Buio, Farmacia SS. Annunziata Ambra Nera

Farmacia SS. Annunziata is another Italian perfume house I’m introducing on my blog. Though it’s one of the oldest, existing since 1561 it’s been just this year when I discovered it and got a hold of a couple of samples. I thought one fragrance from this manufacturer would fit well into an amber theme that I currently discuss on my blog. I hope you’ll enjoy the read.

Ambra Nera is the Italian name for Black Amber. This perfume is a very dark, thick and dense take on the topic of amber in perfumery. Right from the start Ambra Nera is a balmy perfume of a resinous quality that grows in power rather quickly. Within just a few minutes becomes a very solid and material fragrance making it almost possible to touch its molecules. When it’s 20 minutes after application this fragrance gets heavy on benzoin and other resins. This perfume composition is rather heady and it definitely isn’t one of the ambers that are easy to wear.

At 30 minutes mark the scent of Ambra Nera starts to change. The first serious fact of the evolution is that the perfume gets raw and herbal. There’s also an incredibly strong mentholated feeling to it. It’s chilly like ice at first. Later this feeling subsides and you realize that what you smelled was actually an eucalyptus. At some point it smelled to me like a toothpaste or an ointment used to ease the aches. Kind of weird and unusual feeling.

Woody notes in Farmacia SS. Annunziata Ambra Nera come mainly from vetiver and from cypress in smaller part. Once again I was lucky to be granted with a nice vetiver of a woody kind. It has a pleasant smell with a lot of aromatic nuances to this fragrant root. Cypress on the other hand make this fragrance a little bit more oily and it also brings something slightly incensy to the composition. All in all the smell is much better now that it was some time ago. The amber accord still is the main player here but it’s not as resinous as previously. It gets more mineral with time and it gains a couple of more values.

One of these values is vanilla which softens the entire character of Ambra Nera and it also adds to the creaminess of the scent although this perfume never becomes a gourmand-ish of fluffy kind of thing. It is very down-to-earth fragrance. Later on, when the drydown of the perfume is reached, and that happes around 1,5 hours upon applying one can also smell patchouli.

Patchouli leaves here have something spicy to them, but they also have this fruity feeling of a smoked plum and dried apricots. This isn’t the kind of patchouli that patchouli lovers like and definitely not the kind that Kafka is fond of but if you ask me, the one who fears the note it is much better this way than if I were to smell the obscure root.

Ambra Nera by Farmacia SS. Annunziata is an interesting fragrance and definitely an unusual take on amber. This is not a composition one can spray on the go and run the daily errands. This perfume requires some self-esteem and some flamboyant personality to it. I couldn’t find any information when was it launched or who is the perfumer behind it. What I know for sure is that it appears in retails in 100ml bottles and that it’s concentration is parfum.

It has a very good lasting power. On me the perfume remained for 10 hours. I would prefer not to tell you about sillage since my sample was a dabber which definitely influences the projection.

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18 thoughts on “Buio, Farmacia SS. Annunziata Ambra Nera

  1. Jordan River says:

    I love this house especially Vaniglia Del Madagascar. I know I have a sample of Ambra Nera somewhere so that will be my weekend project to find and smell it while I read your review.

  2. Jordan River says:

    What does Buio mean please?

    • lucasai says:

      It’s an Italian word for “black” or “dark”

      • Jordan River says:

        Prego. This is what I like; I learn so many other interesting things while perusing perfume. Chemistry, Art, Literature, Artisans, Italian words…

        • lucasai says:

          🙂 One can learn many different and interesting things thanks to perfume and reading the reviews.
          I thought buio suits this perfume generally plus I needed a word so that the title or the review remains in one line. I prefer it that way, when title + name of perfume make one full line. In some cases two lines are a must (see LADDM review!)

  3. Roberto says:

    Thanks Lucas. Great review, as usual.Best Wishes

  4. I like this, but a little goes a loooong way.

  5. hajusuuri says:

    This sounds gorgeous, Lucas! I have a sample of Vaniglia del Madagascar and I could have sworn that the bottle was 30 mLs. I’ll seek this out on my next visit to Barneys.

  6. Kafkaesque says:

    Sounds like my kind of potent, thick, heavy, super rich fragrance! I’ll put up with the fruited kind of patchouli, so long as it’s not the purple kind. I definitely have a lemming to sample this one, so thank you, Lucas!

  7. Undina says:

    When I read the title I thought BUIO was some unknown to me variation on BO – since that was what I smelled when I tested this perfume. It wasn’t completely unpleasant, I made a note that there was something appealing in it – but since then I didn’t find time to test it again.

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