Silver smoke, Sonoma Scent Studio Tabac Aurea

In late 2012 I realized I might be a little growing fan of tobacco notes in perfumery. Once I found out that the note I always avoided excusing myself by saying no thanks, it’s not for me might be quite appealing I made a short list of tobacco based perfume to see if I will like them too. Tabac Aurea from Sonoma Scent Studio was one from my list. Now I finally could try it!

Tabac Aurea begins as a warm and embracing perfume that smells mainly of amber. It is very sensual and dreamy. Warm aura it has makes me feel cozy, comfortable and relaxed. For the first few minutes Tabac Aurea is a rather quiet and surprisingly transparent perfume but once it warms up on the skin it starts to do the magic. It takes you to the world of imaginary figures. Few minutes later when the fragrance evolution begins Tabac Aurea gains an amazin balmy quality provided by French labdanum. As for labdanum – it’s well-behaved and doesn’t dominate over other notes.

Giving it few more minutes you finally are allowed to smell the tobacco note and it’s magnificent. Pure, dry and a little bit smoky tobacco that smells like someone was preparing an old-fashioned wooden pipe to have a smoke. To me there’s something slightly metallic to it which makes me think of silver. Then silver makes me think of smoke clouds that float in the air with a lazy manner, swirling and changing shapes creating different, immaterial objects that slowly disappear into nothing. Laurie Ericson combined tobacco with cloves. This action gave some light spicy undertones that combine very well with smoky character of tobacco. She had a great idea to mix these two together.

Warm and spicy sensation that is really embracing gets a little bit more edgy after some time when leather chords appear. This note is subdued and polite. It’s definitely well-fitted into the entire fragrance concept. Then there’s some tonka bean and patchouli that give Tabac Aurea a continuous spicy vibe. After few hours when perfume reaches its far drydown it has a smell of something lightly sweet. Vanilla comes to my mind but there’s also a honey-like feeling. Now Tabac Aurea smells charming, it settled on the skin so well that it could stay there forever. This perfume is a perfect choice for cold weather and in my opinion it would smell awesome on a classy gent.

Sonoma Scent Studio Tabac Aurea sample card says:

Men and women are smitten with this addictive blend of amber, woods, pipe tobacco, leather, patchouli, spices and tonka bean.

This one sentence describes Tabac Aurea perfectly. It’s addictive and has an awesome rich, complex smell that is worth spending money on. It’s an extrait de parfum and a little goes a long way. Just one dab from a sample vial allowed me to enjoy the scent for more than 8 hours, though it stayed close to the skin for most of the time. Maybe spraying boosts the sillage. Even if it does I think that scents like Tabac Aurea are meant to have low sillage so that only chosen ones will have a permission to smell it on your skin. It’s an elite smell that is one of a kind.

Sonoma Scent Studio Tabac Aurea was developed in 2009 by perfumer Laurie Ericson, who is a brand mastermind. It features notes of cedar, sandalwood, tobacco, leather, vetiver, patchouli, clove, labdanum absolute, tonka bean, amber, vanilla, musk. Available are samples, 5 ml purse sprays as well as 17 ml ad 34 ml bottles.

note: photo made by me

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33 thoughts on “Silver smoke, Sonoma Scent Studio Tabac Aurea

  1. poodle says:

    I’ve gone through two samples of this. Eventually I will get a bottle. It’s a really good fall/winter comfort scent I think. On me it’s smokey and smooth with just enough sweetness to it which makes it very easy to wear.

    • lucasai says:

      Yes, it smells especially great when it’s cold out there. I agree it’s really easy to wear but I also find two other SSS fragrances that are even easier for me to wear.

  2. I love the way you write. You have created a lemming, I love some tobacco; dirty, sweet or blonde I am not so fussy.
    Portia xx

  3. shellyw says:

    a tempting scent. leather and tobac and tonka bean, three favorites.

  4. Mr Chemist
    You have tempted me here. I feel a sample purchase coming on.
    I have totally fallen for Illumium’s Wild Tobacco. The smell of my grandfather’s room when I was a child. He was an inveterate pipe smoker forever trying to get me to pick up the habit!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  5. Lovely review and sounds lovely…and I usually agree with what Poodle likes. I shall check this tobacco fragrance out 🙂

  6. hajusuuri says:

    Woo hoo…this will be the perfect scent for Friday since it is going to be brrrrrr cold here.

    By the way, after your Winter Woods review, I wore it one day and then wore To Dream the next — while Winter Woods was wonderful, To Dream was insanely divine. I have started to upsize my SSS collection and so far, To Dream, Fig Tree and Forest Walk made it to the elite group.

    • lucasai says:

      Someone’s gonna smell lovely today (writing this on Friday). To Dream is a great scent. It’s not my favourite (these are Jour Ensoleille and Sienna Musk) but it’s great as well.

  7. Vlad S says:

    Wonderful review and wonderful scent ! In my oppinion it’s the best tobacco fragrance out there at the moment. Laurie succeded in creating a great interpretation of tobacco ! Stylish and timeless !

  8. Undina says:

    Tabac Aurea is very nice on my skin in colder weather. It’s much dryer than my other favorite tobacco-centric pefumes – and I like that.

  9. […] couple days ago there was a review of Tabac Aurea on Chemist in The Bottle. Thanks, […]

  10. laniersmith says:

    Oh it sounds wonderful! What a great review. I really do admire Sonoma Scent Studios line.

  11. mals86 says:

    I do love this stuff. It is not very “me” – you know me and my lust for All Things Floral! – but I fell very hard for this right out of the sample vial.

    It smells like my high school boyfriend.

    Things went badly for us once we’d gone off to separate colleges, not least due to his mental illness (we might have weathered that if he’d been able to discuss it with me) and unhealthy relationship with his mother. Painful breakup. Dreams crushed. SO: baggage. And Tabac Aurea could have been an emotional disaster for me. As it is, I can’t wear it casually, but it smells so wonderful that I can’t resist it.

    Autumn sunshine, leather jacket, clean skin, cinnamon cookies eaten on a picnic blanket in the woods, and a faint whiff of tobacco smoke (he didn’t smoke, but his parents did, and as a consequence all his clothes had the faint scent of cigarettes)… Laurie could have called it “Jimmy,” but thank goodness she didn’t.

  12. Sujaan says:

    Hi Lucas, first I want to say Happy Birthday to you! And I do hope you win an Oscar tonight!  🙂
    I was so happy to read your review today. I have been on a tobacco kick the last few weeks and it’s actually a new note for me. I have always shied away from it because I tried some very early on in my perfume education and they only reminded me of my father’s pipe. I just couldn’t get past it. Well, now I have seen the light, or smelled it, and I am in love with Sonoma Scent Studio Tabac Aurea! I especially like that it isn’t too sweet (less sweet pipe, more actual tobacco) and it gets very musky on my skin which I adore. And I agree, the lasting power is excellent.
    I am also really enjoying Providence Perfume’s Tabac Citron. It is a creamy tobacco scent. Quite different from Tabac Aurea and I am addicted to each of these right now.

    • lucasai says:

      Thank for the wishes Sujaan!
      I’m happy you liked the review. I had similar problems. On my early perfumistahood I tried tobacco frags and didn’t like them. It was Eau de Gloire that made me want to give it a try few years later. Now I like some tobacco.
      Sounds like your skin gives you your own personalized edition of Tabac Aurea, how great.
      Tabac Citron sounds fun. I need to sample it one day

      • sujaan212 says:

        Sounds like I will have to try Eau de Gloire sometime and see what turned you into a tobacco lover. I hope your birthday was fun and smelly in all the best ways. 🙂 I am a Pisces also, mine is in a few weeks and and it’s a BIG milestone birthday. Wish me luck…

  13. Great review, Lucas! I love your photo too 🙂

  14. […] couple days ago there was a review of Tabac Aurea on Chemist in The Bottle. Thanks, […]

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