Winners of blog 2nd birthday photo contest

I’m terribly sorry for keeping you waiting for so long but everyone seemed to be very busy and I had to wait until our judges will get back to me with their choices. There were total of 9 entries. I wish there were twice as many since prizes were fabulous, weren’t they? I believe that the winners will agree that it was worth to spend a couple of minutes arranging their bottles and taking a photo of them and receiving some great perfume in return. How did the voting go? Everyone in the judges panel had 3 points to give away. They could give all of them to one favorite photo or they could split it to make 2 + 1 or even 1 + 1 + 1. Without further ado, I present you the winners!

  • 3rd placeJillie with 5 points – you just won a 7ml Nomal Spray filled with the newest JUL ET MAD Aqua Sextius;
  • 2nd placeLyubov with 7 points – you just won a 15ml bottle of Ramon Monegal Barcelona of your choice;
  • 1st placeHajusuuri with 9 points – you won an Atelier Cologne Collection Metal coffret of your choice or two 30ml petit flacons with two leather cases, the choice is up to you.

A big thank you to everyone who decided to participate in Chemist in the Bottle 2nd birthday contest and huge congratulations to the winners. Please get in touch (via contact form or my email) within 5 days from today – send me your address and provide the perfume choice, where necessary.

From the depth of my heart I’d like to express my gratitute to Atelier Cologne team, Ramon Monegal Barcelona team and Julien & Madalina of JUL ET MAD for supporting me and my blog and for providing such amazing gifts for the winners!

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16 thoughts on “Winners of blog 2nd birthday photo contest

  1. jillie says:

    What a lovely way to start a stormy Saturday! Thank you very much judges. I think that Hajusuuri’s and Lybov’s pictures are especially brilliant, so huge congratulations to them

  2. Laurels says:

    Those are great photos! Congratulations to the winners!

  3. Lyubov says:

    Yaaaaaay, thank you, Lucas! And huuuge thanks to the judges! Congratulations to Hajusuuri and Jillie as well – their photos are thoughtful and pretty!
    OMG, I have never tried anything from Ramon Monegal’s range – now I have to think a lot… 🙂

    • lucasai says:

      You’re welcome! The picture from you was really great!
      I see you’re excited.

      Do check Ramon Monegal reviews on my blog and on other sites too, take your time to decide!

  4. poodle says:

    Congrats to the winners! I charged the camera battery but never got around to taking the picture. Oh well, next time.
    Just a note for you, I saw on NST that Hajusuuri is leaving for a cruise today so I’m not sure if she will be online or not. I know you said the winners needed to get in touch in 5 days so I wanted to let you know so she doesn’t lose out if she doesn’t reach you in time.

    • lucasai says:

      Be sure to join the fun next time! It’s even more fun when there are more competitors.

      Thank you for the note sweet Poodle! I know Hajusuuri is on her summer vacation. The prize will be waiting for her until she comes back. I already have her address (we swapped some time ago) but I have to confirm her perfume choice.

    • hajusuuri says:

      Thank you Poodle. I’m sitting at a Starbucks right now finishing my coffee. Besides this fabulous news of being a winner, I’m also ahead with two free drink coupons because the baristas couldn’t get there act together – they ran out of the dark roast coffee and then, they gave away my breakfast sandwich to another person!

      I’ll probably be on line sporadically during my cruise as I hate to be out of touch for too long.

  5. hajusuuri says:

    Wow, what a lovely start to a cruise. I’m still in Boston and the cruise will depart this afternoon. Thank you judges for your generosity and to you, Lucas, for providing the opportunity! Congratulations to Jillie and Lyubov. I had fun thinking up the idea and following through with it!

  6. Fabulous photos! And congrats to all the winners!

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