Monday Quick Sniffs, part 10

Today is a little celebration time. It’s Monday Quick Sniffs 10th issue anniversary! I’m glad you showed so much love for this shorter way of talking about perfume. Happy reading my sweethearts!

Devotion by One Seed Company from Australia is a botanical fragrance made with 100% natural ingredients. It’s made from natural ethanol (from Barossa Valley grapes), blend of fragrant botanical extracts and distilled water. I recently won big 5 ml sample of it at Cafleurebon and I really liked it. Devotion is a gourmand. On my skin it smelled mostly of juicy and zesty orange spiced with cardamom and some black pepper. After some time it revealed it’s creamy-floral side made of ylang-ylang, rose and iris. There was some crispy geranium too! Giving it a longer period of time it evolves into a mouth-watering blend of sweet amber and vanilla with a most delicious coca note. To me it smelled like orange-rose-spiced punch. Really lovely scent. It’s available as 5 ml big sample vial or 50 ml bottle.

Encens et Lavande from Serge Lutens is a perfume created by Christopher Sheldrake 17 years ago, in 1996. It features only two notes – incense and lavender and you will be amazed how complex such a simple combination can smell. Right from the start Encens et Lavande smells of very medicinal lavender. When I gave it a first whiff it went so deep into my nose that it made my eyes water. Just a few seconds ago this feeling wears off and lavender becomes aromatic with more herbal vibe to it. First molecules of incense kick in after a few minutes. At first the incense is balmy but soon it blends with lavender and turns fresh & spicy. Around 30 minutes from spraying incense is fully bloomed, with it’s dusty, smoky, kind of vintage character. As Encens et Lavande spends more time on the skin the fragrance becomes more and more quiet – here floral lavender interlaces with calm incense whispers. It’s one great scent. No doubt about it.

Opardu is the newest addition to the line of fine fragrances created by Austrian niche perfume brand – Puredistance. Opardu opens up with an opulent bouquet of white florals which is very elegant from the very beginning. Among the flowers lilac comes to the front first introducing its rich, flower-sweet aroma. Shortly tuberose and gardenia make their entry – tuberose is stronger, with something a little bit creamy to it. After a longer time Opardu transforms into tranquil perfume with fresh attitude. There are hints of jasmine and cedar while in the drydown a powdery heliotrope and dewy rose come together. Puredistance Opardu is definitely a feminine perfume blend. I gave it a whiff and a though because I was given a sample of it. This is not something a guy would normally wear. It’s beautiful, sophisticated and graceful scent.

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12 thoughts on “Monday Quick Sniffs, part 10

  1. Jordan River says:

    That is very world wide for a quick sniff. Great nostrils Lucas.

  2. hajusuuri says:

    I love Monday Quick Sniffs! Puredistance Opardu had been in and out of my STC Wish List more times than I care to count — it sounds like I should just leave it there for now. As for the SL Encens et Lavande, I will make it a point to smell it the next time I’m at Barney’s and report back. I’ll leave Devotion alone for now as it is probably not accessible in the U.S. (and I have no burning desire to find it), but it sounds lovely.

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you! You’re so eager – it makes me keep going. Opardu is nice but in fact it is nothing innovative. There are many like it (and they’re cheaper)
      Encens et Lavande is great, I’m almost too excited about it 😉
      Devotion can be ordered online and they ship to the US as well but I totally understand. I will probably leave it and forget it if I hadn’t won a sample

  3. Kafkaesque says:

    I definitely want to try the Lutens, despite not liking lavender, and the Opardu sounds like it would be up my alley since I adore tuberose. You know, this may sound odd but I can actually see you as an Encens & Lavende guy. It sounds like the sort of soft, harmonious, soothing fragrance that is your style. Thanks for the rundown, Lucas.

    • lucasai says:

      Progress of Encens et Lavande make incens stronger with time, it can sometimes dominate the lavender. If you like tuberose then Opardu might be just for you.
      Really? Thanks for saying that. Am I Encens et Lavande guy? Who knew 😉

  4. Undina says:

    I love lavender so I should seek Encens et Lavande! It sounds very nice.

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