Dsquared Potion Blue Cadet, perfume news

Canadian clothes & perfume brand Dsquared will soon launch a new perfume, Potion Blue Cadet which is a flanker to Potion for Men, this brand’s launch from 2011. The perfumer is Mathilde Bijaoui.

Dsquared Potion Blue Cadet will be eau de toilette concentrated (unlike Potion for Men that was eau de parfum) and it’ll be housed in the same bottle as its predecessor. The only differences are “Blue Cadet” printed on the label and that the juice is colored light blue instead of brown/gold/ambery.

Feautured notes are: bergamot, pink grapefruit, mandarin, fir balm, blue hemlock, white cedar, musk and tonka bean. As owner of a bottle of first scent in this Potion line I’m looking forward to try it.

You can also read this fragrance announcement at Now Smell This.

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2 thoughts on “Dsquared Potion Blue Cadet, perfume news

  1. shellyw says:

    Nice notes in it. Maybe it could cross over to women. I will have to look for a store to try it in.

    • lucasai says:

      I agree about the notes – they sound like a promise of interesting scent for spring & summer. Hope it will be available at my place and at your place soon!

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