Oh, could it be this Oscar is for me?

Today happens to be an Academy Awards festive night, better known as Oscar’s night. This year Oscars will be presented for the 85th time. First ceremony was held back in 1929 which makes the Academy Award of Merit probably the most recognizable and priceless trophy of cinematography. I think Oscar is the oldest honour to all actors. And it looks so prestigious.

So, tonight all the stars in the sky will shine brighter accompanied by flashes of cameras while spotlight will focus on beautiful actresses and handsome actors. Red carpet is where I would like to be tonight but I don’t have power to move between places and I don’t have acting abilities. Due to the time-zone differences the broadcast will commence in the middle of the night so I will rather watch a repeat the day after. Still I’m looking forward to see my favourite stars at the red carpet, especially Anne Hathaway. Hope Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter will be there too. I just adore those three ladies.

Today, on February 24th also happens to be my birthday. It’s a second time when I know Oscars gala is on my birthday. Well, isn’t this a good occasion for me to get an Oscar? Oh, I would love this shiny statuette to stand in my room. But I’m not in a trade for an Oscar but I will work hard and maybe a perfume blogging award will be mine one day. It’s not important as long as I have you, my lovely audience. Not to mention a perfume signed with my own brand’s name. Ah, dreams.

Oh my Gosh, oh could it be this Oscar is for me? Sure I deserve it, I just turned twenty-three.

As part of an open thread feel free to share what actor or actress are you looking forward to see at the red carpet. You can also have a little fun and perfume as many stars as you want. Do you have a favourite between the nominees?

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32 thoughts on “Oh, could it be this Oscar is for me?

  1. laniersmith says:

    Happy birthday! I hope all the stars shine for you today and all your dreams come true.

  2. Kafkaesque says:

    Happy Birthday, Lucas! If you can’t see or be at the Oscars tonight, do you have any fun plans? I hope it’s a lovely day and that your presents bring you great joy. I also hope one of them includes a great grade for that exam that you worried about so much. xoxo

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you! I don’t have any special plans. I’ll have some tea and cake with my parents.
      Yes, a nice great for that exam would be the best birthday gift for me

  3. Jackie b says:

    Happy birthday Lucas!
    I firmly believe that you have to aspire high… shiny statues, own perfume line? Why not??
    It is great that you are still young and everything is achievable.

  4. jilliecat says:

    Hi, Birthday Boy. How nice of the Academy to lay on celebrations for your special day!

    Like you, I love Helena Bonham-Carter – she’s a brilliant actress, very beautiful in a non-conventional way and totally, loveably eccentric. And she’s married (or the partner of) the amazing Tim Burton, whose films are wonderful and weird.

    I wonder what perfume HBC would wear? No doubt something dark, deep and gothic, but I can’t think what …. a black rose with masses of proper sandalwood and incense, with some hemlock thrown in?

    Enjoy your day.


  5. poodle says:

    Happy birthday Lucas! Keep practicing your award speech because I’m sure someday you will need it. You’ve got the drive and determination to achieve your goals.
    Another Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter fan here. I might actually get to see some of the Oscars tonight because the hockey game is on this afternoon. Sports always seem to beat out anything else in this house because hubby always has the remote.

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you Poodle! You think it might be necessary one day? Sweet of you to say that.
      Great we have similar tastes for actressess.
      Have fun watching the gala!

  6. R says:

    Happy birthday and may this year be full of achievements and perfumes for you!
    I love the red carpet part of the show and I’m clearly looking forward to see who wins the best movie – I’m kind of hoping is Argo -.
    Have a great day today and enjoy the tea and the cake.

  7. Happiest of Birthdays too you Lucas! I hope your day is a special one! Meryl told me to tell you that 🙂

  8. Barbara says:

    Wszystkiego Najlepszego z okazji urodzin! Sto lat!

    The actress Emmanuelle Riva shares a birthday with you and turns 86 today. I think it would be wonderful if she won an Oscar for her work in Amour.

    • lucasai says:

      Dziękuję za życzenia – thank you for the wishes!
      Oh! Funny to know there’s an actress also born on February 24th. I would be happy for her if she won

  9. Happy Birthday, Lucas! I hope that today was a wonderful day! I know that you smelled amazing 🙂 Here’s to many more!

  10. hajusuuri says:

    Happy Birthday dear Lucas.

    Other than hearing from the radio the various nominations, I usually don’t bother with the Oscars. I haven’t been to the movies in ages …. I think the last movie I saw in the theater was The Adventures of Tintin and the most recent DVD I purchased was Hotel Transylvania… and oh for goodness sake, it just hit me that both are KID’S movies!

    May your dreams come true!

  11. Undina says:

    (Belated) Happy Birthday!
    I know that it doesn’t feel like that now (I read your next post) but I hope you’ll fight the problem and win. And then you’ll feel great again.

    I wish you many wonderful things in the upcoming days, months, years. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. It should be better soon!

  12. Natalie says:

    Happy belated birthday! Why not pick another day later this month or next (after the exam is retaken) and have a second birthday? We will all help you celebrate!

  13. Happy Birthday (belated!) Lucasz! You are a young and beautiful age, I wish for you your dreams exceed even what you can imagine!
    The Oscars were so fun, the dresses gorgeous- my favorite was Jennifer Lawrence but all were lovely for sure. I always think they all look amazing. Hmmmm…..perfume, yes I imagine what I would give the ladies and gentlemen to wear…. I think a Red Carpet fragrance could be Oudh Nawab, in the EARTH perfume set of Primordial Scents… a mens scent but I bet Helena Bonham Carter would steal it!!!

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