Cologne du Maghreb samples draw

Continuing the week I’m spending with Andy Tauer and his all-natural Cologne du Maghreb, we have a special treat for you my dearest – samples of Cologne du Maghreb so that you can try how fabulous and refreshing it is! There are twenty (20) samples to win, each is around 2 ml.

Ten (10) samples are for participants living in the US. Those are provided by Jeffrey Dame and his Hypoluxe. Another ten (10) samples are prizes for EU and UK citizens (excluding Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Greece) – offered by Andy Tauer himself, these will be shipped from Andy’s laboratory in Zurich, hence the country restrictions. Huge apologies to those who live in one of these countries.

To participate in the draw all you need to do is to answer this question:

Where would you take Cologne du Maghreb for a summer trip?

Please try not to duplicate the answers. The draw is open until next Friday, June 6. All winners will be announced in the separate post on Saturday, June 7. Don’t forget to mention your location in a comment, otherwise you won’t be put on a drawing list. One entry per person. Good luck everyone!


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130 thoughts on “Cologne du Maghreb samples draw

  1. CapriDog says:

    I am currently residing in Georgia, USA and would love to take Cologne du Magreb to Lake Crescent in Washington where I would do canoeing on this green, tranquil lake.

  2. Lili Bitmore says:

    What a delightful idea – maker, to read all these great comments. Thank you all. I am currently a California girl, in Los Angeles, but live in the Monterey Bay area. I’d take my sample directly to Lisbon, then explore the Portuguese islands.

  3. Renovatio says:

    Cruise to the carribbean!

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