Warm chai, Technique Indiscrete Safran Nobile

Technique Indiscrete is a totally new olfactory experience to me. I’ve never heard of this brand before and neither of my friends mentioned this perfume house since I started blogging about perfume more than a year ago. That makes me even more happy that I can discover something new. I’m starting just with one sample from Technique Indiscrete but I will definitely seek for more.

According to the brand’s website and Fragrantica, the full name of the house is Libertin Louison Technique Indiscrete, indicating that Libertin Louison is a perfumer and founder of this maison. He comes from Belgium and his perfume line exists since 2008. Louison was trained in perfumery at “Cinqieme Sens” in Paris, and at this very city his fragrance laboratory is located.

The perfume I’d like to introduce today is Safran Nobile. It unveils on my skin with a beautiful and prominent saffron note. The aroma it carries is intensive and sensual. Bright, fiery red saffron creates a magnificent opening that is very inviting from the very beginning. There’s also something jammy about the notes that slightly remind me of Safran Troublant from L’Artisan Parfumeur. The composition is warm from the start and minute after minutes it becomes warmer and warmer, hot at some point of development. I wouldn’t mind if this perfume was just a pure saffron in this form I smell here. I adore cosy and sensual saffron scents,

20 minutes later Technique Indiscrete Safran Nobile gains a new quality. Saffron from the opening gets a different dimension when it gets a company of cardamom. Not only it smells warm now but it also has a gentle spicy element now. When I smell it, it reminds me of autumn afternoons when my mum prepares jams and compotes from the seasonal fruits. She doesn’t use cardamom there but the aroma is very similar. Along with cardamom I could also detect the aroma of juicy lemons.

Anise was another note I found in Safran Nobile. It is not very intensively pronounced in this perfume, plus it’s seamlessly blended with cardamom so that they create a lovely spicy mix. At 45 minutes mark the fragrance gains in density. Benzoin adds thickness to the composition. It’s resinous and balmy but after settling on skin it starts to effuse slightly salty and sweet aroma. Some time later I also caught a distinctive vibe of jasmine. It was slightly indolic at the first whiff but shortly it transformed into rich, white floral flavor. To me it was filled with sexiness and seductive charm, probably thanks to saffron, that as a main ingredient still sticks around.

After a couple of hours, after I spent some time enjoying different facets of saffron, cardamom and benzoin Safran Nobile took a very light turn. It treated me to some patchouli. Nice, not rooty or earthy, but quite ambivalent. I suppose that its main role in Safran Nobile was to act as a fixative to make the composition last longer. I found the drydown of this perfume charming with sweet, slightly powdery vanilla. It wasn’t completely gourmand but had some elements of this group.

All in all I consider Safran Nobile by Technique Indiscrete to be a very good perfume. I like the combination of the notes and the way they change from one to the other. There’s a harmony and a well-thought plan behind this spicy fragrance blend. Its orientally spiced mixed make this a perfect perfume for gloomy days of Autumn or even for early winter as this perfumes smell can really warm you up. I wouldn’t mind having a bottle or a decant of Safran Nobile in my collection. It represents the perfume style I like. It has a good longevity of around 8 hours and medium powered sillage going more intimate after it spends few hour on the skin.

Safran Nobile is an eau de parfum packaged in rectangular bottles (see 1st picture) with volume of either 50ml or 100ml. I suppose that cylindrical bottles are the old packaging – I sent a query about it to the brand’s email, will update when I get a reply. Perfume was made by Libertin Louison and manufactured in 2008. I recommend trying this fragrance if you like warm and sensual compositions.

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12 thoughts on “Warm chai, Technique Indiscrete Safran Nobile

  1. Thanks for the introduction Lucas. This sounds perfect for the cooler weather!

  2. Jordan River says:

    You are a great explorer. Warner and warmer and hot sounds very interesting.
    I saffroned my stirfry last night.

  3. jilliecat says:

    This is just to say that I am drinking some chai tea from …. Australia! Tea, according to my sister who lives there and sent me this, is a massive business now in Oz, and your description of Safran Nobile is chiming in with the flavours I am getting from my cup. We are truly entering the autumn season when I want to wear cosy perfumes and drink spicy tea!

  4. Dearest Lucas
    This does sound awfully appropriate for Autumn… saffron, cardamom, stewing lemons, benzoin and indolic jasmine.
    Like citrus tea, jam and toast.
    Preserved warmth as the weather gets colder.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  5. hajusuuri says:

    Wowee…another lemming! What I am I going to do about you??? I like Safran Troublant but have to douse myself with 8 sprays (!) on my perfume glue skin…to make it last…4 hours. So, it is with high hopes that when I somehow acquire this (I’m talking about a sample), I will for sure check for longevity.

    Nice review, Lucas, and thanks for introducing us to a new line!

    Love you…I know you are busy in lab as I am in the office, had been putting in 10-11 hour days at work NOT counting the commute…so yes, I’m kind of sleep-deprived but I can’t seem to stay away from the blogs!

    • lucasai says:

      Awww sweetie. I really love sharing the perfume passion with you. Our tastes are so matching! Safran Troublant doesn’t stay long on me either. This Safran Nobile lasted all day and smelled great. Moreover L’Artisan saffron is discontinued.

      The line isn’t new. Just new to the blog.

      I love you too. And appreciate you keeping around though filled and exhausting schedule

  6. Juraj says:

    I am waiting those scents to arrive!

    Can’t wait to try this one, especially!!


    • lucasai says:

      Did you buy a sample set at TI website? If you did- any chance you could share My Burning Secret with me? I’m proposing a swap (Shrek cat eyes)

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