Weekend poll – thinking out of the box

It’s time for another round of Weekend poll. Today I’m asking you a question that would be more important for some and less important for others. The outer packaging of the perfume is an integral part of any fragrance purchase. Some boxes might look very expensive, stylish and high-end while other are very plain, simple and don’t reflect the value of the flacon content.

Do you keep your perfumes in their original boxes?

There are three possible answers you can choose from:

  • Yes, I keep all my perfume in their original boxes,
  • I only keep the nicer looking packagings;
  • No, I always toss the box away.

Just like those Laduree macaroons look pretty organized in their decorative boxes, keeping an outer packaging of a perfume might help you in storing one’s perfume collection… Are you sure?

Since my early perfumista-hood I was never attached to the box the perfume came with so it usually landed in the waste basket. However nowadays I tend to keep the nicer looking packagins that seem to be more attached to the bottle itself, like boxes for Carner Barcelona scents which are like coffrets, tubes of Parfum d’Empire fragrances or metal cans that Andy Tauer perfumes come in.

Whichever answer you pick please justify your decision, we all want to know the reason, true?

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50 thoughts on “Weekend poll – thinking out of the box

  1. Great question Lucas. I used to throw out the boxes, but then I learned that sometimes a love a perfume would turn and I would rarely if ever pick up a fragrance again. Then I found the various fragrance groups online and Ebay, etc. and found that if you sell a perfume, that having a box makes a big difference. It makes a product feel less used. I know that if I ever buy used perfume, the ones that are for sale with the box are much more desirable to me.

    • lucasai says:

      Thanks Houndie!
      I understand your reasoning.
      If I were to buy a partial perfume bottle I would be more open to make a purchase if the used flacon came with the original packaging

  2. poodle says:

    When I didn’t have many bottles I used to keep the box. Then storage became an issue and I tossed the boxes because they were taking up too much space. The really nice ones like the Tauer packaging and Vero Profumo and such I do keep because it’s more than just a cardboard box. So I guess at this point I have to say that I keep the nicer ones and toss the rest.

    • lucasai says:

      I see!
      So we’re together here! I also keep those nicer packagings like Carner Barcelona coffret box. I don’t keep the cardboard boxes.

  3. Bee says:

    When I realised/admitted to myself that I had a real collection I started keeping all the boxes in case I ever wanted to sell or swap. Now I only toss the box out if it’s something I know I am going to use up and repurchase – though I make an exception if the packaging is beautiful. I keep the perfumes in a dedicated cupboard and the boxes in another cupboard. More storage is given over to perfume in my house than anything else – except books!

    • lucasai says:

      So it’s a similar case like with mr Hound that a box makes a difference when you want to sell a partially used perfume or swap it for sth else.
      That’s a good way to toss the box of a perfume that you know that will stay with you until the last drop.

  4. TF (TheFumehead) says:

    I keep all my perfumes in their original box not bc of looks though but to protect them from light. It also makes them easier to store in their cabinet.

    • lucasai says:

      I see! All perfumes that I didn’t keep the boxes are kept in one bigger decorative box with a lid, so it serves me as a sunlight protection for them.

  5. csc says:

    Now that I know it makes a difference I keep all bottles in their boxes to protect from the light. I have all unboxed bottles in one place and covered with a cloth. Attractive boxes are nice but not if it adds too much expense. I also keep my hundreds of decants covered!

    • lucasai says:

      Hi csc!
      I see, thanks for joining the poll.
      So the unboxed bottles, they’re all standing on the shelf and you cover them with a piece of material?
      Wouldn’t it be easier to keep them together in a bigger box with a lid?

  6. Jillie says:

    I used to throw all my boxes away so as to save space until I realised that the perfume might be more protected if kept in its original packaging. And as Houndie says, the boxed fragrances would retain their value better if I were ever to resell them (although I have never yet had the courage to sell any – I am just hoarding them!). I then put all these inside other big boxes with lids on, and then they go into a cupboard in a room that it not heated and has the blinds shut! Too much??

    It’s the juice that I am interested in, not in the container it comes in, so it’s ironic that I have all these boxed bottles. Although I must admit that my bottle of Mito comes in an amazingly beautiful chest and box. But I’d be happier for it to be cheaper and have a plain wrapper!

    It’s a lovely spring day here, and flowers are beginning to bloom and the birds are singing.

    • lucasai says:

      Since you started keeping the boxes for eventual reselling they definitely take more spice. But to have a special cupboard for perfume and even to keep the blinds shut to protect the perfume even more?

      I’m with you, juice interests me more than anything that’s why I don’t agree to spend a little fortune on a perfume that seems to be more about the packaging than a perfume (looking at you Kilian!)

      Oh, I didn’t know you have Vero Profumo Mito in your collection! Nice.

      When perfume comes in a chest, wooden coffret box or sth I would keep that too!

      It’s nice here too! Birds are singing, clouds are rolling in the sky.

      • Jillie says:

        I’m wearing my Mito right now as it echoes the green of spring! I think it was Victoria who said that people who liked Cristalle and Diorella would probably like this too, and she was right. It has a sort of astringency about it which I sometimes become addicted to.

  7. I’ve kept the boxes of all my perfumes so far – I like boxes, and I do agree that perfumes would have higher resale value if they had their original packaging! Then I keep my perfumes in their boxes in another bigger box, in a special cupboard! It’s overkill, but it’s insulation from sharp temperature changes either way! And there’s definitely less light that way 😉

  8. Jovan says:

    Lucas, I ALWAYS keep the perfume box if it is a rigid box, like Jo Malone boxes. I cannot bare to toss those heavy boxes away.

    What do I do with all of my Jo Malone boxes? I use them to store scarfs, and various other things in my closet.

    As for the gorgeous box example you show here, filled with the French cookies, that box is too lovely to be hidden away in a closet, so I would probably add a tassle to the edge of the box and place it on my dressing table. I fancy tassels. They make everything extra special.

    FYI: in your birthday gift package (mailed to you a few days ago) I have added one of my fragrance bookmarks WITH tassel. I think you’ll love it!

    • lucasai says:

      I see! I’ve never seen Jo Malone boxes in real (JM is not available in Poland) but if anything is in a hard, rigid box, I would keep the box. Coffret of Carner Barcelona scent won’t keep a scarf as inside the coffret there’s only a cavity for a perfume bottle.

      I think a macaroon box would be better for storing some jewellery.

      I love reading books so a bookmark with tassel is very welcome. Looking forward to receiving it!

  9. Mary K says:

    Like several others here, I keep the nicer boxes (such as the Tauer containers). I keep most of my perfumes in a cabinet and take out the ones I know I’ll be wearing the most in the coming weeks and place them on my vanity.

  10. shuvanidev says:

    I keep all the packaging for my perfumes, but I don’t always store them with the bottles. They get so beat up when I open and close them all the time. So the boxes I fold flat so they are easier to store and I keep the bottles in a cabinet. I only keep the bottles in their package if it is an odd size that won’t fold flat, or something that I don’t use very much….. and maybe a vintage where the box is really fragile, etc. 🙂

    • lucasai says:

      So you keep perfume and boxes separately. That sounds like a good idea, especially if you can unfold the box and make it flat. That won’t work with the tubes or metal boxes though 😛

  11. shellyw says:

    As many above have said, I kept them until I started running out of space. I do like nice bottle design. My perfumes are kept on a a very dark shelf in the corner of the room with no direct light on them, so I get a bit of the bottle aesthetic at least.

  12. hajusuuri says:

    i keep the packaging of my bottles except if they are really ratty (e.g. some of the ones from swaps and/or eBay purchases) or if they are part of a gift set. For the bottles on heavier rotation, the boxes are left in their natural shape and stored in a few places around the house. I keep the boxes because they make the bottles easier to store and if I decide to sell them, boxed perfumes are more desirable.

    • lucasai says:

      I see, by ratty you mean a bit destroyed?
      A lot of people mention keeping the box in case of selling the scent.

      • hajusuuri says:

        Ratty = “a little bit destroyed” is a good description. The edges / flaps could be frayed from being opened and closed too often, stains from the perfume and other things, box banged around from being mailed improperly and in the case of one of the boxes I got…tape marks (I think from the box being used as a sticker canvas for a child)…

  13. Laurels says:

    I keep the boxes, because I think they’re a safer way to store the bottles. (I haven’t tried to sell any bottles yet, but it’s good to know the box adds to the value, too.) I take a few bottles at a time (the ones I am most likely to be wearing) out of their boxes and keep them in a cabinet for easier access.

    I haven’t yet bought anything that has a really fancy box. I do wonder if an unattractive box, or one that doesn’t fit the contents, hurts sales. The Badgley Mischka I recently acquired has a bold, fruity opening, and an assertive, lovely but slightly edgy floriental drydown, but the box is a pale, textured pink-beige edged in silver. It looks like it should hold a pale woody scent, or a wispy floral. Going just by the box, I wouldn’t have thought it was something I’d like.

  14. Undina says:

    I haven’t even thought about throwing boxes away: all my perfumes that came in a box are stored in it. With the size of my collection I do not use the same perfume more than once, rarely twice a month – so I want it to be better protected from the occasional light (though I shield the shelves with a curtain and there’s almost no direct light where I kep my perfumes) and from tempeature change.

    Also, since most of the perfumes I wear to the office don’t survive 10 hours I spent out of the house after applying a perfume, for most of my FB I have a purse spray/decant which I can use instead of opening the box if I am in a hurry.

    • lucasai says:

      Well, with your collection size it’s no surprise everything stays in the box. My collection which counts around 20 positions I usually wear the same perfume more than once a month.

      Having decants is an easy way to re-apply if necessary plus you don’t have to dig out the bottle from the cupboard or wardrobe, wherever you keep your scents.

  15. Jackie b says:

    Interesting answers from everyone. I love boxes, and keep the presentation boxes, like Parfum d’Empire, Kurkdjian, vintage Guerlains, Amouage, Chanel Exclusifs, but bottles and decants live in a drawer for protection. Winter drawer and summer drawer!
    Have never sold anything…yet.

  16. Holly says:

    Happy weekend to all!

    Well. I’ve hesitated about commenting because I only have a few full bottles. I lost my previous collection in a fire a few years ago, and I’m concerned that mentioning that here would be a kind of downer. Then again, I think it’s useful for everyone to know that can happen and I’d encourage you all to take steps to keep yourself and your stuff safe. Plus the cost of replacing a beloved collection would be overwhelming for most of us. Perhaps someone will design an elegant fireproof perfume cabinet …. 🙂

    Anyway, I have no illusion I would ever get it together to sell something, so I don’t care about the box for that purpose. Whatever I buy I know I’ll keep and use, or I make decants of for my clients who I know will enjoy it. I think I would follow Undina’s method if I had a bigger collection: save the box and decant some of the juice. As someone who tends to move frequently, the boxes would come in handy, as well. Shuvanidev’s idea of flattening the boxes is really good, too. I wouldn’t have thought of that!

    I really enjoy the boxes/packaging that can eventually be re-purposed. Tauer’s are great, and I have an Ormonde Jayne discovery set box that will be perfect for other samples. If only it were a LOT bigger, I would seriously buy just the box! What I’d also REALLY like would be bottles and decants that have a detachable spray mechanism so they can be re-used, although I understand the purpose of crimping is to maintain the integrity of the product.

    • lucasai says:

      Really sorry for the loss of your collection! Getting it back is definitely painful and pricy venture. I’m sure one day such a fireproof cabined will be on the market.
      I’m also fond of Undina’s decanting method and Shuvanidev’s flattening of the boxes ( saves a lot of space)
      I also find that some of the boxes are perfect to keep samples or decants. Lately I kept the box of a scented candle I used, ideal for 5 ml decants. And I just kept the black-white striped box from Sephora (my order came in it). It’s perfect, hard and closes with a magnet.

  17. Lynley says:

    My answer is almost exactly the same as Undina’s, the only difference is that ones that come in big boxes like LesNez or Nasomatto I keep the boxes packed in a big cardboard ikea box as they take up too much room on the shelves. I have a seasonal selection on a tray on my dresser for easy access, and decants of most others so I don’t have to always open boxes, or carry bottles.
    I didnt used to keep boxes so not all have boxes, part of the reason I now keep them apart from storage and
    resale is for dating the vintages- as one day they will be. Reformulation is so frequent now and often the only change is the box..

    • lucasai says:

      How I hate when the box of the perfume is twice as big as the bottle itself. Such a waste of space!
      Interesting that you mentioned keeping the box to date the vintage scents.

  18. Ana says:

    I’ve never thought of throwing the boxes.I store my perfumes in their own box,I actually think that I can store them better this way as I can stack them,so it saves a bit of space.Also it protects the perfume.I wouldn’t dare exposing them to light.My collection is small so I haven’t ran out of space so far,but I will need an extra shelf soon.

    • lucasai says:

      Same here, there’s less and less space on my shelf. I agree that when you keep the box you can put one perfume on top of the other one.

  19. Ines says:

    As I’m keeping my empty bottles for collecting purposes, I keep my boxes. Plus, it’s better to store the perfumes in boxes in my case, as I tend to leave them all over the place so this way, no sun gets to them.
    And I also think when it’s very warm in the summer, they cannot get as warm when in a box as they would without it.

    • lucasai says:

      If you keep empty perfume bottles for building a flacon collection keeping the box is really fine, helps to store them (you can build a pyramid!)
      And that’s a good point, paper doesn’t conduct heat, so it protects the bottle inside to some point.

  20. rickyrebarco says:

    I try to always keep my boxes since I am a rather fickle collector- I often decide to swap or sell a perfume after I have had it for a short while or a longer time. The more expensive the scent the more likely I am to keep the box. Also, if any of the perfumes are out of my cabinet I keep them in boxes to keep them from light. Some fragrances, like the Ramon Monegals, have a box that is a heavy plastic that exactly fits the bottle so you would destroy the whole aesthetic if you ditched the box.

  21. Annina says:

    I keep all of my perfumes in a wardrobe, and all of their boxes I keep collapsed in a shoebox. If I sell one, I dig the box and its liner out of the shoebox and put it back together.

  22. Martha says:

    I’ve gotten rid of almost all of my boxes–I keep perhaps one in forty, either because I’m breaking my rule against backup bottles, or because it’s particularly distinctive, like the little tubular box that my recent Sage perfume oil purchase came in. (Though even that one will probably be downgraded–I’ll dump the tube and put the bottle in with my other little tubular perfumes.)

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