Cologne du Maghreb samples winners

All entries have been counted and the wheel of fortune is now spinning around. Who will be lucky today? Unfortunately some people didn’t provide their country of residence and due to that they were not counted in for the competition… Drumroll please! Here are the winners!


Congratulations to the winners from Europe and UK: Sanjin kastelan, Jo Delaney, Jillie, Adriana Cavasan, Colognissimo, Alymer, Claire Springmore, Enzo Vaerewyck, titiansmodelHenri Hunter, Yacob.

Many bravos and congrats to the lucky group from the US: Monica, Ellen, Hajusuuri, Leslie Colgrove, Lisa, Haider Lakhani, Peppy OBrien, Azar, Rwbbp and FearsMice.

Each and every one of you will soon receive a sample of a fabulous Cologne du Maghreb by Andy Tauer. I’m happy that you’ll get a chance to try this happy and bright fragrance.

You’ve got time until Wednesday, June 11 to send me an email (via contact form or at lucas[dot]szczesniak[dot]gmail[dot]com) providing your full shipping details. If someone fails to contact me in that time, I will contact the next person from the list and they will be given the unclaimed sample. Thank you so much to all participants and good luck in the future draws.

Here I’d like to wholeheartedly thank Andy Tauer and Jeffrey Dame – without you this fun giveaway would be impossible. Thank you for the generosity and the opportunity for a great interview.

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8 thoughts on “Cologne du Maghreb samples winners

  1. dgambas says:

    Congrats to the winners!

  2. Robert LaCombe says:

    Congrats to winners! I saw I got #14 on the right side, haha.

  3. rickyrebarco says:

    Well, bummer. I was hoping I would win since I accidentially broke my brand new bottle of Cologne du Maghreb and i’m bereft without it!

  4. rickyrebarco says:

    I know, no one is exactly going to feel sad for someone who already had a bottle, right? Those of you who won, enjoy- this is a beautiful scent, just wonderful. You will love it!

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