Christmas can be adventurous, Advent-Tauer-ous

When I was younger a time of Christmas preparations was filled with different kind of activities. From the perspective of a little boy many of them classified as adventures. Wasn’t going to the winter fair in seek of a perfect Christmas tree an adventure? Decorating a spruce was a little bit less of an adventure but it allowed me to be a little bit like a Sherlock Holmes, when I was trying to find that one little bulb that caused that the whole cord of colorful lights didn’t work. Doing shopping with a list of to-buy things was also an adventure (especially when you had to squeeze through hundrets of people to get to the right alley.) The happiest adventure was finding presents for my family.

It’s this time of the year again when Christmas is right behind the corner and it’s time to summarize the entire year and thank for all good things that happened to us in the following 12 months. It’s also a good time to make a wish for a happy 2014 to us all. Once again perfumer Andy Tauer treats us to many beautifully scented things during the Advent. Andy, a.k.a SanTauer Claus is back in town so welcome, welcome to DAY 14 of Tauer Perfumes’ Advent Calendar 2013.

Today you can win Andy’s Explorer Set that consists of three 15ml spray bottles, packaged in a glide-cover metal box. A lucky winner will get to chose fragrances they want. Isn’t it great? Answer this question to join: Would you like to experience a Christmas adventure? What would it be?

The draw will be closet at 8 am (UTC+1) on Sunday 15th December and the winner will be chosen randomly. Their name will be announced in a separate post on Sunday 15th December. If I don’t hear from the lucky one by Friday 20th December another winner will be selected at random.

This Advent Calendar draw is open worldwide. Answering the question above is a condition of being entered in the draw. Good luck to everyone and thank you to Andy Tauer (SanTauer Claus if you wish) for letting me be his elf-helper 2nd year in a row. I’m honored to be a part of this fun!

[note] picture presents my bottle of PHI Une Rose de Kandahar. All rights reserved.

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244 thoughts on “Christmas can be adventurous, Advent-Tauer-ous

  1. HW says:

    I thing I have yet to do for an adventure during Christmas is the polar bear plunge. I used to live in a very cold state (wind chill can be -40C) and the polar bear plunge was almost like initiation haha.

  2. Ellyk says:

    I would love to go on some adventure, with snow and lights and laughter. Thank you so much for the draw!

  3. Katy says:

    I would love to go to Iceland, land of ice and fire. Good luck everyone and thank you Andy!

  4. S.Myles says:

    I have always anted to do Christmas like that Heiniken commercial with the Palm Tree.

  5. Sky says:

    Ooooh, I would love to go to a chalet with my family for a snowy adventure!

  6. Thomas Lee says:

    My adventure would be to travel back in my past and experience old fashioned Christmas memories of my youth. While wearing Incense Rose’ by Andy Tauer…

  7. Marzipan S says:

    A christmas snow-shoeing adventure is in store this holiday. It’s the annual hike the family does for Christmas sunrise. Simply magical.

  8. Cristine says:

    I’d like to experience Christmas in a beautiful city in another country. That would be an exciting adventure!

    Thank you to Andy for the generous advent drawings & Happy Holidays to all!


  9. Tuskan says:

    I would like to take my girlfriend to Iceland

  10. Sarah says:

    Christmas is all about family, so a big family day somewhere hot would be an adventure!

  11. It is difficult question. I cant imagine adventurous activity for myself since that mysterious atmosphere of Christmas disappeared somewhere as I grown up. But still remember those moments when I woke up at the morning of Christmas Eve day – and I had a butterflies in my stomach. there was my turn – to make christmas tree while adults prepared something else. I do remember as I smelled to my finger tips and enjoyed that beautiful coniferous resin smell. It would be great to have ability to perceive Christmas in the same way as during childhood.

  12. philippe says:

    i’d love to dive in a hot ocean in alaska

  13. macflora says:

    Yes I would love a Christmas adventure. One of these years, my husband and son and I are going to spend Christmas with my husband’s relatives in northern Italy. We’ve been there in the summer, but I’d love to go in the winter. The villages are postcard pretty, Austrian in influence, with little cafés full of chocolate and delicious pastries.

  14. sae says:

    adventure.. oh wow. must be great to go to the huge waterfall in Brasil. and go under by boat ! thank you for this chance to join in !

  15. I’d love to visit Santa’s workshop and get a reindeer ride!

  16. Andreas says:

    Xmas in Paris would be sublime.

  17. theasylph says:

    I wanna stay in an ice hotel for Xmas. 😀

  18. Danielle says:

    I would like to have a tropical Christmas adventure out on a beach!

  19. Leanne Cares says:

    I would love to experience a Christmas adventure – mine would be traveling to Bethlehem! Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. MaggieQ says:

    Winning Andy’s draw would be a wonderful Christmas adventure 🙂 Otherwise, I think I prefer quiet non-adventurous time at home with my family.

    Thanks for hosting the draw!

  21. Dagney Betty says:

    So, a couple of Christmas adventures I’d be interested in – first, in Iceland in one of those ice hotels. Second – in Norway being pulled in a sled by caribou. I love the pic of the bottle with the stars. Beautiful.

  22. Connor says:

    I would love to spend Christmas adventuring around my old stomping grounds in Ohio.

  23. The best Christmas adventure is the one that happens at home, in my imagination. I love to travel and experience new things, but at Christmas I like to be at home, with friends and family around me. In the new year, then I’m ready for that adventure!

  24. Sylvia Long says:

    Yes! I’d love a Christmas adventure!!! I would love to visit the flower growing fields in France and then the perfume houses of Paris. Thank you for the chance to smell your perfumes! Merry Christmas to all :).

  25. Lucy says:

    For my Christmas adventure I’d like to wake up in my childhood home. My parents designed and built their dream house when I was a teen. It is beautiful, and looks like something you’d find in a Martha Stewart magazine…but it is not the place where I sprawled out on the floor in my pajamas and tore open presents from Santa as a child.

  26. amfortas says:

    bong hits on a warm hawaiian beach

  27. Dianne says:

    A Christmas adventure for me and my family would be a winter Christmas.

  28. susan says:

    I just went to see the Nutcracker today, so I’ll say my Christmas adventure would be to follow in Ms. Clara’s footsteps in the land of sweets…! 🙂

  29. SGH says:

    Thank you Mr. Tauer for these giveaways. My Christmas adventure I would love to have is the whole family together in Alaska enjoying the vast beauty of God’s creation.

  30. Kira P says:

    Christmas adventure? I’m actually not sure- I do love adventures, but Christmas has always been a quiet, with family thing for me….

  31. greennote2 says:

    Ah, so many possible adventures, but really, I’d love a calm, happy, friendly, loving Christmas. It may well be that it is. I hope so.

  32. songeuse says:

    I would love to go back to France for Christmas again, and browse the outdoor market stands.

  33. Lynley says:

    Having never seen snow, I would love a Christmas in Europe in the snow. It’s usually about 35°C here at Christmas so it would be an adventure to me!

  34. Das says:

    I would love to have a Christmas adventure!! 🙂 and it would involve a fantasy trip to Paris. Unfortunately, my reality consists of weeks of stressful work that require me to stay put. :-/ Maybe next year.
    Thank you to Andy for the chance to win such a generous prize.

  35. taleofahare says:

    To meander through upper New England. And always love seeing the Xmas window displays in Boston or NY.

  36. I would love a Christmas adventure! Mine would be to sit in an onsen bath in a Japanese Forest. Thank you to Andy and thank you for hosting the generous draw!

  37. kal says:

    I’d love to go for a ride in Santa’s sleigh 🙂 what better adventure than this for Xmas?! Thanks for giving us the chance to participate in this Lukas…

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