Jul et Mad Love Dose giveaway

After my recent review of Amour de Palazzo I was contacted by Madalina of Jul et Mad and she very kindly offered a Love Dose giveaway to be held at Chemist in the Bottle! How great and generous is that!? What is a Love Dose you might ask. It’s a 5ml bottle of perfume, a miniature reflection of 50ml elegant flacon. They’re presented in custom-made boxes. A very stylish thing.

Since the prize is so lovable and luxurious there’s a special task for those who covet it:

Imagine that you were asked by Jul et Mad to give an inspiration for their 4th perfume. Think of a name that this fragrance might have and give one accord that would be a key to this composition”

Please try to stick to a perfume name that will be no longer than 4 words, and if possible, don’t double the “key note” you decide to go with. Before you post, check the previous comments if someone hasn’t already used it. It’s fine if a couple of people will decide on ingredient X, but I want to avoid the situation where half of participants chose the same perfume note. One entry per person!

The contest will last until Sunday, November 24th. Then we’ll have some brainstorming – Madalina, Julien and I, will chose their favourite entry, so there’ll be 3 winners! Three! Hurray! Each winner will get a Jul et Mad Love Dose mini of their choice so it can be either Stilettos on Lex, Terrasse a St-Germain or Amour de Palazzo. Love Doses are worth 22,5€/29$ each so I believe that it’s worth to join and use some creativity. Good luck! Do your best. We can’t wait to see your ideas!

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76 thoughts on “Jul et Mad Love Dose giveaway

  1. Irina says:

    I would love their take on ambergris, something like ” la Mer Retrouvee”- I know they can do it
    Thanks for the draw

  2. Ines says:

    Ooh, that’s a nice question for a lovely prize.
    Hmm, let me think.
    Electricity in the air – but I don’t think that would go with their line so far – based on green leaves, floral note (tuberose?) and the smell of rain.

    And since I’m in the mood for really good leathers, that is my second idea – Leather gloves of Mademoiselle. 😉

  3. Undina says:

    Like all three of the perfumes but no need entering me into the giveaway – I just wanted to participate in the game.

    I’m not good with names so I’ll skip this part, but as to the note I want to suggest Daphne odora: 1) I know that it can be done (I read an article about it on Octavian’s blog before he closed it and deleted most posts); 2) it’s a beautiful smell; 3) there are almost no perfumes featuring this note.

    • lucasai says:

      OK, thanks for suggesting the note, even if you don’t want to enter the giveaway. Are you sure you don’t want to try and get that mini?
      I’ve never heard of this perfume material, not to mention I don’t know a perfume with it!

  4. Rob says:

    How about ‘Thé du Boulevard’ with vetiver and orange blossom?
    Or ‘Miroir de Pigalle’ with some cashmere wood?
    Well, let’s all go to Paris this Christmas…

  5. Kevin says:

    Hmmm, winter is drawing near here in DC, so right now I’m all about the heavy, rich scents as the weather cools. It’s not particularly imaginative, but L’hiver à Paris would be something I’d be drawn toward. As for notes, my understanding is that snowfall isn’t common in Paris and when it does snow, it’s not particularly heavy. So I imagine something suitable for a chilly, wet winter. Dark patchouli, benzoin, and/or all things resinous, dark, and rich for a gray winter meandering the streets of Paris.

  6. Tora says:

    I pick my favorite note, patchouli. I would call it either California Dream, or Sunset in the Mission.

    • lucasai says:

      OK. Which of these two names you like better?

      I need to update the post.

    • Tora says:

      Or maybe Shiva’s Delight! Memories of Mumbai! Khublai Kahn!! Caravan of Dreams! (thanks to Ornette Coleman). Patchouli was first introduced into European society and the perfume trade, by the leaves tucked into cases of silks and fabrics from the far east to dispel moths, (I think). So maybe a name like Silk Road.

  7. Hi Lucas, this is really fun!

    I haven’t tried the Jul et Mad line yet, although I’ve certainly read about them.

    I would love to see a fragrance featuring a chestnut honey note, a generous dose of orange blossom and a citrusy opening accented with a delicate caper note. I positively adore the almost animalic scent of chestnut honey.
    What would the fragrance be named? Séjour en Sicile?

    Thank you for giving us the chance to dream a bit.


  8. maria says:

    Nostalgie Douce de l’Après-Midi (I am not sure if this is correct French… But I try to say something like Sweet Longing in the Afternoon).

    Including notes of jasmine, orange (or mandarin) and vanilla, done not in a sugary, dense way, but together with other notes that could make the composition airy and light-hearted.

    I am imagining a couple in love being apart for a period of time and the lady achingly, but sweetly, missing her loved one during long afternoons.

    Thanks for the inspiring draw 😉

  9. IriGo says:

    Pied-à-terre? Maybe some creamy roses and sandalwood…hard to reinvent the wheel….it makes me think of a little place for afternoon trysts where his and her scents can combine for a few hours a day…

  10. Connie says:

    I want to play! Particularly after reading that oh-so-tempting review of Amour de Palazzo 😉
    Hmmm… I would want to go for something a bit on the ethereal and romantic side- maybe named Quelqu’un sous le Ciel. It would focus on a soft osmanthus with a balance of the flower’s freshness and jammy/fruity fuzziness. The opening would have a pinch of grassy or hay-like green, like a meadow on a summer’s day. And perhaps a vanillic suede-like drydown with a drop of cuddle musk (somewhere between white and dirty). Clearly I’m feeling very imaginitive today! 🙂
    I would want to capture that feeling you have when you’re first starting to realize you’re in love and the outdoors feels so awake and beautiful, and life is a great thing.

    • lucasai says:

      You’re welcome to join! Glad you liked my review of Amour de Palazzo.
      I like the name and note imagery you presented.
      You really are imaginative today!

      Good luck and I’m looking forward to more ideas from others.

  11. Hmm…I’d love to see something based on ambroxan, and I think a beautiful name would be “Debout a la Riviere.” (Eng= Standing at the river). I would love to see a warm take on this ingredient with a bright oceanic/mineral opening and then perhaps a nocturnal floral (i.e. jasmine) heart and a warm, oriental, spicy-sweet base. I think the scent should be voluptuous and oriental, but also manage to be somewhat sheer (especially in the opening). I had a beautiful moment by myself last night at the St. John’s river, staring off at the twinkling lights in the cold, windy distance, thinking about my life and where I’m going. All was quiet but for the sound of the wind and the water. (Forgive my purple prose, but it really was one of the most beautiful moments of my life).

  12. Héloïse et Abélard
    With the scent of carnations and roses that linger like a love that lives on. Dust, linen paper, damp ink, warm skin.

  13. Stacey Walls says:

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring with “Joie de Vivre” with a zesty lime top note to signify the French zest for life. I have yet to try any Jul et Mad scents so am quite excited! Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. tomate farcie says:

    L’Aube à Highway 101 Monterey
    A glorious green scent, sophisticated and woody

  15. Yelena says:

    Great Idea for a giveaway!

    The Name: “Sibirskaya Ushanka”.
    The Story: A young man travels to Nizhny Novgorod on the Trans-Siberian Railroad and meets a woman wearing a russian hat (ushanka) in his train car. He compliments her on her hat and thus begins the story of their love affair.
    The Note: The train car window is ajar, allowing for a beautiful scent and an incredible view of the beautiful russian landscape. The prominent note would be siberian fir. There would also be a hint of black currant.

  16. Marcopietro says:

    I would like to evoke the charm of a solitary walk in the nature.
    A path between flowering borders grown without the care of human hands.
    The name:”Mon chemin secret” and the perfume must have an opening with violet leaves
    supported by a soft, shiny vetiver.
    Thanks for the draw!

  17. Davis Brandao says:

    Well, it’s not easy to imagine a fragrance, and that is why we all that love perfumes consider a perfumist a true genious. Whenever I think about a note, I always think about my favourite one, that is tobacco. I didn’t see any of their fragrances using this note. It is also impossible not to get impressed by the history of the lovely couple. Specially for me that lived a “coup de froude” with my wife too. So I would imagine a fragrance relating it to this history. They already have Terrasse a St Germain, that was probably the place where they had their first conversation, so the fragance here would have to represent love from a different angle..Thinking about two souls that found each other, I would have to think about an image of something conecting two different things, different notes. As my favourite note is Tobacco, I would think about Pipe tobacco. And what receives it allowing it to burn and to release its smell, is the pipe, a beautiful pipe made with wood, perhaps a briarwood pipe. So that would be my suggestion, a combination of Tobacco and wood. The tobacco needs a good pipe to be burnt, and a pipe is the perfect partner that needs to have a lot of special characteristics to allow the tobacco to be smoked. They go hand to hand, one bringing life to the other. The Tobacco is the main note, as it represents the male part. After all, in their history, she left everything to follow him, and the same happened in my history too. And if I have to choose one fragrance as a gift, it would be the one that tells the same history…Terrasse à St Germain.
    Thanks to Jul et Mad for this opportunity.

  18. DNEM Lucasz,
    I already have the set but I wanted to say how much I love these three little treasures. as always you are rocking Lucasz, Good Luck all.
    Portia xx

  19. hajusuuri says:

    How fun, Lucas!

    My suggestion for a name is “Tease in a Pod”; this is a play on the expression “like two peas in a pod” meaning like twins.

    The main accord is vanilla bean pod and the “tease” could be anything – tea (for a further play on words), tobacco and/or smoke and/or gunpowder and/or birch tar and/or hay or, dare I say it – powdery iris!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. LNielsen says:

    “Chat au Soleil” a furry chypre with warmth… sun on the flagstones and luxurious stretches

  21. lorraine says:

    Jul et Mad has always struck me as gutsy with the way they name both themselves and their perfumes – so I’m going to suggest ‘Drunk in the Afternoon’ for a rich bourbon scent with apricot and orange blossom notes (to keep it from becoming too masculine). Thanks for the fun draw Lucas!

  22. andreastrata says:

    This is such a fun giveaway! Thank you.
    I would call it ”Matin au musée”. I can picture a woman/man coming in this really minimal, yet comfortable museum with wooden floors, white walls and large luminous windows heading a little japanese garden with a pond. As they have just waxed the floors, I would like to smell woody waxy luminous opening. The visitor reaches the first paintings, where he/she can still smell the linen oil. On the background some green, slightly balsamic, notes, while the visitor moves away from the painting and faces the outern garden. Finally, the main room, a bit darker, showing a massive painting with contrasts of colour enpowered by the thickness of oil paint used.

    Thank you!

  23. shellyw says:

    Alas, I have not a creative bone (I consume perfume instead of dreaming of creating it). I think this is a fun contest and have enjoyed reading entries. Thanks

  24. My entry for this absolutely fun, exciting and lovely competition is “Saison de la Maison” (Season of the House).

    I’ve picked a note for each of the rooms of the house – tobacco for the living room, salt for the bathroom, vanilla and spices for the kitchen, musk for the attic, cedar wood for the guest room (it’s empty save for a wooden bed frame), heliotrope for the bedroom (because it’s such a cuddly scent, like being wrapped up in a duvet), and iris for the garden.

    Why showcase the house, you may ask? Our lovely couple, after walking around and exploring New York (Stilettos on Lex), people-watching in a Parisian café (Terrasse à St-Germain) and having a romantic evening in Venice (Amour de Palazzo), are tired, and return to their home where everything smells familiar and comfortable. It’s been a long day…

    Many thanks to Jul et Mad and to Lukas for holding this competition! 🙂

  25. Lyubov says:

    A genuine giveway! Thank you, Lucas! Thanks, Jul et Mad!
    I am somehow challenged by the idea and I really thought the new one should be different in every sense!
    My proposition: “Scarf from Yokohama”, based on the scent of the bashful but intensely scented white flower Hosta (or Funkia, or plantain lily, or giboshi in Japanese). If they went to Japan, they should know what I mean!

  26. Asali says:

    Because I can only choose one, I’ll go with French too; Fourrure Lunaire. It’s inspired by the main note FUR as in: not suede/ leather, not musk, but that sweet animalic scent that you can smell at the top of a head of a sleepy-warm kitten. And Lunaire as in the moonstruck Pierrot of Pierrot Lunaire, and I thought it should be dedicated to all habitual creatures of night.
    I have not (yet) sniffed any of the Jul et Mad, and would truly love too, everybody seems to be raving about their fragrances.
    This was difficult, but so much fun:-) When I read everybody’s suggestions, after having come up with my own, I had even more fun. Excellent, excellent suggestions all and one.
    Thank you for the draw

  27. Anka says:

    What a funny game, thank you and Jul et Mad for the opportunity!

    I would definitely go for an oriental as their fourth fragrance. The name is “Papillons en Hiver” – it sounds magical to me and evoces surrealistic pictures.
    But of course, I would continue to maintain “love” as a leitmotif of the line and go back to ancient greek mythology: Psyche in mosaics is often depicted as a butterfly winged goddess – the goddess of the soul – in the company of her husband Eros, the god of love.
    So I would let the fragrance start with tangerine, lime blossom, a hint of ginger and pepper for the enchanting, life-affirming yet unseizable, lucent yet slightly fickle image papillons (or the soul) can transport.
    Eros as a counterpart gives a seductive, warm and rich wintery base featuring benzoin, amber, musk, maron glacé, cedarwood roughened up with tobacco.
    To keep Psyhce and Eros in tension, to show their differences and avoid mashing it all up, a third, rather unisex aspect comes into play. In the heart you’ll find: walnut, peach, coriander, hawthorn, and a heavy dose of haitian (!) vetiver to display earthy facets.
    I want it to smell mysterious, bright, classy, warm, with a hint of sweetness, fragile, complex but not complicated! I want it to smell gorgeous!

  28. Laurels says:

    I don’t know French, so I can’t get too creative with the name, but how about Le déjeuner sur l’herbe, with the note being galbanum. They could go in several directions from there: hay and marine notes, floral (maybe narcissus, or orange blossom), or even herbal/gourmand.

  29. Mary K says:

    I am thinking that our couple may want to go on another trip; this time to a part of the world that is always hot during the day, and usually dry. One afternoon they visit a marketplace, where they see spices, dried fruit and flowers and other offerings, and artisans’ goods for sale. Later, as night falls, they are outdoors,walking and enjoying the soft evening air together, and they pass by the area where the market was held earlier that day. They notice wafts of the nutmeg and cinnamon, the sandalwood, tea and tobacco as well as leather, plus a bit of jasmine still present in the air. The scent of apricot is also noticeable. They think about the wonderful day they’ve spent together. Unfortunately, I don’t speak French, but for a name would suggest Reverie at Dusk.

  30. Madalina says:

    Congratulations to the three lucky winners of our fabulous contest!! Thank you ALL for your passion, as well as for your wonderful and inspired ideas!!! And, of course, Thank You, Lucas, for organizing it all!

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