What I did in Hungary is not a secret

No, this is not a flanker of A Lab on Fire What we do in Paris is Secret. It’s just me wanting to share with you how much fun I had on my summer vacations and that I had a good time there!

Day 1 – Our journey began on Saturday around 4 in the morning, when we packed the car and left our house. We drove through Wrocław, Kłodzko, Olomouc, Brno and Bratislava. 12 hours and 3 stops later we arrived at Balatonfenyves where we were staying. We had a little bit of trouble finding the apartment but after a while we finally located it. We unpacked and went for a short walk to get to know the neighbourhood. That was one tiring day.

Day 2 – The day after our arrival we went to the beach. Unlike the sea beaches those at Balaton are not sandy. They’re like parks, where people lay on the grass. I liked it as there were many trees, platanus around which gave the shade to those who were tired of the sunlight. The sky was clear and the Sun was shining bright. That day I tried a local specialty, palacsinta – pancakes with different fillings. I asked for the mix of flavors to try them all. My favorite was the one with cinnamon. In the evening we went for a walk, cool air is always good before going to sleep.

Day 3 – On that day we had a first trip outside of Balatonfenyves. We took a tour to Tapolca, a nearby town. We read in the tour-guide book we bought that there was an Underground Cave Lake there and we wanted to see it. We’ve found one sign by the street showing the direction but it was quite confusing and it made us got lost a little bit. We asked local citizens for help but Hungarians we met didn’t speak English well. When we asked for Cave Lake they directed us to the local lake on the surface, they apparently didn’t understand the “cave” word. One hour later we’ve found it but there was a long queue. While we were waiting the weather turned from cloudy to sunny. It became really hot, it was tiring to stand in the direct sunlight. When we entered the Cave Lake it was awesome. It was cool there and we could swim in the bathtub-like boats there. So much fun.

Day 4 – It was another day at the beach. This time we didn’t go to the crowded main beach in Balatonfenyves but we went to a different one found by our friends. There was much less people and peace but still there were cocktail bars and bistro nearby. The only problem was the lake. Around 50 meters from the waterside there was a lot of algae plus the edge was so shallow that one had to walk like 300 meters into the water to find a water deep enough to swim. When I got hungry I ordered a local (fast) food meal called langos. It was a deep oil fried dough flan served with different ingredients on top. Mine was with grated cheese and tomato sauce, kind of like pizza. It was so big I shared a piece with my Mum as I wouldn’t eat it all by myself.

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Day 5 – It’s already a halfway of our stay in Hungary and it was time for the biggest trip of this vacation. We went for a whole day to Budapest, a capital city of Hungary. Our sightseeing started at the Citadella, located at the top of Gellert-Hegy (Hill). There we visited an old bunker and saw a Freedom Monument, a woman holding a palm leaf above her head. Then we headed down the hill to see a Gellert Statue. When we reached the actual city surface we found ourselves nearby the Elisabeth Bridge. We directed our steps to the Royal Palace, we passed through its courtyards and got to the Old Town where our eyes were attracted by Matthias Church, a beautiful monumental building with a colorful tiles roof. Very close to it a legendary Ruszwurm Cukraszka, a confectionery shop is located. We stopped by to drink a cup of coffee and try the sweets. We decided on whipped cream cake which was delicious (just look at it!) Later on we wandered around the Old Town walking along the small and peaceful streets. As the time was passing we were getting closer to the city center and traffic. We passed next to the old Turkey Bath house and had a dinner at Joseph Ben square. We strolled along the Danube bank and reached the Margaret Bridge – we walked on it to pass to the other side of the river. We wanted to see the Parliament building. We got as close as possible, unfortunately there were so ground works around that kept us on distance. Then we’ve seen couple more parks, statues and churches. When we got to the Chain Bridge we returned to the Buda side of Budapest. When we were on the way back to Citadella it started to rain. On the hill we wanted to see the city illuminated by evening lights but the rain was getting stronger and we were too tired to wait. It was time to get back.

Day 6 – After a long day of walking around Budapest the next day was all about lying on the beach, enjoying water and sun. There was a chilly wint that caused that sunbathing was really pleasant. I didn’t feel the heat at all. Late afternoon we drove to Keszthely to visit the Festetics Palace. Unfortunately it was too late to buy the tickets. No worries – we returned there on Sunday. Instead we sat down in the street cafe and enjoyed ice coffee, frappe and drinks.

Day 7,8 – We spent those two days relaxing on the beach. The liquid hot was pouring down from the sky on us so we played a lot in the Balaton to give our bodies a break from the scorching heat. In the evening we went to the nearby restaurant to have a dinner. I ordered a plate with fish and steamed veggies and it was delicious, I’ve never eaten such a good fish dish.

Day 9 – In the morning we went to Church. The funny thing was that it was placed right behind the fence of our apartment. We just had to walk down the stairs and take a few steps and we were there. Then we had breakfast, took our car and drove to Keszthely to see the Castle from the inside this time. It was really marvelous. The numerous rooms with decorated furniture, tea services, paintings, ornamented ceilings and wallpapers with the ancestry crest. We also bought a ticket to the coach house which was located at the back of the backyard. In the backyard there were lots of plants, flowers and fountains. All the beautiful carriages and sleighs were really impressive.

Day 10 – The final one. Before noon we went to the beach for the last time to use the last hours in Hungary to sunbathe and swim. In the afternoon, after dinner, everyone felt weirdly lazy and quiet. In the evening we started packing our stuff. In the meantime a very strong wind started to rise. It was blowing the entire night so imagine we didn’t get much sleep on the last bedtime in Balatonfenyves. The other day we took all the baggage to the car, ate a breakfast and left Balaton behind starting our journey back home. The road was long and it seemed to have no end but finally we arrived, safe and sound.

The summer vacation at Balaton was really great. I got a nice tan, I learned a little bit about the Hungarian habits and culture. The sightseeing was the best part of our stay. Lying on the beach is nice but only when you don’t do it for too long. I’ve taken tons of pictures, some of them you can see in the slide show. Now it’s time to get used to the home-living again. I’m back in the game, new perfume adventures await.

Honeys, I’m home!

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32 thoughts on “What I did in Hungary is not a secret

  1. Jordan River says:

    A grassy beach is a great idea.

  2. I have visited Hungary and Bratislava and your post really brings it alive. Budapest is an incredible city and the Houses of Parliament rival Westminster in their beauty. Great post and an enjoyable read.

  3. ringthing says:

    This travelogue post is a great read, thanks for sharing your trip. Sounds like a really fun vacation, esp the sightseeing and local foods. I live near the Great Lakes in the US, and the beaches are sand, often flanked by very tall dunes that are fun to climb (Lake Michigan). In many other areas, there are shady parks that slope down to the water so that you can cool off easily. Grassy beaches are so pleasant.

    • lucasai says:

      You’re welcome. I was taking notes on my smartphone to make it easier to write this post – it worked.
      Those beaches with dunes at Great Lakes sound great to me, hope to visit there one day.

  4. Welcome back. We missed you. How fabulous is Budapest? Did you make it to Neroli?
    Portia xx

  5. Lilybelle says:

    Welcome back, Lucas! I enjoyed reading your holiday report. It made me smile and wish I were there with you visiting all those old churches and palaces, and swimming in a cave, and sitting in cafés indulging my sweet tooth. I would dearly love to visit Hungary and Budapest someday. Isn’t it fun to get lost sometimes? Your beach with the grass and shade trees sounds idyllic. You look so healthy and fit and handsome in your tan! I’m glad you had a good time. Are you starting a new school year? I look forward to reading more perfume reviews. 🙂

    • lucasai says:

      Glad you liked it. I’m happy to hear you felt almost like you were there with me 🙂
      I think getting lost might be funny sometimes, this time it was as we were having fun because of the people that guided us to the local lake instead of the famous cave one.
      I really loved that beach! Whenever I wanted I could sit under a tree in the shade.
      Haha, thank you for the lovely compliment.
      I still have September before the new Academic Year at university begins.

  6. CC ... says:

    What a wonderful recap … it is like we are there. So happy you had a lovely holiday and glad you are back. Looking forward to your perfume reviews. 🙂

  7. Undina says:

    Welcome back, Lucas! I missed you but I can’t believe it has been 10 days already. It looks like not only my own vacations tend to come to the end fast 🙂

    Were you taking a vacation from perfume completely? You weren’t testing or wearing anything at all for the whole 10 days?!!

    • lucasai says:

      It passed really fast, didn’t it? It is always like that with the holidays.

      I missed you too my dear.
      It was almost a complete break from the fragrance. I wore a couple of perfumes (4 I think) on the days when we were sightseeing. Beach days were unscented

  8. Kafkaesque says:

    Welcome back, dear Lucas! I enjoyed the stories and photos SO much! I’d like to see a photo of a grassy beach because I’m not quite sure I can imagine it very well. My mind gets stuck at the “grass” part. LOL. The photo of you in that cave is incredibly cool. My favorite of the bunch. And the cave itself looks fascinating. You look great with a tan, by the way. It suits you. 🙂 I hope you feel well rested and refreshed now, ready to take on the Fall Semester and any perfumes that come your way. 🙂 So glad you’re back, sweetpea. xoxox

    • lucasai says:

      It’s good to be back with you all. Błąd you liked the report and photos. I will see if I have a picture that shows the grassy beach well.
      Thanks for a compliment. I have a dark complexion so my soon gets brown very shortly. My parents say I look italian when I’m tanned

  9. Dearest Lucas
    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.. I, like others here, love Budapest and have been a number of times. The sulphur baths really are something of an experience!
    Trust your feeling refreshed and rested!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  10. poodle says:

    Welcome back! I’m sure it flew by quickly for you but it seems like you’ve been gone a really long time. Missed you! I’m glad you had good weather and had some fun and relaxation.

  11. Lucas – it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Welcome back we missed you!

  12. Mary K says:

    It was fun reading about what you and your family did each day on your vacation and it sounds like you had a great time. I’m glad you included the pictures (and map). After a really fun vacation, it can be hard to get back to everyday fife, but it sounds like you are making the adjustment. And at least you have some time before school starts again.

    • lucasai says:

      I thought that a summer diary idea for a post was nice. We had a Lovely time in Hungary. I am getting used to being back home after those 10 entertaining days

  13. hajusuuri says:

    Welcome home, sweetie. Although I could not yet view the pics, I know I am in for a treat. I fly home on Saturday and what hajusuuri did in Paris may have to remain secret 🙂

    • lucasai says:

      I’m looking forward to your return and having you by my side again!

      You have to tell me in email what you did in Paris 🙂
      I will bribe you with some additional photos

  14. Sounds like you had a pretty great trip. The pictures are beautiful!

  15. Geez! How did I miss this???? In any case, it looks like it was a great trip! Thank you for sharing!

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