Discovering Perris Monte Carlo, part 1 of 2

Perris Monte Carlo debuted as a perfume brand in 2012. The brand didn’t appear out of no-where, it was a result of well made decision after spending years in laboratory and on travelling around the world in search of best materials. Perris Monte Carlo is run by Perris family who for two generations has been involved in the fragrance industry. You might have heard the name Perris earlier but not necessarily since their main goal so far was to resurrect historical perfume brands in Europe, such as Houbigant. Fougere Royale or Orangers en Fleurs really owe a lot to Perris family.

After all these years of working in the shadow of different fragrance houses logos they decided on establishing their own brand named Perris Monte Carlo. As one can read this brand was born to intrigue you by its diverse and exquisite breadth of fragrances created by using the most noble of raw materials. For their debut five perfume were crafted, each of them is unique and features different ingredients of prestige quality. In part 1 I will talk about first two scents, the other three will be featured in part 2 of discovering the brand series. Without wasting time lets start the exploration!

Ambre Gris starts with a warm, kind of balmy musk which becomes ambery after few minutes of sitting on skin. Coumarin makes amber darker and more creamy. It’s quite powerful but still it behaves well and gives a feeling of something subsiding. While later Ambre Gris gets more woody – it smells of fine sandalwood and cedar, both used in small quantities and in good proportion will other ingredients. With the woods musk strikes again polishing the fragrance base. This perfume is really warm, even fresh and crisp geranium that mingles here and there doesn’t change that. In the drydown soft rose comes to the front and dances with labdanum and vanilla to create sophisticated and refined finish. Ambre Gris is oriental perfume without a doubt. Its well blended, has a moderate longevity (4-6 hours) but sillage is a little bit disappointing. Ambre Gris tends to hover close to the skin. Luckily this is the only thing Ambre Gris can be accused of, everything else is fine.

Essence de Patchouli is, as its name suggests a perfume centered around the patchouli note. I, who is not a patchouli fan must admit that this perfume is stunning! Probably the best patchouli I’ve ever smelled and one of the nicest fragrances I tried in last couple of weeks. Essence de Patchouli is a sexappeal condensed to liquid and bottled. Its opening is a prominent patchouli. Yes, it’s a little bit woody and leafy but it’s not dirty at all. There’s also an amazing enveloping quality to it, a seductive aura made of smooth musk and some unknown aphrodisiac spices, maybe cardamom, cinnamon, pepper or clove, really hard to tell but it’s incredibly sexy. In Essence de Patchouli there’s also a place for my favourite note, iris. Could it be the reason I like it so much from the first application? There’s also coumarin in it which gives a little bit balmy, resinous vibe. Geranium and rose are here as well, but their role is less important comparing to Ambre Gris. Other notes include labdanum and guaiac wood. Essence de Patchouli is a noble style perfume, well groomed. It’s longevity is 6-8 hours and its sillage is a little bit stronger than for Ambre Gris. It’s charming.

note: photos made by me.

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16 thoughts on “Discovering Perris Monte Carlo, part 1 of 2

  1. Dear Lucas
    So good to have you back and on top form.
    Now I now others love amber, but I am a devotee of patchouli and find myself increasingly when it is mixed in new and intriguing ways outside of the standard chypre structure.
    Your description of the seductive essence has really set the Dandy’s heart racing and I am now much enamoured to try these new fragrances.
    Thank you as always Mr Chemist!!

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy.

  2. hajusuuri says:

    These sound very nice, Lucas! I have to seek out samples (so many samples…so little time to test/try!).

  3. Thank you for the info and for the great reviews!

    Btw, I do really like it when you take your own photos. You have a really good eye and sense of composition!

  4. laniersmith says:

    Oh this house sounds impressive from just the firs two perfumes. Off to read part two!

  5. Cynthia Allie says:

    I bought a bottle today, and I cannot stop sniffing myself. This is the one of best Patchouli’s or even fragrance I’ve used in a long time. It is a stunning fragrance, and has all the notes I desperately love, from the iris and rose to the powdery musk. Seductive indeed. You can tell I’m a fan of this fragrance. Well done. Will try the Ambre Griss next.

    • lucasai says:

      Welcome Cynthia!
      So I suppose you bought Essence de Patchouli? Dongratulations on your bottle and it’s great to hear you’re in love with this fragrance 🙂
      Enjoy it

  6. hajusuuri says:

    Guess what, dearest…since I subscribe to all comments, I saw this! I was naughty earlier today when went to Bendel’s — 40% OFF all perfumes. I ended up with SoOud Ouris Nektar Parfum Extrait….mmmmm good. There were a bunch of Perris Monte Carlo perfumes there which I did not re-sniff…I think I was turned off by the Perris Monte Carlo Rose de Taif that I dismissed the entire line. Methinks I’ll take another walk there tomorrow or next week.

    • lucasai says:

      SoOud Ouris is great, to me it smells like a cold peach cheesecake, congrats on the bottle sweetie.
      Oh, and I didn’t even know you can subscribe to comments on WordPress (ha! I’m still learning sth new)

      Rose de Taif wasn’t great but some others (earlier ones) are nicer. But I don’t like the gold arabesque bottle.

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