Pop the bottle, Les Liquides Imaginaires Dom Rosa

Les Liquides Imaginaires is a perfume line that is not really widely known in the fragrance world. Established by Philippe di Meo in 2013, it kind of remains in the shadows. The brand doesn’t advertise much, its availability isn’t wide. But this perfume house doesn’t need all that. The quality of the fragrances is so high that I understand the idea of not going into the massive distribution. Few months ago I told you about Fortis, while today I have a totally different story for you – a one tale from Eau Sanguines trilogy, a trio of perfumes inspired by the iconic alcohol beverages.

Dom Rosa is a perfume inspired by the most iconic of all the champagnes in the world – Dom Perignon. This perfume begins with the most accurate, more realistic champagne accord I have ever experienced. The uplifting and slightly fruited scent of the drink also has a specific tartness and a little bit of balsamic qualities. As it accepts the warmth of the skin it starts to bloom beautifully on your skin. It is so mouth-watering and delicious that it’s hard not to lick your wrist, really! You can smell the pure joy in this perfume and you can feel the sparkling and fizzy charm of the composition. You can almost smell the bubbles floating up from the surface of your skin and how they burst with happiness few centimeters above your skin, releasing the champagne aroma.

The accord of sweet pomelo adds a lovely touch of juicy flavor, creating the luxurious concoction with champagne. At first sniff I have mistaken the note with pink grapefruit as the smell was balanced very well between the elements of sweet and bitter. At 30 minutes mark the rose appears. A beautiful Damask rose with soft and velvety petals, in a color of pink with a light shade of orange on the edges. I gives the full and luscious floral aroma which is both rich and airy.

The progressing evolution of Dom Rosa makes the notes of pomelo, champagne and rose to interact more and more. At some points these notes are entwined in such way that it’s really hard to determine where one note starts and ends. The edges between the singular chords are blurred and now they’re united in a one being. And this being is very delicious and pretty. When I smell this perfume I immediately want to smile big. After 1 hour first woody elements appear in the composition – they’re very light and transparent, without much substance to them, which is a good thing for this perfume.

Later on the accord of olibanum appears on my skin. It was used in Les Liquides Imaginaires Dom Rosa in a generous way but it doesn’t contain the salty vibe that I usually get from this note. Instead it emanates this cold and distant feeling of being reserved. Like ice cubes floating in the glass of champagne, creating occasional ringing sound as the cubes bump onto the glass. In this perfume the creator also used some cloves. This might sound weird and not suitable here but it is suitable.

The gentle spiciness with a hint of sweet (think cinnamon sweet) fits in the blend of Dom Rosa by introducing the brand new flavor – this note also highlights the rose note which is the main ingredient of this composition and it deserves to be in the center of attention. Cloves help you to focus your attention on rose once again. Gaiac wood (not an oud, it’s not the same!) brings a little bit of substance to this sparkling Les Liquides Imaginaires perfume. This accord can often dominate the fragrance but here it somehow adds dimension and depth to the champagne rose, without effusing much of its own scent.

The drydown appears few hours later and it provides another change in the perfume. All of the sparkling bubbles are mostly gone, leaving the rose alone – now it’s pale, dewy and a little bit aquatic/watery. The fresh twist is the addition of pear note which adds a soft and slightly sweet scent – fruity, a little bit green and aldehydic but most of all – effervescent. It also reminds me of JUL ET MAD Stilettos on Lex, which was another great perfume featuring pear accord.

Vetiver and cedar provide a woody stage in later drydown but their aromas are muted, so that the scented molecules don’t appear in full volume, what would break the general idea behind Dom Rosa which was meant to be a happy perfume which is light and surprising. It starts by effusing a really nice and big but not overwhelming scent cloud that leaves a perfumed trail even a few meters behind the wearer. The longevity is good as well. After 3-4 hours it becomes much closer to the skin. I featured this fragrance in my top 6 summer chillout perfumes because each time I wear Dom Rosa I visualize the summer evening at the seacoast, while I sit at the cafe near the pier and sip some pink champagne (Dom Perignon of course).

Dom Rosa – Eau Sanguine for Les Liquides Imaginaires is a perfume developed by perfumer Sonia Constant. Pink-colored juice evokes the champagne rose both in a matter of color and smell. It comes in 100 ml bottles and the design matches the other 5 scents in the line. Simple bottle has a nice metallic cap with the brand’s logo (it looks like Uranus planetary sign). The magical and spiritual inspirations are clearly visible in this design. The perfume is worth exploring for sure.

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8 thoughts on “Pop the bottle, Les Liquides Imaginaires Dom Rosa

  1. jillie says:

    Anything that creates happiness is good! I think I might prefer to drink champagne rather than to smell it, although – when I think about it – you have to sniff the liquid in your glass to get the full, vibrant effect, and if you get that from wearing perfume instead of drinking, you won’t get the hangover later!

    • lucasai says:

      It’s a pretty perfume. Drinking champagne is great but to be able to smell it without having a bottle nearby is nice too.
      The perfume definitely doesn’t cause a hangover.

  2. dkchocoman says:

    These perfumes sound lovely. Thanks for bringing them to our attention. Where can we get them? Do they have a website? Everyone wants to know.

  3. Lucas, I just thought of this review. I’m visiting NYC for the weekend and I just came across Les Liquides Imaginaires at Barney’s! I tried Dom Rosa – lovely, and it’s been holding up well through all the heat and subway rides, etc.

  4. hajusuuri says:

    I went sniffing with thegoddessrena 2 weeks ago. After our JAR experience (my first and her gazillionth time), we walked over to Barneys. I was keen on spritzing myself silly with CdG Red Carnation (and I did) and she tried Dom Rosa on skin. The top notes were too champagne-y for me but the dry down was good. I’ll have to try this myself the next time I’m at Barneys.

    • lucasai says:

      Oh, yay for meetings with other perfume lovers.
      I understand that the champagne feeling might be too strong for you, it’s very obvious aroma in the opening.

      Hope to hear from you how it evolved on your skin when you give it a try next time you’re at Barney’s.

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