Crunchy oat bran cookies

Sometimes you really want to eat something sweet. Then you grab a bunch of gummy bears, candies or cookies. At first everything is fine but in many cases the feeling of guilt will appear sooner or later. We all want to look good and feel good, don’t we? What if there were cookies that are healthy, full of vitamins and minerals, with almost no sugar or fat? Couple of months ago I would say that such thing is impossible to achieve – but I was terribly wrong. As I was dieting (and still am) my family wanted to support my hard work and Mum found a recipe for crunchy oat bran cookies.

This recipe is fast and very easy to make and what is more important – you don’t need to be a great cook to make these! Shall we get started? Lets get all the ingredients first.


  • 200 grams of mix nuts
  • 100 grams of dried fruit
  • 100 grams of various seeds
  • 100 grams of oat bran
  • 3 egg whites
  • 4 tablespoons of liquid honey

Time to get to work. Take your favourite nuts: peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashew (I suggest taking 2-3 different kinds) and chop them into fine pieces. For the cookies I baked I used dried cranberries and raisins but you’re free to replace them with dried figs, dates, apricots, apples, candied pineapple or mango are less welcome (sugar!). Smaller fruit such as the ones that I used don’t require making them smaller but if you decide to choose a different dried fruit which is bigger, you’ll have to make it into smaller pieces. In the recipe you’ll need 100 grams of various seeds. By seeds I mean sesame, sunflower seeds, linseed, pumpkin seeds. The key ingredient for the oat bran cookies is… obviously… oat bran. Once you chopped the nuts and bigger dried fruits, put them into a bigger bowl together with seeds and oat bran. Give everything a nice stir so that the elements mix thoroughly.

Now we’ll do the moist ingredients. Take 3 egg whites and put them in a bowl or a shaker, add 4 tablespoons of honey and whip them together. The point here is not to turn the whites into a “stiff foam” – you just want to blend them with honey and introduce some air into the mixture so that the bubbles are created (see the picture). Now you combine dry ingredients with the moist ingredients and gently mix them. Nuts, fruits, seeds and oat bran must be all covered with mashed egg whites and honey. The latter one serves as the “glue” for the cookies. Once you have done that, take the plate from the oven, cover it with a baking paper and turn the oven heating on 180°C (356 F). With a table-spoon gather a portion of the cookie mass and with your hand form a flat round pieces. You should squeeze it in your hands so that it gains “density” and doesn’t fall apart after baking. From my portion of dough I was able to prepare 15 quite big cookies.

Is your oven hot now? Good! Put the cookies into it and let them bake (it’s best to use an up-down heating mode). The suggested baking time is 15-20 minutes but every now and then you should have a look at them and evaluate if they still need a couple more minutes or not. When they start turning golden-brown, it means they’re ready and you can take them out. Wait! They need to cool down first! [10 minutes later] Now you can taste them. Are they good? I bet they are. That was fast and easy, wasn’t it? You just made some great cookies without much effort. And unlike the cookies from the sweets alley in a supermarket, they’re healthy, packed with minerals, vitamins. And don’t forget that 4 tablespoons of honey is the only sugar they have. Fructose in honey is beneficial for our bodies.

Nuts add a great crunch to these cookies while dried fruit add a little bit of sweetness which is just lovely when you suddenly feel like eating something sweet. This alternative is much better that shop-bought cookies because you’ve done them on your own (you’re right to feel proud!) and you know exactly whats inside of them. Thank you for cooking the crunchy oat bran cookies with me. Hope that you enjoyed following the recipe step by step. Are you going to try making them?

Hope you have a yumtastic weekend!

[note] all pictures: my own, all rights reserved.

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16 thoughts on “Crunchy oat bran cookies

  1. poodle says:

    I’m sure these are delicious. I actually make a similar cookie for Greta the poodle. I like that it’s really easy and quick to make them. She has a bit of a sweet tooth and since her appetite is not what it used to be I’ve resorted to trying to find healthy things that might entice her. I add molasses to them too for extra sweetness and calories because she needs them. Oh and obviously I only use ingredients that are safe for dogs, no raisins or large pieces of nuts. My original recipe is close to yours. It’s for people cookies, I’ve just adapted it for the pooh.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    • lucasai says:

      Yes they are. And they’re truly simple and fast to make.
      Isn’t that great that by doing some small changes in the recipe you can adapt it to the needs of your poodle pet? The ingredients are so natural that both people and animals can enjoy such oat bran cookies.

    • jillie says:

      Lucky Greta! I wish I could make something like that for our two elderly kitties but sadly there isn’t really an equivalent. They would rather have slices of ham!

  2. Shellyw says:

    What sort of seeds?

  3. jillie says:

    These cookies look extremely scrumptious, and good for you – we don’t eat enough nuts and seeds, so these would be a tasty way of doing so! My sister sends me macadamias from Australia; these nuts are full of good fats and are buttery, almost sweet, and not rock hard. I recommend them, and will use them when I try your recipe. Thank you!

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Yum! These do look easy to make and I already have all the ingredients on hand. I have a July 4th barbecue get-together and I was assigned dessert (my friends know me well) and I was planning on ordering something from a store which I may still do but if I am feeling ambitious, I may just bring homemade cookies. Thanks for the recipe!

    • lucasai says:

      You’re welcome sweetie! If you decide to make them for that barbecue get-together, please do report back what people thought about them, ok?

  5. Nemo says:

    This looks like an even healthier version of the jumbled up rusks I make when I know I’ll be craving something slightly sweet to nibble on. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Mary K says:

    This sounds like a tasty recipe! I must try it soon. It’s good to have something that satisfies the sweet tooth, but yet is healthy. I like the word “yumtastic” that you used!

  7. These look wonderful, Lucas! What a great, healthy recipe! I was just wondering how long they keep . . . or do you just eat them before you find out?

    • lucasai says:

      If you keep them in a closed box (Tupperware or something like that) in a cupboard, you can store them up to 5-7 days, but after day 2 they’re not that crunchy anymore.

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