To friendship! Atelier Cologne Cedrat Enivrant

Thanks to Atelier Cologne a brand new idea of making perfumes appeared in the PerfumeLand. Since 2010, when this perfume house came up with a cologne absolue concept, basing on a traditional eau de cologne but adding it more depth with precious raw materials and longevity by raising concentration to 15% or more – they added a modern twist to a classic theme. They gained a group of fans with their hard work for making great scents. Now they’re presenting a new addition to their line – Cedrat Enivrant – an homage to sunny citrus, cedrat (citron, etrog.)

The composition of Atelier Cologne Cedrat Enivrant starts with a hefty dose of lime. It’s so juicy and mouth-watering that it’s hard not to drool over it. The note also has a nice portion of zest that adds some refreshing acidity to the blend. Moreover lime accord smells so natural and realistic in this perfume that probably only squeezing an actual lime in your hand could give a similar olfactory impression. Lime is a single player for 20 minutes, then the perfume begins to transmute.

Next comes the mint accord starting an aromatic phase in the new Atelier Cologne creation. Mint is not especially fresh here, it provides more of an herbal vibe combined with the green smell of crushed leaves and a sap. At this point the lime accord becomes more full-bodied and cedrat makes an entrance. At the beginning it’s very quiet and combined with mint it smells clear. Once it starts to develop you can notice no more no less than four totally different aspects of this citrus.

First you can notice the aromatic aspect of the rind, flavoured with some sour tasting sprinkles. This lasts for 15 minutes. Secondly there’s a smell that is typical to the white albedo part of the citrus fruit. It has a mild scent making me think of vitamin C hot drinks and there’s also a pale powdery quality keeping around this stage. 10 minutes and it’s over. Then mint seems to become a little bit stronger than it was. Now it’s like a mojito, sparkling like bubbles in the fizzy water.

As the 3rd element of citron you get the actual fruit pulp. It smells like some kind of a tropical smoothie and is very similar to Orange Sanguine. This feeling subsides after 15 minutes. The last part of cedrat in Cedrat Enivrant is the juice. It has a lovely smell that balances between sweet and sour elements. This part of the fragrance has an additional portion of juiciness! There’s a shot of bergamot all over it, introducing the lovely vibe that is aromatic and citric at the same time.

When the first hour is gone Cedrat Enivrant starts to develop a new quality. There are fresh spicy notes that come to the front now. Among them – basil. It effuses a nice portion of green freshness entwined with the spicy aspect of the plant leaves. Herbacious feeling is also a part of the note. It makes me want to enjoy the basilic accord when it’s done like in this fragrance. Eau d’Italie Jardin du Poete has a similar basil accord. At 1,5 hours woody notes appear in the composition of this cologne absolue.

The molecules building a vetiver accord in Atelier Cologne Cedrat Enivrant are handled in a careful way in my opinion. The accord is done in my favourite way because for most of the time the note is kept in a woody style. The aroma it gives is substantial and its dry style suggests the impression similar to the one given by gin. It doesn’t smell of alcohol but it brings that cool and chilly, refreshing vibe of a drink. Juniper berries accord pairs with gin in a fantastic way, adding it an aromatic-metalic edge. This combination of cedrat, gin-like vetiver and juniper lasts for a good couple of hours.

After four more hours the metal cold vibe is put aside and the perfume enters the drydown. Vetiver is a little bit more earthy with a rooty feel to it. The density is added with the elemi resin – it makes Cedrat Enivrant more balmy and it causes that this perfume shouldn’t and cannot be considered a “one more cologne.” No! This Atelier Cologne is quite far from the traditional cologne style. Sure it has citrus but it’s rendered in a non-typical way. As the final, tonka bean adds warmth and spiciness to the fragrant pyramid of this perfume. The lasting power is beyond amazing!

Cedrat Enivrant was inspired by a French 75 cocktail, made with gin, champagne, lemon juice and sugar. The beverage got its name from the French 75mm field gun, as the combination was said to have such powerful kick. The perfume certainly has a kick of positive energy. It is also a toast to friendship and cherished moments of spending time with the friends. Let’s toast those we call our friends!

As the sun set on the beach, they were all together again. Full of emotions, they could not stop talking. Had it really been so long? They shared many memories and another round of French 75s with laughter and tears in their eyes. No one wanted the night to end. As the sun rose, it was a sparkling moment of absolue friendship.

It was Ralph Schwieger who blended Cedrat Enivrant for Atelier Cologne. This cologne absolue is concentrated at 15% (concentration of eau de parfum) – it has a really great sillage, leaving a scented trace behind the wearer. The longevity is +10 hours. I know that now it’s not a perfect time to wear scents like this but I suppose this fragrance would work even better when it gets warm.

The composition was introduced for the first time on December 23rd 2013 and is now available in a couple of selected stores – it will be widely available since March, so I’m going to treat it as a perfume released in 2014. Cedrat Enivrant (“Intoxicating Cedrat”) comes in 30ml, 100ml and 200ml bottles with a lime green label. The big bottles have a cap wrapped with leather. To me this is a lovely, sophisticated and sparkling perfume. Will be perfect for summer.

[note] Many thanks to Atelier Cologne for providing the scent. Pictures: my own. All rights reserved.

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37 thoughts on “To friendship! Atelier Cologne Cedrat Enivrant

  1. jilliecat says:

    Wow! Well, that’s another lemming (lemon, as you know I call it!) you have created. This sounds like my ideal fragrance for summer – and also my husband’s, so maybe he could get a big bottle and share it with me. You have written a really great review with excellent detail: my mouth was watering as I read it.

    Probably it is not at all similar to PdeN’s L’Eau d’Ete, but elements remind me of that – the lime, particularly. I suspect that the L’Eau is more floral, and it has a touch of cinnamon which gives it a spicy, woody hint. I would be interested to compare them, along with Guerlain’s minty Herba Fresca (which I sometimes combine with AG’s Eau d’Hadrien to give it a citrus zing). It seems that the Cedrat would be pretty perfect for me and I wouldn’t want to layer it.

    As you say, cheers to all our friends!

    • lucasai says:

      I’m proud I created another lemming (lemon as you say, funny!) This is a perfume that should be worn or bathed in during summer. I know it’s launched in winter/early spring so the date maybe is not perfect but the scent is awesome.
      Yes, I think you could get a big (or HUGE) bottle and share it, it’s totally unisex.

      I have never tried L’Eau d’Ete from Nicolai but lime with a little bit of cinnamon intrigues me. Herba Fresca is all about mint and in Cedrat Enivrant mint is not that pronounced. Combining it with Eau d’Hadrien sounds reasonable πŸ™‚ Atelier Cologne wouldn’t require layering for sure.

      Cheers to our friends, and to you too πŸ˜€

  2. The offices are shut down today due to a snow storm. Which makes me want summer and nice weather all the more. Your description carried me away. This sounds like a real treat for the warmer weather. So nice of Atelier to provide you with their latest. They obviously know you’re their number one fan!

    • lucasai says:

      Really Houndie? Are you getting these terrible snowstorms again? Sorry (don’t know if you’re happy about staying at home today or not) but I can imagine that on such a day you want summer and sun (especially after your tropical Xmas)
      Cedrat Enivrant is a real treat when it gets warmer, really unusual cologne-based scent. I think you’d lik it.
      I was shocked when I received the package. They emailed me they will be sending a late Christmas/New Year present but I didn’t expect this!

  3. Anka says:

    Great, this sounds like a vibrant and cheerful, yet tart kind of fragrance, I am very much looking forwart to give it a try!
    I had no idea Ralf Schwieger is the creator since I couldn’t find a note at fragrantica. There are so many of his works of art I adore, I can’t count them anymore…and I like his sources of inspiration: food, dance, music, insects – and cocktails, obiously.

    • lucasai says:

      It’s just like you said: vibrant, cheerful and tart perfume!
      I found the information that Ralf Schwieger is a creator of Cedrat Enivrant at LuckyScent – they already have the perfune in their offer. Seems like he’s one of your favourite perfumers.
      This perfume is definitely inspired by cocktail and by a fruit as you can smell a whole one!

  4. I really liked CΓ©drat Enivrant, but after the gin fizziness faded, it reminded me too much of Orange Sanguine to have both in my collection. I’ll revisit it when it gets warmer though. Who knows! I might need both πŸ™‚

    But what a wonderful and generous surprise from Atelier Cologne! Amazing kindness!

  5. And, as usual, your photos are beautifully composed and shot!

  6. Mary K says:

    This one sounds really nice, especially the lime, mint and vetiver and how these notes appear at different times in the perfume’s development on the wearer. I need to sample it…

  7. Undina says:

    I’m with Daisy on this one: I think Cedrat Enivrant is very pleasant (I’ve just got to try it two days ago at a store) but it’s too similar to Orange Sanguine that I already have in my collection. But once it’s gone (I have a small 7.5 ml travel spray) I will be tempted to go for Cedrat Enivrant just for a change.

    Nice pictures (though I’d go for the lime, not lemon) and a very fitting review.

    I’m glad you’re all set for the upcoming summer! πŸ˜‰

    • lucasai says:

      Oh, so you got a chance to try it good. Glad you find it pleasant. I find the similarities of it and Orange Sanguine but OS wasn’t to my liking, Cedrat is great for me. But opting for a Cedrat enivrant when you finish the travel spray sounds good.

      Thank you! I only had a lemon in handy in the fridge.

  8. reneetamara says:

    Sounds intriguing! Coincidentally, I sampled my first French 75 at Christmas in New Orleans – delightful! I have been impressed with the dimension of Atelier’s Silver Iris and your review makes me want to further explore this house. Thanks for an enjoyable read.

    • lucasai says:

      Oh, I need to try that cocktail someday. The blend of tastes sound delish.
      Silver Iris is great and Cedrat Enivrant is a great scent too. Glad my review makes you want to discover more.

  9. Etrog in a fragrance, how enchanting! In my experience with the actual fruits (I make etrog syrup once a year), etrog and quince smell quite alike, etrog is less sharp and more highly perfumed than other citrus.

    • lucasai says:

      Etrog is probably the most perfumed of all citrus fruits. You’d like the one made by Atelier Cologne.
      How does an etrog syrup smell? It it sour?

  10. hajusuuri says:

    Wow, I am behind…I have not tried Cedrat Enivrant as yet. Would you believe, even Atelier Cologne’s own website does not feature this – how strange is that? I know LuckyScent now has it. In any case, you cured me of a temptation to give homework (i.e. be a perfume mule) to one of my sisters who will be visiting San Francisco next month. I had considered getting the Le Labo Limette 37, but Cedrat Enivrant sounds more delicious, much much cheaper and more easily accessible! Your review and wonderful description have me “lemoning” this :-). I hope this becomes available at the NYC 48th & 5th Sephora so I can extend my $s with earning points or maybe its availability there will coincide with another coupon % off offer!

    And yes, snow snow and more snow for us here in the Northeast! Unlike Houndy, I could not play hooky (well, not that he did…his office was closed). I left the office early or I probably would have been stuck given the public transportation snarls resulting from the snowstorm.

    • lucasai says:

      It’s probably because the scent launches internationally in March – I suppose that’s when they’re going to put it on their website. Now its distribution is limited to a couple of stores.
      Thank God sweetie! Limette 37 is pretty but don’t invest your heavy money in it! Not worth it! Cedrat Enivrant will got you covered in a more juicy and zesty way and for much less money.
      I love the lemoning of a lemming πŸ˜€
      I guess you’ll be able to get it cheaper than expected, if Silver Iris was at Sephora, then Cedrat will be there too!

      The winter has fallen upon Poland too!

  11. Kathy Bible says:

    Excellent detailed review. I have not had a chance to try this scent. I had been rather disappointed in earlier offerings from this brand, but the Cedar Envirant sounds like a winner.

  12. Suzy Q says:

    Thank you for the thorough review! You and I are big fans of this line. I have a feeling I’m going to love this new one. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it.

  13. Squirrely says:

    Great review, and I love your photos! I enjoy the Atelier line quiet a bit (with the exception of OS, which seems to be one of their most popular offerings!), so I look forward to trying this. Any similarities to Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarine?

  14. Tiffany says:

    just finding this a few months later haha. but i love your review of this cologne i bought it from sephora and i absolutely LOVE IT.

  15. […] just like a bit of shade – they make you feel more at ease when it’s hot. Green Water, Cedrat Enivrant, Le Jardin de Monsieur Li, Nuda Veritas are just a few examples from a longer list. And then […]

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