It’s in your eyes, Jul et Mad Terrasse a St-Germain

He – a scientist professing in neurosciences and biology. She – a marketing specialist for cosmetics and fragrance industry. One day she was on a business ‘mission’ in Paris while he was casually having lunch at the street cafe. The moment she was passing by that terrace cafe, their eyes met and some immaterial link connected them. Both knew their life would never be the same. This could be a summary of how Madalina Stoica met Julien Blanchard and how they became a couple and marriage. They shared a deep love for beautiful things, especially scents, so they decided to create a perfume brand. She moved from New York to Paris and he quit his scientific career for the best sake of JUL ET MAD, a niche perfume brand born from their combined passion.

Terrasse a St-Germain, a perfume introduced together with Stilettos on Lex and Amour de Palazzo when the brand launched in 2012, serves as an oflactory interpretation of that very moment when Julien met Madalina at the street cafe. Each perfume from Jul et Mad presents a different stage of love between the two people so in fact Terrasse a St-Germain is the 1st story of their relationship. I don’t have any good excuse why I didn’t review it earlier but I do it now. This time there’s no chronological order in my reviews from this perfume maison. Hope you can forgive me.

The composition of Jul et Mad Terrase a St-Germain begins with a very beautiful and unusual patchouli accord. Usually when we think of patchouli, especially in niche offerings, we immediately start to think of the smell of damp earth, dust, rotting leaves in the autumn and generally we expect something darker and heavy thinking about patchouli. In this perfume it’s very toned down and there’s something incredibly elegant about it. It smells like no other patchouli – it’s vibrant, intensive, almost pungent but instead of being dark it’s glowing with the bright light.

Around 20 minutes after application the blend reveals the grapefruit note. Once again – many people claim to have trouble with grapefruit essence, they say that it smells to them like an unpleasant, sweaty body odour. Terrasse a St-Germain is not that at all. The grapefruit is very aromatic here. At first you smell a huge load of yellow rinds and then one moment, around the 45th minute the accord burst with bright juiciness. Amazingly fresh and happy, it has a brisk that adds that extra sparkle in the eye. After some time the scent of grapefruit seamlessly goes to more sophisticated and calm tangerine note. But this fragrance is not a typical citrus composition.

After 1,5 hours the musk accord marks its presence in the structure of the fragrance. At first it’s announced with a decently smelling powdery sensation which after some time becomes less powdery and gains more animalic facets. To me it smells like a sun-kissed skin at the beach. When it glistens with a suntan lotion and a bit of sweat. Even if the dirtiness of the musky tone is distinctive, I don’t find it offensive at all. Later on Terrasse a St-Germain reveals a weak floral stage. There’s some freesia adding some yellow tones (reminiscent of banana to me!) and a bit of rose – it would be more noticeable if there was no lotus. The latter one adds a sheer and watery feeling.

Few hours later the composition shifts presenting a nice rhubarb note. It is not a very common note for perfume and even in life you don’t find it often. I personally accept it mostly in cakes or in a compote. Here in Jul et Mad perfume it adds a nice touch of green with a lovely vibe that is crispy and crunchy. The drydown has a nicely measured dose of sandalwood essence. It smells substantial and airy at the same time, adding a bit more body to the scent. It provides a smooth woody feeling with a light milkiness to it. Since this moment there are no spectacularly big changes in Terrasse a St-Germain composition. It’s very pretty but rather linear from now on.

Terrasse a St-Germain is a composition made for Jul et Mad by perfumer Dorothee Piot. This is a very nice fragrance which suits many occasions, be it a lunch with friends, evening at the cinema. I think this is also a kind of perfume that can be considered as office-friendly since it doesn’t project as a monster and as a whole it is also very pleasing. Now that I know all the scent from Jul et Mad I can say that this particular creations ranks number 3 for me. Terrasse doesn’t beat my love for Aqua Sextius (#1) and Amour de Palazzo (#2). This doesn’t mean that I don’t like it. On the contrary – I like it a lot, just not as much as the mentioned two! This extrait de parfums is available in 5ml splash bottle (Love Dose), 20ml travel spray (Le Compagnon) and 50ml flacon packaged in a beautiful leather coffret box with an additional 7ml Nomad Spray, filled with the perfume and ready to use.

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12 thoughts on “It’s in your eyes, Jul et Mad Terrasse a St-Germain

  1. rickyrebarco says:

    Good day, Lucas. This fragrance sounds very interesting and different. Jul et Mad is a niche brand I have not tried at all, but I will sample it now after reading you reviews. Great story behind this one as well. I especially want to try Terassa a St. Germain for its different use of patchouli. Cheers, K

    • lucasai says:

      Hi on this rainy day in my region. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, Jul et Mad has a very high standards and all their perfumes are extraits – one doesn’t need much to be perfumed for all day.
      I also like that their every perfume tells about a different stage of their love story.

  2. jillie says:

    Having been the lucky winner of Aqua Sextius in your recent draw, I know just how good Jul et Mad’s perfumes are, thank you. As you say, Lucas, the quality of the ingredients they use is excellent and their composition imaginative and pleasing. This sounds like another interesting idea and I am looking forward to more commissions from this clever duo!

    • lucasai says:

      I’m really glad you could get to know the quality of the brand by trying Aqua Sextius. Terrasse a St-Germain is different from it but it still stands really high when it comes to the ratio of money spent and the juice value.
      Hope that you will be able to try them as well.

  3. All the fragrances in the line are really pretty and well-done — sadly though, they are not really a good fir for my personality. I loved reading you review anyway!

  4. Undina says:

    It’s interesting that for me Terrasse a St-Germain also holds #3 spot in Jul et Mad’s line-up but the first two are different: Amour de Palazzo and Stilettos on Lex.

  5. hajusuuri says:

    Dearest Lucas, I have a Love Dose of Terrasse a St-Germain and I decided to inaugurate it in order to compare what I experience to your review. My verdict: Like. It reminds me of a thinner version of Ann Gerard Rose Cut but instead of fizzy effervescent aldehydes, this one has the white part of the inside of the grapefruit rind. Wonderful review!

    • lucasai says:

      That is really funny that you compare it to Rose Cut with aldehydes replaced by albedo of grapefruit. I didn’t think of it that way. And great you finally used your Love Dose

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