It’s all written in the stars, Amouage Fate duet

The Oman perfume house of Amouage has been pretty busy this year. We’re only halfway through 2013 and they already managed to release Beloved Man which was followed after a few months with Opus VII, the new addition to the Library Collection. Now they introduce their two newest creations, the duet of Fate Man and Fate Woman. These two scents are described as a fairy-tale edition. Fate Woman is classified as oriental-chypre-floral and Fate Man is an oriental-spicy composition.

Amouage Fate Woman starts on my skin with a brisk of bergamot which is almost immediately followed by a hefty dose of aldehydes. The blend is nice, clear, even soapy for a short moment. When I tried Fate Woman for the first time I thought it was similar to the opening of Noontide Petals from Andy Tauer. Very shortly I notice a herbaceous French lavender smell. After 10 minutes I start to notice a resinous smell of benzoin with an additional vanilla sweetness to it. Light animalic quality hides underneath. Castoreum, in small amount is paired well with a smell of cinnamon. This stage is warm and spicy, quite different.

At the 30 minutes mark the perfume starts to develop its heavier notes. I definitely smell the incense that is very lovely, smoky but not smelling like a church. The more time Fate Woman sits on my skin the more doubts I have in terms of liking it. After around an hour a huge dose of patchouli appears in front of my nose. It’s not the worst kind of patchouli, not the one I detest so much. This patchouli seems purple, slightly fruity (apricot?) and it has the specific spiciness of red chilli pepper. In the drydown I smell mild leather with a very light rose tones. I also got a coriander-spiced jasmine and some nice oakmoss. Amouage Fate Woman has a powerful sillage and it lasted over 12 hours on my skin. My favorite part of it was the bergamot & aldehydes opening.

Amouage Fate Man, a masculine part of the new Amouage duet appeared on my skin as an immortelle fragrance. This dry and spicy smell, reminiscent of a hot sand in the middle of the desert also had that plastified and syrupy vibe on my skin. Despite the fact that I don’t like immortelle (generally!) in such form I didn’t find it off-putting. Next was cumin. One again – I detest the note – here it didn’t make me sick. I guess it’s all thanks to quality of Amouage fragrances. Copahu balm appears on my then, after 25 minutes and a couple of minutes later I get the wormwood (hello, Opus II vibe!). Fate Man turns then sweeter on my skin and I like that change.

Licorice is not a black candy here, it’s mild sweet and musk adds some lightness and fluffiness to it. After next 30 minutes the smoky aspect of Amouage Fate Man appears on my skin. I smell incense a lot and don’t smell olibanum (phew!) Later on I caught a waft of warm spiciness created with ginger and beautiful saffron accord. This stage my mouth water. I got even more saliva in my mouth when I smelled mandarin and rose over a smooth sandalwood base. If Fate Man was all like this I would go for a bottle. Other notes include a creamy tonka bean, labdanum and cedar wood. Just like the female fragrance, the masculine element of this perfume duet had a great sillage on my skin. The perfume stayed with me for more than 12 hours as well.

Amouage Fate Woman was crafted by perfumer Dorothee Piot while Amouage Fate Man came to life thanks to work of Karine Vinchon-Spehner. Of course the entire process of creation was advised by Christopher Chong, creative director of Amouage. Out of these two fragrances Amouage Fate Woman is definitely the one closer to my heart. First of all, it has much more fragrant essences I like than Fate Man, and the female interpretation just smells better on my skin. All in all I don’t think that I will be purchasing any of the Fate perfumes now, or even later.

Both fragrances in Amouage Fate duet come in 50ml and 100ml bottles. The design of the bottles hasn’t changed. They’re made of transparent glass but the surface has an irisation effect applied to it, which creates a rainbow-like effect on the glass. A small but great change is that with Fate the Oman brand started using magnetic caps. They hold on tight – you can raise the entire bottle just holding a cap and a bottle won’t drop (and smash) on the floor. Both fragrances are EdP.

[note] Bottles for the photos used in this review were a courtesy of Quality Missala who let me do a photoshoot at their boutique. The pictures belong to me. All rights reserved.

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38 thoughts on “It’s all written in the stars, Amouage Fate duet

  1. Jordan River says:

    Great to read your thoughts. I loved the leather in Fate Woman. In my head my favourites from this house are Jubilation XXV and Memoir Man but in real life I find I reach for Fate Man daily. I love the dusty opening; not like dust as in housework but more like opening a treasure chest of aromatic molecules. The cumin is precisely placed, not too much and I love the warming effect of the ginger. I had no idea what the liquorice was but it amazes me.

  2. Great review Lucas. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Fate Man. Unlike you though, immortelle and cumin are like a siren song to me. I can’t wait to check Fate Man out!

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you dear Hound! That’s right, both Fate fragrances earn many compliments and positive reviews. I’m sure you’ll like Fate Man with your attitude for immortelle and cumin

  3. Tarleisio says:

    Lucas, you always have such a refreshing and thorough perspective – especially when it differs from my own! 😉 As for both Fates – they instantly shot to the top of my list, and Fate Woman, in particular is going, going…

  4. shuvanidev says:

    Enjoyed reading the review of the Fates. I am really impressed with them both. I especially love Fate Woman on my skin, it’s just beautiful – warm, floral, incense. I like the men’s as well, very much so. On me it leans masculine but I love it on my husband.

  5. Kafkaesque says:

    I seem to have had much better luck with both fragrances than you did but, like you, I much prefer Fate Woman. It was very different on me, though I’m relieved to hear you got some soapiness, too. 🙂 Nice review, dear Lucas.

    • lucasai says:

      You know – there’s an easy explanation for that.
      You LOVE Amouage while me, I get a little excitation reading the news on their new releases. Amouage is complex, complicated – you like that style. I like it less but still I try to find a beauty inside those Amouage bottles.
      At the moment, my favorites remain unchanged.

  6. Ari says:

    Just like with the Amouage Interludes, the Woman sounds much less appealing than the Man to me. Not that I’ll be getting either at this price point! Thank you for the review, Lucas!

  7. poodle says:

    I really want to try these but deep down I hope I don’t like them because of the price. They sound wonderful to me.

  8. Undina says:

    As with all Amouage perfumes I want to try these and I will – when I get a chance (for Fate Woman, most likely, it will be a blind buy of a small decant during the split: it’s not much more expensive than buying a sample from a decanter store; for Man I’ll have to wait for it to come my way “naturally” – through a swap).

    Knowing that our tastes are similar in many aspects, I have lesser expectations now from these perfumes (though, in general, I love/like many Amouage perfumes). We’ll see. Thank you for the review!

    • lucasai says:

      You’re a brand’s fan so I’m not surprised you want to try them.
      I understand the reasoning behind a decant of Fate Woman and waiting for Fate Man to fall in your hands “accidentally”

      I hope I didn’t lower your expectations too much, these are really great perfumes.

  9. hajusuuri says:

    Hello dear, I have an unsniffed decant of Amouage Fate Woman and will try it when I get skin time. Nice reviews!

  10. Due to a problema with Customs, my Fate and I never met. Thankfully a friend who traveled to Dubai brought a couple samples for me. I hope I can try them soon. I am especially anxious about the ladies’ versión as I really really like Ms. Piot’s work.
    Thank you for another great review!


  11. I had two big, fat, giant lemmings for these two. Then I tried Fate Woman and was very underwhelmed. I was hoping that it would be my Amouage, but it looks like Interlude Man and the Tribute Attar remain unchallenged 🙂

    I didn’t try Fate Man though, so now I have one big fat lemming left 🙂

  12. Oslo-fjord says:

    I bought Amouage Fate man couple of days ago, and I must say this is growing to be my favorit Amouage scent. For a spice lover like me, this is a footbridge to heaven! I’m not an expert describing notes, but this is like a mix of Sables, Bois d’Ombrie and Divine L’homme Sage all put together. It’s sturdy, smells expencive, luxurious, and very unique. You will get noticed! Bravo Amouage, wonderful stuff 🙂
    (I bought the 50ml bottle, and the magnetic cap is only on the 100ml)

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