Happy splash, Jo Loves… Pomelo

Pomelo – Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis, a crisp citrus fruit from the region of South and Southeast Asia. It color varies from pale light to yellow. It’s pulp is usually white and it’s sweet. Pomelo is the largest citrus fruit, comparable in size to basketball ball, its weight is usuall 1-2 kilos. This fruit gave inspiration to Jo Malone who created Pomelo as one of four debuting fragrances of Jo Loves… line.

The opening of Pomelo is a thrilling burst of the sweet juiciness of pomelo. This slightly acidic and sour aroma has some happy and energetic properties. It smells so lively, so vivid and very natural – like somebody just sliced a delicious pomelo fruit right in front of your nose. You know the story of cutting citruses, right? Once you try to cut through the peel the fruit sometimes splashes a little bit of juice in your face or on your clothes. And that’s how Pomelo feels to me.

Moreover right next to the juicy pomelo I could smell a really pleasant aroma that made me think of citrus foliage, of shiny green leaves warmed by the sun somewhere at the hot sea coast. A whiff of this nice scent made me relaxed and calm. It’s hard to tell what note that was – citrus foliage is not listed for Pomelo. What is listed for the fragrance – is patchouli. Could this sun-warmed aroma come from patchouli? It’s possible if done in similar way to Atelier Cologne Mistral Patchouli.

Jo Loves… Pomelo is a perfume that takes a progress quite quickly. After a while my nose detected a similar note. I think I’ve already smelled something similar but I can’t remember what perfume that was. But I’m certain about the note – the vetiver. In this perfume vetiver is not a nemesis, it’s more of an acquaintance. The note is quite aromatic, somehow making me think of a sea breeze – a little bit salty sensation hides within. Few minutes later from the moment of noticing this note it shows a little bit more earthy and woody face, but it never gets rooty, which I wouldn’t stand. Rooty vetiver is a nay for me.

There’s also a delicate spicy vibe to the vetiver, my nose tried to tell me it smells like pepper but a quick look into Pomelo’s notes clears it by listing clove as one of the notes of this perfume. In the drydown, a warm and tender smell of suede is noticeable, it’s quite cosy and contradicts the refreshing smell of pomelo from the opening. Notes pyramid indicates rose to be here but I just couldn’t notice its smell, either it was very light either other notes were a tad stronger that it.

Pomelo has a moderate sillage, it’s lovely right after spraying but then it quickly sits on the skin and the scent is noticeable only close to the wearer. Longevity is good as for the citrus fragrance, on my skin it was around 5-6 hours, not bad at all. Jo Loves… Pomelo is available in 30 ml and 100 ml bottles, it’s probably EdT concentrated. Unfortunately availability is a little bit of a problem.

The brand doesn’t have an open, stationery boutique. If you’re in London you can arrange an appointment to the Jo Loves… Showroom, where you can test their perfume and buy them. Fragrances can be also purchased via the online store but using it you’ll be charged for the shipping + only 30 ml flacons are available for purchases from outside the UK.

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30 thoughts on “Happy splash, Jo Loves… Pomelo

  1. jilliecat says:

    Thanks for this review, Lucas. I was interested to read what it smells like as I have only experienced it on a blotter so far – the kind people at Jo Loves sent me a package of strips (all sealed individually) of the whole range, and this was a good way to get an impression of the fragrance, but obviously is not as good as trying the real thing! I certainly liked Pomelo, and also found myself strangely attracted to the Nectar, which is extremely peachy.

    • lucasai says:

      You’re welcome. There’s nothing better like trying the perfume on skin. Glad they sent you the strips so that you can get a brief idea of their perfumes.
      Hope you’ll be able to try them on skin one day

  2. Jordan River says:

    I love eating these in Thailand. Great change in citrus focus here from the usual suspects. The touch of clove: like that too. Clove is great in perfume.

  3. poodle says:

    I’m not usually interested in citrus scents but you’ve made this sound sniff-worthy. I probably won’t get the opportunity due to availability. Just as well I guess, my wallet could use a break.

  4. Oh Pomelo! I like the way this one smells. Great review!

  5. Kafkaesque says:

    It sounds very pretty! But with the minimal to nonexistent sillage, probably not for me. I think I’m much more interested in the Atelier patchouli that you mentioned. LOL. Plus, that one won’t be so impossible to find. Nonetheless, it’s a very nice review and you made the perfume sound very tempting. 🙂

    • lucasai says:

      It is quite pretty. But knowing you like perfumes that manifest themselves more on the skin – it would be to quiet for you. Mistral Patchouli is lovely as well, a bit similar. And you can try it somewhere locally.
      Glad you liked the review.

  6. Good to be reading more reviews of the Jo Loves… line. I also know exactly what you mean about getting sprayed by citrus juice when eating fruit. Usually, it ends up right in my eye. (insert fist-shaking at universe here!)

  7. Natalie says:

    This is such a fun line. Very lighthearted and fun.

  8. hajusuuri says:

    My dear Lucas, what a lovely review. I must make an appointment to visit the showroom! I don’t recall if I had ever had fresh pomelos but somehow my impression is that it smells and tastes like a combination of grapefruit and peaches – you get the brightness of grapefruit and the sourness is tempered by peaches. In any case, this truly sounds like a must try!

    • lucasai says:

      I have never eaten pomelo – that’s for sure. But the smell is amazing.
      Please do! You will be in London in short time, it would be lovely to visit the Jo Loves showroom. Who knows – maybe you will meet Jo Malone herself 😉

  9. Undina says:

    I’m not a huge fan of pomelo as a fruit: I do not dislike it but it wouldn’t be my first fruit choice either and I feel the same about this perfume: I wouldn’t mind wearing it but I wouldn’t bother arranging an appointment for the privilege to smell it (for some other in the line I would though).
    Nice review!

    • lucasai says:

      I see, I see… Too bad this perfume doesn’t interest you much. But that’s fine. There are other scents too and you said some onthers interest you.

      Thank you :*

  10. I’ve been wanting to purchase a Jo Malone fragrance for a while now, but there is just so much choice! This one sounds beautiful though – I’ll definitely have to check it out! xo

    • lucasai says:

      I agree! Not only the Jo Malone line which is big but also Jo Loves line which is also pretty.
      Good luck exploring and I hope you’ll fine your favourite.

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