Another themed week poll

We’ll go with the same routine as previously. You vote – I write. This time I don’t want to do a themed week for a perfume house but for a specific perfume note. You decide which one deserves a full week of attention. Every vote counts so the more of them the greater the fun!

The poll will be collecting the votes for 2 days and I will close it on Sunday at noon. Then we’ll see who is the winner. Have a good weekend and let the best one win this competition!

I just closed the poll. Thank you everyone for participating. By the highest number of your votes I’m happy to announce that starting tomorrow the blog will be taken over by amber perfumes. I hope you’re looking forward to it.

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6 thoughts on “Another themed week poll

  1. Undina says:

    I voted for lavender because 1) I like this note and 2) it’s too… summer for amber 🙂

  2. Dearest Lucas
    I voted rose, to remind us of the summer already slipping away.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  3. hajusuuri says:

    Woo hoo – I picked Amber!!!

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