You can be Advent-Tauer-ous too!

Thank you everyone for participating in a DAY 14 draw of Tauer Perfumes Advent Calendar event. Your answers about Christmas adventures were all very inspiring. A total number of participants was 236. decided that the lucky one who wins is the author who left a comment no. 206.

Marzipan S.

Congratulations Marzipan S., you’re the winner of this draw. The Tauer Perfumes Explorer Set is yours! Please send me a message using a contact form (make sure to use the same email address you used to submit your entry yesterday) providing your full shipping details as well as the choice of 3 perfumes listed in the dropdown here. You’ve got time until Friday 20th December to get in touch. Thank you everyone for participating and joining the fun. If you didn’t win yet, don’t worry, there are still 10 days of chances to win! For next draw check out Fine Fragrants.

[note] picture presents my bottle of PHI Une Rose de Kandahar. All rights reserved.

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2 thoughts on “You can be Advent-Tauer-ous too!

  1. hajusuuri says:

    Congratulations to Marzipan S. Do come back and let us know what you picked!

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