Three scents from Bottega Profumiera

Bottega Profumiera is the Italian niche perfume brand established in 2013. It’s owned by Maurizio Lembo, a guy who also owns Officina delle Essenze. He’s a founder and he’s a perfumer so it seems that it’s one of those artisanal brands fronted by a single person. With 6 scents that create Bottega Profumiera line the creator wanted to convey feelings, emotions and images. I don’t know any more details about the brand – they don’t have a website and their distribution is also limited.

Mon Jardin blooms with the nicely structured, highly saturated floral accord of neroli which is intensified and made even deeper thanks to orange blossom essence. Even though the florals are really big in the opening, they don’t create a feeling of an overwhelm. Maybe it’s because of bergamot and tangerine that bring juicy and sweet elements to the composition, balancing the overall feeling. As the time flies you might notice white flowers of jasmine combined with the watery smell of iris. The latter one becomes more powdery after some time. Fig leaves bring a nice dose of verdancy to the blend and they also give the mediterranean coast vibe to this perfume. It’s very peaceful and relaxing, like a lazy afternoon in a garden. The drydown carries some citric qualities of bergamot and powdery elements of iris, both placed on a smooth and creamy sandalwood concoction with fluffy and clean musk. The drydown has a feeling like someone has just taken a shower. Mon Jardin is pretty and easy to wear, it’s very approachable and enjoyable, making a great choice to add to your summer fragrance wardrobe. It’s a perfume that envelops you without creating clouds of scent.

Galantuomo begins with a crispy and slightly herbal aroma that smells like a combination of geranium and mint. This impression fades away quickly and the composition reveals a soft spicy bouquet. Anise is blended with ginger for a slightly citric and bubbly scent that surrounds the wearer. Later this Bottega Profumiera composition evolves into something more woody – there’s some earthy vetiver and cinnamon which adds warmth and spiciness in general. Nutmeg introduces a paper dry feeling which is not exactly pleasing but there’s also something nice about it. And there’s that intriguing mentholated vibe going on in the background. After a few hours Galantuomo becomes sweeter thanks to licorice. It doesn’t smell gourmand sweet, it smells rather dark, like the black licorice candy I never liked. Then there’s also a portion of olibanum molecules which of course smell on my skin like cold stones and sea salt. The nicer face of sweetness is revealed when vanilla enters the composition. The drydown is aromatic thanks to the use of sage accord, which is accompanied by a dry and powdery aroma of oakmoss. This isn’t a bad perfume but you’d expect something more from a gentlemen’s perfume.

Polianthes is a fragrance created for a true madame. This composition has a bold opening of white florals. At first there’s tiare flower and ylang-ylang, which together bring a wonderfully delicious creamy flavor which slightly reminds me of coconut and sunbathing oil. This summery association then changes when slightly indolic jasmine joins the composition, making the perfume more glamorous and drunk on florals. Tuberose raises the levels of flowery tones up to the sky. Later Polianthes reveals a woody side, this smells of creamy sandalwood, some vetiver and teak wood, as the notes list suggests. Then it turns balmy and a tad sweet with benzoin. It’s never really strong in this perfume but when it fades away the animalic tones of gardenia play the leading part for a while. After few hours of flowers some luminous amber appears on my skin and it’s followed with gourmandy, custardy vanilla. This mild sweetness lasts for several hours before the perfume fades away to zero, leaving just the memories of flowers.

Fragrances from Bottega Profumiera have a mild sillage and their longevity is good, between 7 and 9 hours. With a purchase of a fragrance from this line you receive a 130ml bottle of perfume. In the box, underneath the flacon you will also find a jar with some more fragrance (don’t know how much ml) and an empty travel atomizer shaped like a big vial. Mon Jardin is my favorite here.

The line consists of 6 fragrances. I might introduce you to the other 3 some other time.

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15 thoughts on “Three scents from Bottega Profumiera

  1. Thanks for the intro. Polianthes sounds like my kind of perfume 🙂

  2. jillie says:

    Of course it’s impossible to say without smelling, but I think Mon Jardin would probably be my favourite too!

  3. rickyrebarco says:

    These sound lovely. I had not heard of this line before so thank you for your reviews. Mon Jardin sounds like just the kind of fragrance I would really like. Where can these scents be purchased? Only in the EU? Thanks for introducing us to more wonderful perfumes!

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Ricky!
      They are nice, maybe not the top quality, but the higher shelf than the average offerings for sure.

      The only place where I could find them is Fenwick in the UK

  4. Mary K says:

    The three you reviewed sound really nice. Hope they become available in the US at some point.

  5. hajusuuri says:

    These all sound so good, dearest! I’m curious about the packaging!

  6. silencio says:

    Maybe just to clarify on the packaging – you will receive a bottle of 100 ml (vapo) and in addition a jar of 30 ml to refill your travel spray (also included). It is 130 ml in total 🙂

    If you like amber and sweet scents Gourmand is also worth a try 🙂

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