Futuristic lover, a neo-perfume making

This post is part one of Jordan River’s Valentine’s Day series. Follow him through time and across three perfume blogs to read the full story.

Whoosh, this is Jordan River zoomin’ in from New Zealand to Poland on a Valentine’s Day quest. It’s 2024. It no longer matters that the IFRA has banned rose as a perfume note. The world wide rose harvest has been decimated by the extinction of bees. Graft not Grasse roses are still available but they have been breed to be beautiful but scentless. Senseless to the nose. There are some pollinators left, but has anyone seen a butterfly or a hummingbird lately? Moths still fly the night seeking evening blooming flowers but it is a rose I need to complete the perfume for my one untrue love. You know the kind. If only they knew that

A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home.
– Rumi

Jordan: Hi Lucas, can you whip up a rose molecule please for the perfume that I am making for my one untrue love? May we go to your lab?

Lucas: Sure I will make a rose accord for you. Synthetic you say? Are you sure? I kept some crystallized rose water for special occasions. No? Then fully synthetic it will be. Follow me. Well lets take some alpha-damascenon and geraniol to start with. I will mix these two gently stirring clockwise. Now I will pour 3,23 ml of rozerol, a molecule designed in this very laboratory. It will add some red sharpness to the scent. A drop of eugenol and then pheranyl ethoryl formatile, one gram. Wanna help me? Shake this vial intensively. PEF is a nasty chemical. It lights up when stirred. Mind if I add some of my signature iriliol accord? It will give a sheer iris vibe to this creation. No? Too late, I just poured few drops in! It’s almost ready. Muscone and macrocyclic exaltone to fix the accord and finally some Liquid25 to stabilize the composition and make it long-lasting.

Remember those old times when I was using Grasse roses in perfumery? Those were some excellent times. Now we’re stuck with synthetics I realized that they are ecological way to create fragrances but still, even if smaller quantities are more intensive that naturals used to be – the chemicals don’t capture the soul of the flower. Now, off you go. I’m working on Molecule 42 now.

Jordan: Big Thanks Lucas. I am glad you didn’t say nie moj cyrk, nie moje malpy! Next your rose accord will be blended with The Quantum Unicorn Accord. I can see a webway open, I’m off where the web flows. I can see an Opera House, let’s take a quantum link to Sydney.

Part Two: The Story of the Noble Rose

Let’s save the bees

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35 thoughts on “Futuristic lover, a neo-perfume making

  1. I can’t wait for these magical new compounds to arrive – though I hope never under such dire circumstances,
    Just you make sure that rozerol and iriliol are nice and stable and Earth friendly my dear boy.
    Now where do I look for parts one and three – is this like hunting bees into 2024?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • lucasai says:

      No one knows if they’ll ever be developed. But sure someone who creates them shall take their stability and environment-friendly side into consideration.
      This is part one, another part is a link at the bottom. It shall be working now.

  2. jilliecat says:

    Thanks, Lucas! I am getting worried about the future of perfume, and feel that I have been very lucky to have lived in the times when beautiful perfumes were made. I have horrid visions in which our descendants will have no sense of smell, as by then all fragrances will have been banned, and even flavours will have disappeared as food will be in capsules!

    • lucasai says:

      You should thank Jordan, he wrote the post 😉
      The world is changing but let’s hope the good times of perfumery are not over yet!
      That’s a horrid vision but it’s probable that world would look like that in few hundret years

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  4. hajusuuri says:

    It sounds like perfume ingredients may need to hoarded! The idea of purely synthetic perfumes scare me scentless, pun intended.

  5. Undina says:

    (calculating)If I get some high quality perfumes now and store them properly in my wine storage cabinet in 11 years they might still be fine – nomatter what IFRA does during these upcoming years… Hmm…

  6. Very funny, Lucas! You made me laugh . . . until I realized that the future will be too soon!

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