Golden river, Profvmvm Roma Fiore d’Ambra

Since 1996 in Rome, Italy there’s a perfume house – Profumum Roma, or Profvmvm Roma as the brand tends to use the form with v instead of u. Not widely known, it is one neglected and quite underrated niche fragrance designer. It’s a good thing that Profvmvm Roma doesn’t get much hype as it makes the fragrances more unique and special for those who tried them or own a flacon or two.

Fiore d’Ambra or Fiori d’Ambra, as I have met with these two versions of writing the name of this one perfume is one of the two amber-centered fragrances from Profvmvm Roma, the other one being Ambra Aurea. Fragrances from this specific perfume house have a couple of interesting things. One of them is that each fragrance only has 3-4 notes listed. Taking into consideration that they’re quite complex one can argue if the notes given are everything that the perfume contains or if there’s something more we don’t know about. No matter what’s the answer to that question. Nothing can change the fact that Profvmvm scents are solid made.

Profvmvm Roma Fiore d’Ambra gives me a welcome with a beautiful amber, a key note of this composition. It’s dense and thick but at the same time there’s something puffy and fluffy in it. This amber is warm, cosy and embracing. It has the minimal mineral quality which adds more character to it but generally speaking it’s one amber to wrap around your neck and fly away to Dreamland.

Just 10 minutes later a new aroma appears behind the amber and my nose is certain that it smells vanilla, which is not listed in the notes. It brings even more fluffiness to Fiore d’Ambra and it makes it a little bit more edible, sensual and easy to wear. In this form this Profvmvm is very appealing and it smells absolutely mesmerizing with the golden amber and custardy vanilla. So far the feeling is creamy and light, floating gently couple of inches above the skin.

On 30 minutes mark Fiore d’Ambra starts to shift. The fluffy creaminess of amber and vanilla become quiet for the sake of opium that appears next. Opium introduces a short moment of floral quality to the perfume but it disappears in a glimpse of an eye bringing much more desired balmy feeling. This hypnotic substance from poppy flowers change Profvmvm into a balmy and more resinous fragrance. Thick and somehow sticky but absolutely not cloying. Later on even something more animalic appears in the composition. Like a mix of dirty musk, sweat with a light yet noticeable oud undertone.

Were I to compare Fiore d’Ambra at the very moment to a thing that I know I would without much thinking give you an answer – it makes me think of thick and sticky, golden honey. Imagine honey river lazily flowing through the land full of resins, some trees and moss. The latter one – I really seem to smell the note of oakmoss in the deep parts of Fiore d’Ambra.

Later on, at the end of 1st hour spicy accords appear in this Profvmvm Roma fragrance. Together they bring quite dry feeling so I think of dry spices such as pepper, coriander, cardamom, even cinnamon. When I mix them with the honeyed amber I obtain a dense, spicy and aromatic batter containing all the wealth of Mother Earth. The longer I wear this fragrance the more I get the feeling like I was smelling the roasted nuts, think hazelnuts and walnuts.

When I reached the last minutes of hour 2, Fiore d’Ambra was already a fully developed fragrance and it remained practically unchanged for another 10 hours, lasting a total 12 hours before I took a shower and went to bed. After a couple of hours its volume went down and it became a delicious skinscent – earlier it had a lovely, perfect sillage.

The only information about the creators that I’ve found is that Fiore d’Ambra was developed by Durante Family. It’s eau de parfum concentrated and it appears on the perfume market in 100ml bottles only. Their price tag is quite high but it can be easily explained by the fact that Profvmvm Roma fragrances contain above 40% of perfume essential oils. That’s why many of their perfumes have intensively colored juice and there’s an oily layer on your skin after you spray them and after the alcohol effuses.

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24 thoughts on “Golden river, Profvmvm Roma Fiore d’Ambra

  1. Ines says:

    The Profumum line is available here but I admit I never gave it much time – I think it’s because of the high concentration of oils so it needs to sit for hours on your skin before you get any idea of what the perfume is like.
    Although I do enjoy the fact that you need to rub it in a bit so it doesn’t remain oily on your skin.
    I will definitely give thins one a try. πŸ™‚

    • lucasai says:

      The high concentration is not a problem to me, the oily layer disappears a little bit later but sure, you can rub it in or spread on your arm. And despite the concentration – it doesn’t take ages for the perfume to develop. As I’ve written, after 2 hours Fiore d’Ambra was a mature, fully developed perfume.

  2. Jordan River says:

    Not widely known? Maybe that was true before you and Kafka introduced it to the world! Lol’s. I also like Ines’ description of the oil content as well as your words especially the colour explanation. I believe you when you say ‘it’s one amber to wrap around your neck and fly away to Dreamland”.

    • lucasai says:

      It really IS NOT widely known. Kafka and I might try to give it some fame but I’m not sure if just the 2 of us can change the situation in the Perfumeland. I wish we could and I wish we had some profits from Profvmvm, we both wouldn’t mind a bottle from the line πŸ˜‰
      Glad you liked the review.

  3. poodle says:

    I haven’t tried this one but I do have a sample of their other amber. I like the stronger concentration of perfume oils. Based on the one sample I have I would like to explore the line a bit more. Fiore d’Ambra sounds like a great fall/winter scent. When you say it becomes a skin scent on you, does that mean you are still able to smell it wafting up once in a while or do you need to stick your nose to your wrist and go searching for it?

    • lucasai says:

      I wonder about your thoughts for Ambra Aurea. I haven’t tried it yet. I agree, Fiore d’Ambra makes for a lovely scent for cold days in fall and winter.
      When I speak of the skinscent part I mean that that you need to have your wrist closer to the nose, but you don’t have to stick it and search for the scent. You can smell it from 6 cms. (~3 inches)

  4. Both of these are beauties and that lovely golden amber color. This is one of those lines that I wish they would offer in 30ml or 50ml bottles. Beautiful reviews Lucas.

  5. Kafkaesque says:

    Oh baby, did this make my morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ And, no, I’m not even talking about the perfect synchronicity of us both posting about Profumum within the space of 8 hours! Yay for Fiore d’Ambra love. I’m so glad but, I have to admit, I’m surprised you didn’t find the opening too smoky. It’s a much drier, smokier scent than its twin sibling, Ambra Aurea, which is actually sweeter and even warmer. Imagine whatever you’ve said about the custardy, fluffy, golden river of Fiore d’Ambra — and then multiply it by a 1000 for the Ambra Aurea.

    Given how much you’ve enjoyed this one, I think you’d DIE for the AA. Seriously, I think you would! If this one is honeyed warmth and custard on your skin, the other one is satiny, salty-sweet caramel and custard silk. Gosh, I can’t wait until you get your hands on some. Either way, I’m just so happy you loved one of the Profumum ambers. And I’m so glad I have a cohort in my agenda to spread the word about Profumum. Between you and me, we’ll make sure *someone* falls in love with their stuff. Right? It will be like the Wonder Twins activating with their special rings. (Old cartoon reference.) You know, if I didn’t have perfume already on my skin, I’d put on some Fiore d’Ambra in honour of you and this absolutely lovely review!

    • lucasai says:

      I wish I could show you my big smile when I saw that we’re so perfectly in sync with our two reviews of Profumum Roma. I’m proud I could make your day happier!
      I hope you’re positively surprised that I didn’t find the opening of Fiore d’Ambra too dark?
      OMG, OMG Ambra Aurea sounds stunning. Too bad I will have trouble finding it. Missaly carry Profumum, but Ambra Aurea is not offered by them.

      Sounds like Ambra Aurea might be the most pleasant death by caramel one could dream about. I’m happy I like it too! And I like couple more as well.

      Yes, we’re gonna make the Profumum Roma come out of the shadow, someone is bound to love them thanks to us.

      Thank you for the kindest words about the review.

      • Kafkaesque says:

        I had the impression that you may be receiving a sample, but I may be mistaken and don’t want to create false hope. Plus, it’s someone else’s right to talk about it…. (*Hajusuuri*… koff). πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ As for Fiore d’Ambra’s opening, yes, I’m so happily and pleasantly surprised that you didn’t think it too dark. Your twin, Undina, did, so I assumed you definitely would.

        BTW, I have 2 more of Profumum to cover, so we should sync up for that, and do it intentionally this time. It would be so much fun! As for Profumum’s rose fragrance, alas, no, I haven’t tried it yet as the place I order my samples from (Surrender to Chance) doesn’t have it yet. They don’t carry the full line yet, but I hope that is one that they will eventually get.

        • lucasai says:

          Oh? Now you got me curious with your impression of me getting a sample of Ambra Aurea. The thing that comes to my mind is that maybe you sent me some, but you don’t like the PO. LOL.

          I have like 4-5 more in my inventory and will sooner or later get to them. Rosae Mundi arrived in Missala when I was on the internship πŸ™‚ They also don’t carry the full Profumum line which is too bad. I’d love to try Neroli from them.

          Sure, we should sync up again for a double Profumum day.

  6. Lilybelle says:

    I see that amber won the poll. πŸ™‚ I often have trouble with amber dominant fragrances. They usually begin to overwhelm me at some point in their development…but it depends. The one above sounds wonderful.

    • lucasai says:

      I’m quite fearful of ambers as well so I tried to pick up the fragrances for the amber week that would work even for those who like me, might be afraid of the amber.

  7. Undina says:

    Lucas, you wrote a very nice review but since this brand doesn’t believe in samples I do not believe in this brand. If their samples happen to fall from the sky or if I happen to be at one of the locations where it’s sold I will try them but I won’t be making any special efforts to get them.

    • lucasai says:

      I know! It is frustrating. No matter how hard Kafka and me will be spreading love for Profumum, the lack of samples will be always a negative thing. I hope a sample falls from the sky on you

  8. Tara says:

    I get my Profumum samples from Luckyscent… Fiori d’Ambra and Ambra Aurea are two of my favorite ambers (along with Ambre Russe from PdE). They are both delicious in their own way so I had to buy them both!

  9. hajusuuri says:

    Nice review, dear Lucas. I have a sample of this…a tiny roll on from from Osswalds. When I smelled it in-store, I got quite a bit of smoke but I liked it well enough to spend more time with it.

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