Tender kiss, Atelier Cologne Silver Iris

Collection Métal is a new perfume project from Sylvie Ganter and Christopher Cervasel. This young brand (est. 2010) still keeps on amusing us with new and fresh ideas. No surprise Atelier Cologne quickly got a faithful group of fans with me being one of them. Concept of Collection Métal brings new quality to the line. Few days ago you could discover Gold Leather with me, now it’s time for iris.

Silver Iris blooms on my skin with a lovely, sweet smell of tangerine. This accord is soft, gentle and muted instead of being too powerful as for the opening note. To me it has a really natural feeling. You can detect the light juiciness of the pulp, as well as the slightly acidic aroma of the peel. After 15-20 minutes of wearing the perfume new aromas start to appear few inches above my skin. From now on this new Cologne Absolue mesmerizes me until the very end, until it fades away.

The first one that was clearly noticed by me was a fruity note of black currant. It’s juicy and mouth-watering, like someone just harvested it. There’s also something tart about it. Black currant’s tartiness counters the light sweetness of tangerine and introduces a good balance to the opening stage of Silver Iris. Without this accord the opening would be too simple, but it is here and it really changes the character of the first impression I get smelling this composition.

At the 40 minutes mark this new offering from Atelier Cologne develops a delicate spicy vibe. Pink pepper blends really nicely with a balanced composition of black currant and tangerine. It brings something new to the scent but it doesn’t break the harmony in the opening, it maintains it. When the clock shows that I’m wearing Silver Iris for almost one hour the fragrance starts to change, it evolves. A beautiful and soft, powdery feeling appears around my body and embraces it. Iris shines brightly in this perfume, leaving no delusions in terms who is the most important here. I can almost sense the silky quality of iris petals surrounding me.

But this iris ain’t just a powdery one. There’s also a floral aspect to the note brought to the composition with the use of mimosa. After a while one can spot a yellow flowers scent evoking the smell of pollen, that’s also mimosa doing. This floral stage doesn’t last very long on my skin as 20 minutes later there’s another shift in the smell of Silver Iris. Now it turns kind of fresh with an uprising odour of violet leaf. This certain note introduces crispy and crunchy vibe to the Atelier Cologne creation. This crispiness makes it more versatile for cooler months.

After 3 hours when I smell my arm what I get is a lovely powdery iris but now it also has a slightly rooty facet and a buttery feeling accompanies the note. What makes me keep inhaling greedily with nose stuck to the wrist is the fact that I detect something that truly reminds me of nice suede accord. There’s something soft and plushy there, whatever it is, it’s gorgeous.

Two more hours and Silver Iris gets closer to the drydown. In this phase of development there’s a lot of creamy and fluffy musk. It’s not clean and not soapy but kind of sweet, like a cotton candy. White amber brings more sensuality to the perfume. This note is also responsible for giving a warm, honeyed like sensation. I love this drydown, I think it will reveal its best aspects in the autumn chill. In the basenotes there’s also patchouli listed but I couldn’t smell it. It was either used in a really small dose or it blended with other notes so well that it became impossible to pick it out of the mixture.

With Silver Iris Atelier Cologne tell a story of independent woman looking for life stability.

A woman of such intimidating beauty and sparkling vitality gained the adoration of everyone around her. However, no one knew what she had been through. With her wild spirit, she was tough, stronger than metal, and never looked back. When she met him, for the first time in her life, she could stand still. She may have found the absolu man.

In case of Silver Iris, it was also created by Jerome Epinette. This Cologne Absolue features notes of tangerine, black currant, pink pepper, violet leaf, iris pallida, mimosa, pachouli, tonka and white amber. Just like Gold Leather, it is also concentrated at 18% of perfume oils.

I find Atelier Cologne Silver Iris to be a beautiful and well made perfume. Its development is slower comparing to Gold Leather, it’s sillage is minimally smaller but the longevity remains at the same level of around 12 hours in my case. Bottle of Silver Iris is covered with real silver. The fragrance is available as a 100ml bottle or in a coffret of 200ml + 30ml petit flacon with a leather pouch. Scented soap and perfumed candle will be also in stock for those who like to pamper their senses.

[note] sample of Silver Iris was a gift from Atelier Cologne. Thank you Donatien!

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24 thoughts on “Tender kiss, Atelier Cologne Silver Iris

  1. Jordan River says:

    That hit the iris spot. The back story sounds like it could be about the day Sylvie met Christopher. And now I finally have my head around the cologne +++ concept.

  2. poodle says:

    This actually sounds like an iris I might like. Thanks for the great review because I probably wouldn’t have bothered to sniff this otherwise. Those rooty iris scents just don’t do it for me but I think this interpretation of iris might work.

  3. cookie queen says:

    What a totally lovely piece of writing.
    Want. xxx

  4. Dionne says:

    And here I was trying to patient about getting my decant. You’re not helping, Lukas! 😉

  5. Undina says:

    I resisted buying a decant unsniffed since I will have a chance to smell it at the store eventually and if I like it it’ll be a small bottle – I love those small bottles from Atelier Colognes. Your review suggests that I’m reading about my new bottle 😉 But we’ll see.

    • lucasai says:

      Hope you’ll visit Atelier Cologne boutique as soon as possible. Since we’re scent twins I expect you to love it.
      Bad news Undina. Silver Iris and Gold Leather are not available for a regular buy in 30ml petit flacons! Only 100ml and coffret 200 + 30 are being sold

      • Undina says:

        Well… If l like it then it’ll be a decant: there’s no way I’m buying 200 ml of anything – no matter hoe much I like it or even what’s the price. 😉

        • lucasai says:

          Sorry. I know those small bottles of AC are cute! I’m buying the coffret and doing a split of Silver Iris. You can buy 100ml but I guess it’s still too much for you

  6. hajusuuri says:

    Wowzers. A bottle will be mine in the not too distant future. Wonderful review and probably an expensive one for some of your readers 😉

    • lucasai says:

      It will be mine soon too! And Atelier Cologne gave me a special discount for it as a present for writing this review! Yesterday they promoted my article on their fb page and they emailed me later with this news

  7. I tested both of the new ACs today, and I like both of them. I think Gold Leather is more my style of the two, but I wouldn’t mind having a small amount of Silver Iris too. It would be neat if they did a coffret where you could get both of the 30ml as a set.

  8. Suzy Q says:

    Lucasai, really thorough review! I’m wearing Silver Iris right now and I have to agree with all your observations.

    I was lucky enough to win 30 ml in a draw in July! It smelled good but didn’t work well for me in the summer heat. Now that the weather is cooler–wow!–it’s perfect. That opening shocked me the first time I tried it: it was very sweet. I still laugh when I spray it on. I agree about its longevity.

    Poodle and others who don’t care for iris need to get a sample of this one. It could win them over.

    • lucasai says:

      Yaay, I’m happy you agree with my own impressions of Silver Iris.
      You’re a lucky girl! I wish I won those 30mls!
      I wouldn’t expect it to smell great in the heat but when I first tried it I had an immediate thought that “It’d be perfect for autumn”

  9. hajusuuri says:

    Hello sweetie…I also caved in to 100 mLs of Silver Iris. How could I not? Sephora was having a 20% sale and I also got a complimentary 30 mLs of any Atelier Cologne (except Sous le toit de Paris since that is only available in the boutique or online) and … I picked Silver Iris as well for the freebie! Fabulous perfume!

    • lucasai says:

      Dearest! Congratulations. A great perfume and for 20% less with additional 30ml petit flacon. Isn’t it adorable, all in silver? Now you have more Silver Iris than I do

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