Two musks from Ramon Monegal Barcelona

Few months ago perfumer Ramon Monegal, or should I rather say brand’s managing editor generously offered to send me samples of all fragrances from Ramon Monegal Barcelona. I was curious about few of them at least so I was happy they came to me with such a gift. After a week or two I got a parcel from Spain with all the samples. Some scents I tried immediately, some I left for other, better occasions. It took me longer than I though (sorry Ramon, sorry Francisco!) but now I’m ready to start talking about these perfumes. The impressive thing is that not a single creation left me indifferent. Each one leaves an impression! I’ll begin with these two…

Cherry Musk is a perfume I would describe as carefree and sassy. Musk comes to the front immediately after application. It smells warm, sensual and actually it smells like a coconut to me. Kind of milky, a little bit sticky (but not cloying). Then a really light but noticeable cherry aroma appears. It is fruity, tender and it stains the perfume with a light shade of red or pink. We’re speaking of cherries, so a sweet vibe is a must here. It’s very light and sugary. After a while a delicate rose joins the composition and this flower smells amazingly well combined with cherries. Their colors and smells are a nice match. After a few hours I could notice some blurry traces of an oakmoss. It surely wasn’t used in big amounts and Cherry Musk can’t be called a chypre by any means but the moss is a lovely addition to this composition. The drydown is tingled even more red since strawberries are what I smell here. Now that’s quite a cocktail! When I smell Cherry Musk I think of Rafaello praline because it smells like one. Coconut on the outside, delicate creamy aroma inside it. Just replace an almond in the center with a cherry and you get Ramon Monegal Barcelona Cherry Musk! It is lovely, easy-to-wear perfume of lower sillage and excellent lasting power. If you like musky scents with hints of fruity nuances – this one might be for you.

Cotton Musk is a beautiful perfume blend. It begins with sunny and delicate musk, that slowly transforms into something a little bit more oily. After first initial minutes it also gains more and more sweetness from vanilla. Fret not, it never gets to sweet which is a great thing. A little while longer this perfume turns a little bit more woody, though vanilla and musk are still around. When I first smelled this stage of Cotton Musk it made me think of a brand new, freshly washed and ironed T-shirt in a color of pale blue. This scent is so cosy, so familiar – exactly like your favourite piece of clothing that suits your body perfectly. At this point the fragrance is also really aromatic and effuses quite a lot of perfumed molecules. As the time flies the composition changes and more floral notes are easier to distinguish. Gardenia is well-rounded here. Not beefy at all but pleasant, even kind of fresh and “clean” but not soapy clean, rather fresh air clean, if you know what I mean. Hours later more balmy side of the scent is revealed, there’s some light incense that gives a little bit more masculine character to Ramon Monegal Barcelona Cotton Musk. The smell of this perfume makes me feel safe, warm – it feels like home. Longevity of it is outstanding while sillage is slightly stronger comparing to Cherry Musk. I liked this one more.

Both Cherry Musk and Cotton Musk are worth attention. They might be rather light fragrances but they last all day long and don’t need re-applying (at least in my case that was not necessary) They are quite elegant and sophisticated. In my opinion they would suit a date, a meeting with your friends but also business duties and office work. Any of these two got your interest?

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20 thoughts on “Two musks from Ramon Monegal Barcelona

  1. poodle says:

    I’m curious to try more of this line. Cherry Musk doesn’t sound like my type. Cotton Musk is probably not either but I could see me liking it before bed. Your description makes me think of fresh clean sheets. While I don’t normally wear that type of scent I do like that type of smell when I crawl into bed sometimes.

    • lucasai says:

      The smell of freshly clean sheets describes Cotton Musk quite well 🙂
      Glad to hear you’re curious about the line, even if not especially about these two scents.

  2. Lucas, I was pleasantly surprised by Cherry Musk, which is a beautiful example of an usually poorly-done genre. I am sure it is successful with the younger crowd.
    I am completely enamored by those Monegal bottles. Aren’t they perfect?

    • lucasai says:

      Fruity musks can often smell so cheap and artificial and Cherry Musk is nothing like it, right?
      I think you’re right. I can see some 18-20 year old fumees to love it.
      As for the bottles – I like the idea of ink-well shaped flacon, haven’t seen it in real so I don’t know how this holds in a hand etc.

      • That’s what I like best about it: it smells age appropriate but not cheap. The cherry note smells juicy and not syrupy.
        As for the bottles, I don’t usually pay much attention to them, but these are beautiful to look at and very functional. There are details: the heavy glass, how the cylindrical box closes perfectly…

  3. lilybelle says:

    I loved both reviews, Lucas! I can actually get a pretty good idea of how they smell, and that is difficult to convey in writing. So bravo! The only Ramon Monegal I’ve tried is Impossible Iris, which is very pleasant in an innocuous way that I can see really growing on someone when she/he isn’t looking. Yes, those bottles are great! Inspired from old ink bottles, I read. That especially pleases me. I love references to our past, to history. 🙂

    • lucasai says:

      I’m happy you’re interested now. And I’m glad you could imagine the scents trough those reviews.
      I like the idea of a bottle as an ink-well too.

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Dear Lucas, while I have the entire RM line, the only one I’ve tried so far and LOVED enough for a FB (at 25% off) was Impossible Iris. I’m almost afraid to try the rest for fear that I will end up loving several of them and you know what happens when I love something — I have NO restraint whatsover!

    Based on your review, I probably won’t like Cherry Musk as I have issues with some coconut. The Cotton Musk sounds heavenly…I love me a freshly laundered shirt smell.

    The bottles are very well made. The cap is attached on one side and just flip it to open, then it closes with a magnetic clink. The atomizer sprayer is pretty solid. Overall, the bottle has the heft and feel of a crystal paperweight, heavy enough to do harm if you hit someone’s head with it…

    • lucasai says:

      You’re familiar with the line, glad to hear that. I also like Impossible Iris but it’s not exactly the kind of iris for me so I don’t predict a bottle of it in my collection.

      I guess you’ll enjoy Cotton Musk, it really smells like a freshly laundered shirt or polo shirt.

      Thanks for describing the bottle, it sounds really impressive.

  5. I have to say that these were the two in the line that I was not interested in at all, which is why I really liked reading your reviews of them. Cherry as a note has always kind of scared me. I always fear it’s going to smell like lambic beer, or cough syrup, or kirsch. But if you say it’s good, I trust you.

    Same goes for cotton. I’m always worried I’m going to smell like a dryer sheet, or like a laundromat. But I trust you here too. Okay, now I’m interested 🙂

  6. Undina says:

    I liked Cherry Musk and now I know why: Rafaello!!! I love them! For a while I couldn’t find them in the U.S. and missed them a lot (now I know where to find them :)). I’m not sure yet if I want a bottle of CM but I’ll want at least some.

    I haven’t tried yet Cotton Musk but I will soon. Impossible Iris was impossible for me to pass 🙂

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