Pitti Fragranze here I come!

Who would have thought that 2014 will be so exciting for me? I mean I knew I will be graduating, getting my master’s degree in chemistry etc, but if someone told me about the other good things that happened to me in the last months I would have some doubts believing that they will come true. In march one of my dreams came true – to attend the perfume fair, Esxence, one of the two biggest perfumery events in the industry. Now I’m happy to share that I’m also going to be at the second fair, Pitti Fragranze! Last week I have received a confirmation of a blogger press accreditation.

I already booked the plane tickets to Bologna. I know, I know – Pitti is in Florence but there are no budget flights from any city around me in Poland so I will be flying to Bologna and then I will take a bus or train to Firenze. It’s not that far away! Having a very positive experience with my stay in Milan at a private room offered by the local people, I decided to opt for the same thing in Florence, istead of picking an expensive hotel room. I booked a very cozy and quiet-looking room in around 20 minutes walking distance from Stazione Leopolda where the exhibition takes place.

As you can see on the announcement above, everything will take place between 12 and 14 September, Friday to Sunday. I will be there for Friday and Saturday, taking a flight back home on Sunday morning. I’m very happy that I will meet my friends, owners, founders and perfumers I met in Milan. It will be great to see each other again. And the still growing list of exhibitors shows that I will get to experience more new brands that I didn’t know about or knew about but never tested. I’m all yaay for making new friends! Another adventure awaits. I should start counting down those days.

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14 thoughts on “Pitti Fragranze here I come!

  1. Anka says:

    Congratulations, Lucas! This sounds so exciting and I am already looking forward to read your report and watch pictures of you meeting new friends in perfumeland. Great!

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you my dear!
      There will be a report from the event. And also, if you follow my Instagram, I will try to post pictures and short fims during the fair. I think wi-fi will be available there

  2. Undina says:

    Great! I’m so excited for you! Take A LOT of pictures!

  3. Sounds like another great adventure!!! Yippeee! Can’t wait to hear about your experience.

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Wowee! How exciting my dearest Lucas! I’m looking forward to your press reports. I have to figure out how to follow you on instagram.

    I’m off to meet with dear Daisy for brunch and a sniffa at Twisted Lily. Do email me if there is a particular perfume you would like to sample that I could get for you while there.


    • lucasai says:

      I’m excited too and it’s still a month before I go. The report will be detailed like the one from Esxence.

      There is one more reason to be happy today. My blog reached 200,000 visits today! Hurray!

      It would be easiest if you created an insta account (even if only for following)

      Have a great time. I will have a look at twisted lily website now

  5. Mary K says:

    This is something great for you to look forward to! And of course, we will all want to hear about everything!

  6. jillie says:

    Lucky boy! You’ve worked really hard to get this accreditation and deserve it. Congratulations too on reaching 200,000 visits – wow, that’s a huge amount! Looking forward to reading all about your trip to Pitti Fragranze, and not just about the perfume part!

    • lucasai says:

      Thanks my dear! I’m happy for my Florence trip and for the visitors milestone.
      Just like there was Esxence after hours I suppose there will be Pitti after hours as well

  7. What a year 2014 has been! Going to Pitti Fragranze is wonderful news too. Very much looking forward to the write-ups!

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