Moonlight date, Ramon Monegal Ambra di Luna

The first time I’ve read about a new niche perfume brand from Spain – Ramon Monegal Barcelona in 2012 I was a little bit cautious seeing the brand is starting with 15 fragrances, all launching at the same time. I had a thought in my head – is it possible to make a good perfume while working on so many of them? Few of these Ramon Monegals seemed like they might be good for me. Some time later I got the opportunity to try them all. I wasn’t disappointed. The number of fragrances launched didn’t influence their quality and charm. It definitely didn’t affect Ambra di Luna, my favourite one.

While having Ambra di Luna on my skin I get the immediate feeling of incredibly enveloping coziness. Castoreum is the first note that appears on my skin after application. It is beautifuly soft and tender on me. There’s a lot of warmth inside it and also some fluffiness that is absolutely mesmerizing. After a few minutes my nose starts to pick the slight animalic undertones of the castoreum. It never turns dirty, skanky or beasty on me. It is very gentle and somehow it brings a black fur coat to my mind. Mind someone who wears this coat is completely naked underneath it.

30 minutes into the development of this perfume developed by Ramon Monegal, allows the sensual and animalic feelings to get more substantial but it also reveals the sandalwood accord. Sandalwood in Ambra di Luna is bright and shiny, smooth and polished, like a beautifully stylized wooden bed frame. It has a really sexual context to me. Generally speaking the entire perfume has a lot of charming erotism inside it. With the pass of time the fragrance becomes softer and it gains a new, sweet quality, with every minute. Amber is slightly resinous here with a delicate smoky feeling but most of all it is sweet with vanilla.

This sweet note smells very edible to me but it doesn’t completely veer onto a gourmand area. It might smell a little bit of a pudding, or some cookies but I don’t perceive it as a negative thing here. Vanilla totally suits this fragrance with its sensual facets. Labdanum brings a balmy quality to Ambra di Luna. Used in a nicely measured dose it doesn’t dominate over other notes. Instead it blends with them so well that all the notes are possible to pick in the composition.

After a couple of hours the perfume still speaks to me with this enchanting, lowered voice of temptation. This moment it tries to envelope my body with a gentle smell of jasmine. Floral but not indolic, solid but not heady, perfect for me, who doesn’t mind some jasmine in a perfume, when it’s not overdone. Ambra di Luna has a lovely jasmine in the drydown.

Ramon Monegal Barcelona Ambra di Luna is a wonderful perfume. It has a lot of temptation, sexiness and erotism in it. If sexual excitement had a smell it would be this exact fragrance. To me this perfume might as well represent two warm bodies interacting with each other, or trying some “dirty” bed games for the first time. The perfume really has a lot to offer. It might seem to be a little bit linear sometimes but it really reveals those different facets, its just they evolve smoothly from one to another.

The perfume is available in 50 ml flacons. Ramon Monegal Barcelona describes them as ink-well bottles. They’re made of quite heavy and solid glass and the black lid opens just like the old-styled ink wells, revealing the atomizer. Ambra di Luna is an eau de parfum. It has a great longevity of more than 12 hours on my skin and it has a moderate sillage that turns more intimate after around 6 hours. This one is my number one from the house range.

[note] second picture was taken by me and presents my own bottle.

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20 thoughts on “Moonlight date, Ramon Monegal Ambra di Luna

  1. jilliecat says:

    It’s hot and steamy here, and your review is even hotter! Seriously though, this sounds like a rather beautiful perfume; I am fond of good sandalwood and there is a lack of quality sandalwood fragrances, so this is very welcome, and the whole composition seems very appealing.

  2. poodle says:

    I love your review. Sadly, this one didn’t work for me. I gave the sample away and the recipient loved it. It smelled better on paper than on my skin. It is a nice perfume and I can see why you like it.

    • lucasai says:

      Thanks Poodle. I’m sorry the perfume didn’t work for you but on the other hand it’s grwat that the person that got your sample liked it.

  3. Kafkaesque says:

    It sounds SO good! The only problem is that I think Ramon Monegal really *LOVES* to use synthetics in his perfumes, to the point that I don’t think I’m willing to trust him and try another one. I remember the review of about 6 of them on NST pretty much struggled with the intensity of the artificial notes, especially the musk. I’m sure his sandalwood base would be more of the same here. Perhaps I’m just not willing to forgive Ramon Monegal for the horror and monstrosity that was Pure Mariposa on my skin. No, never ever again. Never ever, ever again.

    • lucasai says:

      I live the way it smells. You know that as a chemist I don’t mind synhetic ingredients as long as they don’t smell like a lab or burning plastic bottle. I don’t get any of these sensations from Ambra di Luna so yes, I love it.

      I understand that it’s sometimes hard to give second chances to a perfume house.

  4. Dearest Lucas
    It’s interesting that you mention a sense of comfort at the opening and then castoreum in the next breath.
    The note always has this effect on The Dandy, ‘tenderness’ yes, that is the quality.
    The development from there on in sounds delightful, though as always I’m wary of sweetness, but in this case reassured by your words that it never veers off into the overly gourmand.
    Another one to try.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • lucasai says:

      I was very surprised that animalic ingredient such castoreum can be done in such gentle, polite and comforting way.
      It really is enveloping, tender, sensual.
      The fragrante develops slowly and smoothly and there are no huge changes from the start to the end but it’s not the case here really.

      • Dear Lucas
        I often find animalics quite gentle and not at all ‘skanky’ (awful word), especially in some older vintages where I suppose the real stuff might have been used.
        I’ve often wondered whether it was a skin thing…
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

        • lucasai says:

          I often find civet unappealing or musk can often be really dirty too. A lot depends on personal preferences, skin predispositions etc.
          I’m glad Ambra di Luna wears good on me.

  5. Nice review. I think that I have a sample of this buried under one of my 20 piles of samples…I need to give this a try… the sandalwood sounds lovely!

  6. hajusuuri says:

    Your collection has grown, dear Lucas! I have a sample of this but have not yet tried it. I am 101% sure I will like/love this as well…I am almost afraid to try it for fear that I must buy a bottle immediately!

    • lucasai says:

      Yes it has grown the following year. But I still think it’s a very high quality collection. I only buy perfumes I truly love.
      I’m happy to hear you’re 101% sure you’re gonna enjoy Ambra di Luna.
      You’ve got Impossible Iris too, I know πŸ™‚

  7. Undina says:

    I haven’t tried this one yet but, in general, I rather like Monegal’s perfumes (synthetics don’t bother me as much as they do it for Kafka) so I’ll try this one when I get a chance.

    I want to mention that my thoughts about the brand were the same (I just want to correct that there were 14, not 15 perfumes in 2012) but later I read that some of the perfumes were created earlier (2010, 2011) and the brand started, if I’m not mistaken, in 2009. So even though 3-4 new perfumes/year are still too much in my book, it’s better than 15 at once, right? πŸ™‚

    • lucasai says:

      I think you’ll enjoy this amber from Ramon Monegal. I don’t have issues with synthetics either, Kafka is in bad position for that matter.

      Thanks for letting me know. Fragrantica says that everything was from 2012, it sounds better when you tell me the brand was created few years earlier and that they created couple of perfumes per year.

  8. Jordan River says:

    Sounds fantastic especially the entry of a low key jasmine. Handsome bottle.

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