally, even without your review, I would shy away from this one. I am not crazy about 80% to 85% of the notes! But I’m looking forward to your review of Veni on Tuesday. 🙂

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you sweetie pie! That’s true that there’s nothing fiery about fruits, green notes or aldehydes. It should be nature, flora.
      I understand that, not everyone has to like it, that would be so boring if everyone liked the same things.
      Glad you’re looking forward to Tuesday. And then I’ll move on from HdP for a while to some other interesting perfumes (guesses?)

  5. Lyubov says:

    Oh, you relieved my tension – it doesn’t sound as furious as it is implied by the name! I love raspberries and I cannot wait to try it, because it is hard to find non-candy or non-compote raspberry these days! Well, yes, except for the Fields of Rubus, but it’s dark and Vici seems to be quite sunny and welcoming! Thanks!

  6. Natalie says:

    Your description of the progression at the beginning is very precise, and makes me curious about this. The transition from floral to green (with basil!) sounds great.

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