Sweetland, Laboratorio Olfattivo Alambar

Without giving it too much of a thought while I was picking the fragrances for the Amber Week I thought I reached for some random stuff. Now as this theme ends today I just realized that I’ve subconsciusly chosen ambers from Italy. Could you believe that out of 7 scents reviewed this week 4 of them are Italian!? You’ve read about 3 so far; This, Laboratorio Olfattivo Alambar is the 4th one.

Alambar definitely is an oriental fragrance but I find this one word to be too little do describe this fragrance from Laboratorio Olfattivo well in terms of fragrance families. It’s not just an oriental. It’s also a perfume that should be classified as gourmand since many of its ingredients are actually delicious and edible and they create a lovely vibe to this olfactive work. This feeling lasts for 5 minutes and then subsides allowing the amber for a full bloom on my skin.

Amber of Alambar is dense, maybe a little bit cloying at the first waft but this impression fleets within seconds and what you’re left is a lovely and thick note. It has a resinous feeling that slightly veers to the feeling of benzoin but it never turns into an actual resinoid. After it spends some time on the skin the amber layer slowly becomes thinner and at some point it reveals the vanilla which from now on takes over the entire composition.

The first feeling of vanilla is dark and mysterious like a vanilla pod hiding the smelly grains inside of it. If you give it a while to settle you will start to notice the evolution. The note goes in the direction of something lighter and eventually it slows down reaching the aroma that is creamy and at the same time fluffy. It is a puffy vanilla whipped cream now, or a delicious meringue that makes my mouth water and check the kitchen cupboard if there’s something sugary to satisfy my sweet tooth with a lovely portion of deliciousness.

When it’s 45 minutes after application I begin to smell cinnamon. It’s not in big pieces but in a form of a powder, mixed with the same amount of fine confectionery sugar. The combined aromas smell very desserty, custardy, like the workshop of a famous patisserie. The powdery aspect is not only real for the ingredients but the perfume itself also develops a powdery finish, sprinkled all over on top of amber & vanilla cookies to add more character to the creamy yumminess.

In the Laboratorio Olfattivo Alambar drydown there’s also a generous amount of cocoa. It smells dark and delicious and sweet. Depending on the temperature and conditions it sometimes smells more like a cocoa drink while the other time it gets closer to the smell of a bitter chocolate. As the time flies the perfume loses all of the foody aspects and in late drydown the only note that can be smelled is amber (made with ambergris by the way) with a faint woody undertone accompanying the final stage. In this rather simplified sorm this fragrance can last for quite a bit before it completely disappears.

The name Alambar sounds to me like some kind of a spell but just like other Laboratorio Olfattivo fragrances it’s not widely known. It doesn’t have a broad distribution and it seems like only Italians and couple more nations have heard of this brand before. I remember that when I reviewed a perfume from this line (remember Noblige?) none of the people commenting knew this perfume house.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Alambar eau de parfum was created in 2010 by Enrico Buccella. The fragrance is available only in one size which is 100ml. It has a moderate sillage and good lasting power, in my case it was close to 9 hours which is a nice result, isn’t it?

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20 thoughts on “Sweetland, Laboratorio Olfattivo Alambar

  1. Jordan River says:

    Viva l’Italia! It has been great to hear about these houses and their ambers. The word Alambar is beautiful and rolling off my tongue.

  2. Roberto says:

    Another great review Lucas. I am very curious about the perfumes from LABORATÓRIO OLFATIVO. Thanks from Lisbon and best for you

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Roberto! Thank you for the kind words!
      I think Laboratorio Olfattivo is a nice house, and kind of a neglected one. If you’re curious about them, First in Fragrance carries the line, you can purchase samples from them.
      Sending good vibes to Lisbon from Poland!

  3. poodle says:

    This might be a little too foody and sweet for me. I’m already sweet enough. Lol. Just kidding. I do like cocoa so if the initial sweetness is short-lived I might like this.

  4. Undina says:

    I haven’t tried this one but maybe one day. Maybe. Though now I don’t feel like any amber perfume: it’s a nice warm weather outside that calls for orange blossom or berries.

    • lucasai says:

      I’d like to hear your thoughts on Alambar.

      For how long do you have a summer like weather in your region?

      Here where I live it’s windy, raining ans only 14*C today. Autumn has arrived.

      • Undina says:

        September will be definitely still warm. At least half of October probably as well. Sometimes it’s more than 14C even on Halloween (October 30th) – thought not always.

        • lucasai says:

          Oh my, you live in a warm climate. Here september offers mixed days, some are warm some are cold but on All Saints Day (nov 1) it’s usually cold, rainy even snowy sometimes

  5. hajusuuri says:

    Very timely review, Lucas. I added this to my STC basket.

  6. Juraj says:

    Hello Lucas,

    I want to try Laboratorio for a long time now! I have tried them in Paris but since I was having million scents around me, I forgot how they smell like.
    I like this review! You know, I usually dislike cocoa and I am very curious whether this will be my cup of a tea!


  7. luisa says:

    Hola me encantan los perfumes, mi tendencia es todo lo oriental, madereso.
    Y estube leyendo sobre esto laboratorio y estara en chile , o solo debo conformare con verlo.
    Si quieren una representante soy todo oido.

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