Weekend poll – do you spray with abandon?

I’m spending my last days of vacation in Warsaw, doing some perfume related things and helping in a perfume boutique. I’ll be going back home tomorrow, Saturday afternoon but before I do that, I’m meeting perfumer Olivier Durbano. He’s a special guest to the perfume workshop at Quality Missala. It’s the 1st workshop after a summer break. I’m very excited to meet him, hope there’ll be a chance to talk to him for a while. In my dreams he’d agree for an interview for the blog.

In the meantime I have another weekend poll for you, so that nobody gets bored waiting for another review. The question is do you spray with abandon? How many sprays of a perfume do you usually use? Do you re-apply your perfume during a course of the day or adjust number of sprays to the “power” of the fragrance? Do you apply to the pulse points or you have some other favorite body spots to spritz on?

In most cases I use 6 sprays of a fragrance: one to each wrist, one to each side of the neck, one to the center of the chest and final one is sprayed on my fingers to apply behind my ears. I normally don’t re-apply, I don’t carry a perfume with me to the lab. But sometimes when I stay at home and feel that my perfume is flying away, I go to my perfume box and use 1-2 additional clouds of scent. I don’t have any heavy hitter perfumes so I see no reason to change the number of sprays. But in the summer I apply my citruses a little bit more generously. As mentioned in the answer to the first question, I apply to the pulse points. How about you? Let me know in the comments!

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40 thoughts on “Weekend poll – do you spray with abandon?

  1. Tora says:

    I think I may be an ‘oversprayer’ !! If I am going out in the evening, and am wearing a monster like Absolute Pour le Soir, I will be very judicious and apply just two sprays. But during the day, I may over do it. After moisturizer I apply to the backs of my hands, the crook of my elbows, mid chest, and once on the neck. If it is a skin scent, I will also spray some on my hair and small of back. For work I wear only a teeny bit mid chest, so only I can smell it. Because I am in close contact with my patients, I don’t want to distract them or overwhelm them. I am excited for you to be meeting with Mr. Durbano. Heliotrope is in my top 10 favorite perfumes!!!

    • lucasai says:

      Wow, thanks for sharing so many different possibilities of you applying perfume to different areas depending on the occasion.
      I’m excited about meeting him too. Neither of his perfumes have spoken to me but it never hurts to meet a perfumer.

  2. TF (TheFumehead) says:

    I usually only use one spray of perfume, but that is also because I prefer orientals and gourmands. If wearing a lighter floral or a citrus I will use more, but I think I could kill myself and half the people around me with six sprays of ANGEL! 😉

  3. Mary K says:

    I adjust my spraying to what I will be doing that day and to the strength of the perfume. if I will be in close proximity to others, I just spray my wrists. I will also do this regardless of my activity during the day if the perfume is strong or has a lot of sillage. If I am going to be by myself and if the perfume is not a strong one, then I spray as much as I want to! And I might re-apply if I want just a little bit more to end the day.

    It will be interesting to hear of your meeting with Olivier Durbano,

  4. I generally wear 3 sprays: one on the back of each wrist and one on my chest. If a scent is really light I’ll do more. Or if it’s something really strong (like, say, Womanity), I’ll do one spray on one wrist and then touch that wrist to the other wrist and my chest to spread it around.

  5. poodle says:

    I spray a lot. A lot. Unless its something like Angel but there aren’t too many of those out there. I adjust according to the scent but I almost always have at least 3 sprays and usually much more. I try to hit the major pulse points but I also add in my hair and clothing because that’s the only way some scents will last a bit.

  6. Undina says:

    To the office I wear 2-4 sprays, dependent on the perfume and whether I have meetings in the closed conference room that day. Always – back of my left wrist and one side of the neck. Then, if it’s not too strong, I can add another side of the neck and décolletage.

    Outside of work I usually go more liberally (unless I’m flying, going to a concert, etc.). On a tropical vacation I spray Bronze Goddess all over myself.

  7. ringthing says:

    I’m enjoying everyone’s answers, as always. I’m home alone a lot so I spray very generously, +6 times, because I can, y’know? I like a big wall of scent. Out in public it’s always chest, forearms and back of the neck. If it’s something fleeting I spray my hair; something really strong, I confine it to chest/forearms.

  8. hajusuuri says:

    I am a walk into the mist type of person…so if a perfume is lighter, I tend to spray more to cover more area; 5-6 sounds about right. For the heavy hitters (I’m looking at you Chanel Bois des Iles), I use 1.5-2 sprays but apply it high above my head so my hair get the scent and usually ends up lasting me a full day. I don’t re-apply during the day although if I have an evening event, I may re-apply; however, 90% of the time, I forget to bring a small atomizer to reapply! I take a train to work and have to be careful about how heavy I apply perfume because I don’t want my fellow commuters passing out from my perfume – no matter how good it smells to, there will always be at least person with a contrarian view.

    • lucasai says:

      I never liked a “walk through the mist” method but I see it working for many. Isn’t Bois des Iles gorgeous. I only know the exclusives version. Thanks for sharing your spraying habits sweetie

  9. Laurels says:

    I may be an oversprayer, although I haven’t had any complaints. I tend to wear fairly heavy scents, and use four to six small sprays, and the spray-and-dab method: wrists, crooks of elbows, chest, carotids, hair, backs of knees, bikini line (am I really the only one?). Something light, that I know will otherwise be completely gone within two hours, gets double that amount, although I rarely buy anything that light. (The last one was a blind buy.) I almost never reapply; nowadays I lack the energy to be out and about all day and night.

  10. I probably overspray. Most scents I’ll spritz around 6 places…inside my wrists, both sides of my neck, my chest and then my head. Depending on the fragrance, sometimes more and sometimes less. I’m pretty sure that most of the time I’m walking around in a cloud 🙂

  11. Hi Lucas!
    I spritz 1-4 times depending on concentration and sillage.
    My only exception is Lyric: in that case, I need 4-5 sprays.
    I rarely wear eaux de toilette, but if that’s the case then I spray more prodigally.


  12. scentsentiments says:

    I live in the Tropics so I am very conservative. Max of 2 sprays on the neck for Lutens, and maximum of 4 sprays for the rest.

    An etiquette teacher once told us that the sillage should only be smelt within the confines of the personal space (arms length radius). Somehow, I still follow that rule.

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