Hello, goodbye

It was certain this day will come… Just today I finished my original bottle of my Precious, Prada Amber Pour Homme. The one I bought 4 years ago to celebrate passing all final exams at the end of high school. Ever since it was my beloved companion, a perfume that suited every possible occasion. Prada was always a good choice. And it never let me down.

I know people finish their bottles everyday but a bottle of Amber Pour Homme has a sentimental meaning to me. It was the first perfume I purchased with my own money I was raising for almost a year by tutoring. Even then I couldn’t afford to buy it in store, but I had enough money to buy a tester online. It came without a cap and it’s metal plate was a little bit rusted.

I didn’t care for that. Because it was mine! Sure it didn’t look as beautiful as it should but I was very happy, I had my beloved purplish juice after all. Now it’s finished, I used the last spray few hours ago. But I’m not sad. My perfume wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without Prada Amber Pour Homme, so I bought a new one. This time it has a cap and a shiny plate.

I’ve grown up during these years and Prada influenced the path of life I’ve taken. Because perfumery is my dream. I’m not saying farewell. I’m saying “goodbye, my old friend” and “hello, my new old friend”. I will never let you go! Even if discontinuation will dare to threaten our friendship.

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20 thoughts on “Hello, goodbye

  1. poodle says:

    Yay! for finding true perfume love. That’s really a sweet post. I love how we sometimes think of our favorite perfumes as old friends that have always been there for us. I like buying perfumes to commemorate things too. Just one spritz and they bring back all sorts of good memories.

  2. hajusuuri says:

    What a beautiful post, sweetie! I guess you can say it has both sentimental and SCENTimental value for you. When you work hard to get something, it becomes more special. Also, sheer purple, in my opinion, is the nicest perfume color! For myself, my Kelly Caleche EDP bottle is now down to its last drops and I’ve had my back-up bottle waiting.

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you my dear! Yes, Scentimental is a good word for me and my Prada. It sure does have more value if it required more time to finally get something.
      I love the color of the juice of Amber Pour Homme!
      Good you have your backup ready. I bought mine also couple of months ahead.

      Tomorrow, I’m following with a review.

  3. Tora says:

    That is such a sweet story!! I have never smelled this, but maybe my Nieman’s has it, to try. And how great that it has not been reformulated, and that you still love it and remain loyal to your first love.

  4. Dearest Lucas
    What a beautiful story, so touching. A first perfumed first love.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  5. shellyw says:

    May you someday create one that another person loves so well.

  6. Lovely, lucasai. We love fragrance not just for fragrance, but also for the stories perfume preserves in our hearts, especially those early acquisitions.

  7. fqjcior says:

    Prada Amber PH is a beautiful and on of a kind scent. I am going to by myself a bottle because I’ve been finishing my small decant.

    • lucasai says:

      Generally speaking I believe that Prada perfumes are one of the highest quality in the mainstream market.

      I’m glad you like it so much you’ll be buying a bottle after your decant is emptied.

  8. Undina says:

    What a beautiful, touching story! I’m glad you have such perfume in your life. For me it’s Lancome Climat and original Miss Dior: I never want to be without them.

    I’m almost afraid to ask but I have to: have you compared the juice from your old and new bottles? Does it smell the same?

    • lucasai says:

      I know sweetie. I’ve read your archives from the times before we got to know each other!
      I think I’m in a better situation since my Prada is still in production. How do you cope to find a new bottle once the previous is almost empty? Do you have a lifelong supply?

      I compared the juice from both bottles some time ago and it’s the same scent but the new one seems to be slightly weaker

      • Undina says:

        Can it be that the “old” one just got stronger over those four years due to the partial evaporation?

        As of now I have one partial vintage bottle of Climat parfum, two bottles of EdP from the time when Lancome re-issued them as an anniversary collection (~2001-2002) and the most recent Lancom’s re-issue in EdT. I’m still considering a purchase of a real vintage version but with too many fakes I do not dare to do it through eBay. Maybe if I comeacross it one day…

        • lucasai says:

          I suppose my old juice could’ve matured with time and became stronger or really some of the alcohol evaporated and concentration got higher.
          Glad to hear that you have those Climat bottles

  9. Ocen Nekyon says:

    I am a confessed ‘Pradaholic,’ who up to about 2 weeks ago had every Male line Cologne, Prada had to offer with the exception of Prada Amber Pour Homme.

    My favorites are Prada Amber Intense and Prada D’infusion. When I wear either, I feel like ‘Batman’ cruising in the Bat mobile.

    For whatever reason I did not like Prada Amber Per Homme, the first time. Then I came upon your review. Two weeks and counting as the new owner of Per Homme and wondering what was wrong with me the first time?:-))

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