Discovering Perris Monte Carlo, part 2 of 2

If you haven’t yet read part 1 of discovering Perris Monte Carlo I highly recomment reading it now.

In previous installment I shortly introduced you to the brand saying how it came to life. Today I would like to say few words on brands aesthetics. All five perfume are housed in square-shaped bottles, quite tall and narrow at the base. They’re coated in gold and the surface is covered with an arebesque motif created from tiny logos of Peris Monte Carlo. Because of that they reflect light in different direction giving you an illusion of glowing. Brand owners say: In every culture gold represents power, wealth, luxury, success, durability… Gold is everywhere…. To emphasize the quality and the uniqueness of the ingredients, Perris Monte Carlo decided to develop a refined packaging made with golden nuances. Fragrances are available in 100 ml bottles only, their presentation is pretty nice and eye-gazing. Now on to impressions of remaining three scents.

Bois d’Oud is the most surprising and most joyful scent out of five released by Perris Monte Carlo. In its opening you get to experience cheeky and juicy peach. Its mouthwatering pulp is absolutely gorgeous. Minute or two later plum accord joins in for even more amazing olfactory experience. It smells slightly dusty and minimally smoked. Vanilla gives a flirty sweetness to the scent. It’s like a bowl of peach slices and plum halves sprinkled with vanilla sugar. After 20 minutes fruits and vanilla subside and Bois d’Oud steps into a field of woody and ambery tones created by patchouli and blackwood. It still smells kind of outgoing and happy. In the drydown there’s some oud which doesn’t reveal its presence earlier. It makes Bois d’Oud more mature and ties all the ingredients to one great scent. After few hours oud and vanilla are the strongest. Other notes are ambergris, rose, labdanum and iris. Bois d’Oud has a moderate sillage and good longevity. It should last for those 6 hours.

Musk Extrême is a musky perfume and there’s nothing extreme to it as the name might suggest. In fact it’s the safest choice out of the bunch. From the beginning musk is a main player in this show. Initially it smells quite strong but quickly evolves into charming, mellow and peaceful aroma. There’s something warm and embracing to it. Musk Extrême is so fluffy and spacious, smelling it reminds me of cotton flowers and warm scarves. There’s also something clean, soapy about the scent that I like. In early stage of development it has some sheer powdery aspect that blends well with vanilla – its sweetens make Musk Extrême even more cosy and wearable. After an hour this fragrance gains some floral quality thanks to iris used in bigger amounts and rose, here used in smaller dose. Few hours later Musk Extrême smells ambery and there’s also a woody undertone of coumarin. Other notes which I couldn’t pick are bergamot, jasmine and carnation. Musk Extrême is an easy to like, easy to wear perfume, it could definitely fulfill a role of office scent. It has low-to-medium powered sillage and nice longevity (6 hours or more). I could have a decant of it in my drawer.

Oud Imperial is an oudy perfume of strong and bossy character. It opens up with a strong labdanum which is really balmy it is soon paired with dirty and earthy patchouli. Together they smell kind of skanky and vile, somehow reminding me of a gasoline, petrol smell and I’m not really a fan of these aromas. After some time Oud Imperial starts to effuse essences of vetiver, oud and blackwood. The feeling they give is raw, rough with many splinters. Around second hour Oud Imperial becomes slightly milder. It has some dusted ambery vibe with more noticeable patchouli right next to it. In later drydown there’s something spicy to it – could be caraway and saffron. Apart from the notes mentioned Oud Imperial consists also of jasmine, incense, sandalwood and cedar. It is the loudest perfume composition from Perris Monte Carlo. It’s dense, kind of gooey and it strong as a bodybuilder. Sillage indeed is the strongest out of five and its longevity is the best as well. It lasted for 10 hours on my skin, the last 2-3 it was sitting close to my skin.

Few words of summary. Perris Monte Carlo did quite impressive job with creating their first five scents. Quality of the ingredients is great. I can’t say that any of these perfume is innovative but they’re also not been there done that kind of thing. They put some different light on themes that have been present in perfumery for years (or even ages). Still they create fine line-up. Hope you enjoyed discovering Perris Monte Carlo with me. Did any of the scents draw your attention?

note: photos – my own.

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34 thoughts on “Discovering Perris Monte Carlo, part 2 of 2

  1. Undina says:

    To tell you the truth, none of them sounds really appealing. If I come across them I will try all five (though… agarwood in two out of five perfumes?! Really?..) but I do not plan to actively seek them.

    • lucasai says:

      OK, that’s fine. I liked them but don’t care for a bottle either. Yes, two are with agarwood, but the one is really oud-y, the other is more fruity.

  2. Kafkaesque says:

    I always appreciate reading about new lines or houses that I haven’t heard of before, so thank you for the introduction, Lucas. 🙂

    • lucasai says:

      You’re welcome! It was fun to try them but I don’t feel any connection between me and the line.
      Some more serious stuff will be featured next week. (I’ll finally use my pre-prepared reviews)

      • Kafkaesque says:

        Don’t forget what you owe me…. 😉

        • lucasai says:

          I remember, don’t worry! I just don’t feel like talking about IT now, ok? Spring is coming, hope you don’t mind if I eventually wait with THAT until autumn 😉

          • Kafkaesque says:

            Hahaha, you’re just going to keep putting off Coromandel, aren’t you? Is it fear of being negative or the horror of revisiting a scent you hate that much? Both? Heh, at the rate you’re going, I suspect I’ll be 90 when I read your review. When you get around to it, remember one thing: you promised endless DETAILS in the most absolutely scathing way possible. *rubs hands together and chortles with glee* I can’t wait, and you know how much I love the scent, too. But I know it will be fun to read a very different take on it. xoxox 😀

  3. hajusuuri says:

    Nice reviews, Lucas! The one I would like to try if I had to pick one is Bois d’Oud but given the chance, I would try all 5!

    • lucasai says:

      Bois d’Oud is especially interesting. It’s name is kind of twisted because it’s more peach & plum than oud.
      Hope you’ll be able to sample them. If not, I might try to help

  4. laniersmith says:

    Thank you Lucas for these two great posts introducing your readers to this fabulous line. I really enjoyed it and will keep an eye out for this house in my olfactory travels.

  5. lorraine says:

    You’ve made my mouth water for Bois d’Oud! I generally don’t go for fruity scents but the other notes sound like they have a balancing effect?

  6. Dear Lucas
    Thank you as always for these balanced and pinpoint clear reviews.
    The idea of a dark animalic perfume with patchouli and rose always appeals, but I can’t help thinking that this has been done so many times before.
    I feel that these firmly belong to the ‘nice to try but not to buy’.
    As such I’ll keep half an eye open for them when they come round.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  7. Wonderful reviews, as always!

    Also, I am this close (holding thumb about an inch from index finger) to having you come to New York and style my food as well as you do your shots 🙂

  8. sweetgrass79 says:

    The Bois de Oud does sound nice, but I’m curious about Oud Imperial too. Might be fun to experiment with layering the two to play up the oud in the fruitier scent.

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