Weekend poll – other scented things

I’ve been a bit busy lately and in a few minutes I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing. We also didn’t have a weekend poll for a while (actually for a little bit over than a month) so I thought that in all of this a weekend poll will be a nice thing to finish this week. It will allow me to catch a breath and it should be entertaining to you so we’re all happy.

Today I want to ask you a question if you’re using any other scented things? And by other scented things I mean almost everything. Candles, incense sticks, scented soaps, sachets, teas or scented paper.

Personally I started using incense sticks before I started my adventure with perfumes. They bring some nice atmosphere to the place and I like to watch the swirls of smoke in the air, it makes my calm. My favorite incense aromas include sandalwood & cinnamon and sandalwood & rose. Some time ago I got a chance to try a couple of perfume candles and I was really impressed by their quality. Those were Dickens and Beatnik from Jardins d’Ecrivains and Gold Leather candle from Atelier Cologne. I don’t use perfume soaps intentionally, in my family we usually buy these put them in the wardrobe as moth repellent. Same goes for sachets with dried lavender.

Why am I asking you about that? Because for the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on my own aroma candle. I’m going to make it this weekend, right now as we speak about it. I’m creating it under the label of Project C.A.N.D.L.E. where C.A.N.D.L.E. stands for Cute And Naturally Delightful Light Experience. The candle will be hand-made by me with the use of eco soy wax and essential oils of aromatherapy grade. The finished product will have a bit of laboratory look thanks to the brown glass jars I’ll be using. I will update with all the information once the candle is ready.

Wishing you all a happy and warm weekend with a lot of sun. If there are some other scented products you use – do tell! Everyone wants to know what other things are available out there.

[note] Candles picture from designersguild.net.au

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31 thoughts on “Weekend poll – other scented things

  1. jillie says:

    Such an exciting project. Candles are my favourite scented items for the house, both for their perfume and the lovely glow. Lots of good luck, Lucas.

    I am also fond of Papiers d’Armenie which I first learnt about from the lovely NST people. I buy them from France; they come in assorted fragrances, rose being my favourite. They are little strips of paper in booklets. You tear one out, fold it up like a concertina, place on a plate then light the edge, et voila! the smell of incense floats in the air. They are so strong that I also place them (unlit of course!) in my drawers to scent my clothes. And they are not expensive! Such a great discovery.

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you sweetie!

      I have heard a lot of positive feedback on Papier d’Armenie and I learned about it also from NST. I have never tried it but the idea of folding something and then waiting until it burns completely at the same time giving the scent sounds really great.

  2. Asali says:

    Cool Lucas, good luck with the project. Yes, I use scented candles, teas and soap. For that reason I absolutely prefer bar soap to liquid soap. My very favourite is a vintage mitsouko soap. And I enjoy voluspa candles, especially crisp champagne.

    • lucasai says:

      Regarding the teas: do you buy those that are especially scented (like those Guerlain teas) or just teas that have the aroma from dried fruits and flowers in them?

      • Asali says:

        Lucas, when I finally get to visit the refurbished Maison Guerlain, I’ll definitely buy me some tea there, just for the decadence of it. For winter I do like those spiced and slightly perfumed teas, even if mostly I drink teas without added flavour.

  3. Sounds fantastic Lucas. Years ago one Christmas I went all Martha Stewart and made homemade Christmas presents, including scented candles where I used small clay pots for the holders. They were nice, but I found that it takes a lot of wax to create even the smallest candle!

    • lucasai says:

      Homemade presents (for Christmas or other occasion) are great, aren’t they?
      For my candles I’m using small apothecary jards made of brown glass. They are very cute.

  4. poodle says:

    I use scented everything: candles, incense, incense papers, soaps, lotions, bath gels, room sprays, etc. A perfume for every purpose I guess. I don’t use everything all at once though. Lol.
    I love your candle idea. That’s a great name. I am a fan of making things for gifts and I’m actually thinking of doing something like that this Christmas. I can’t wait to see how your candles turn out. The apothecary jars sound like a lovely idea. I bet the brown glass looks pretty when they’re lit.

    • lucasai says:

      I think you are addicted not only to perfume but also to room fragrance as well my dear Poodle!

      Thank you sweetie, glad you liked the name. Coming up with C.A.N.D.L.E was easy, it was harder to think of what each letter means. I love handmade presents so I’m sure I will gift my friends with some of these candles. I hope it will be just like you said. The brown glass should look like a little lantern.

  5. rickyrebarco says:

    My home is full of scented things. All my closets and drawers have lavender sachets. I have a couple of Carriere Freres Industrie candles- they last forever. I also love Comme des Garcons incense sticks- Querzazate being my favorite.

    I also just got a new candle from Belle Fleur brand called Figue Noir and I’m getting ready to light it up now. Ahhh. Can’t wait to hear about your candle-it sounds wonderful! You are so talented, Lucas :-))

    • lucasai says:

      That’s good for you. Whenever my family went on vacation to Croatia or Bulgaria we always brought some lavender sachets home to place them in the wardrobes. I have never tried incense sticks from CdG but I would love to try Kyoto candle.

      Have not heard of Belle Fleur, will have to google them.

  6. Anka says:

    What a lovely post, it’s impressive and probably a good start into your fragrance making to begin with scented candles!
    I love to scent the kitchen with cloved oranges (I put them on the heater) in November and December and have a little scented candle from Annick Goutal (Noel) which I can highly recommend. It smells like a forest (pine and tangerine) very relaxing.
    And since I go testing fragrances at the department stores quite a lot and usually come back with about 5 different paper strips, my study smells always interesting; well; scented paper doesn’t probably count as “other things”…

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you Anka!
      Cloved oranges are great, especially for winter, before Christmas.
      I have heard of AG Noel candle, never seen them at our niche perfume stores (are they in AG boutiques only?)
      Paper counts too!

      • Anka says:

        My candle was part of a fragrance advent calendar from a perfumery in Munich (the whole calender was cheaper than the single candle because I bought it at a sale during summer time!) but you can order the candle at First in Fragrance as well. And the 35g one really lasts very, very long.

  7. shellyw says:

    I like Thompson Ferrier’s indonesian vetiver candle. I have several with just a bit of wax left. I am thinking how I can melt them and pull them together for a little more life.

    Your project sounds great. Will you be startgin your own business selling them? 🙂

    • lucasai says:

      I think it’s best if you place your candle above a pot with the boiling water as a bath. The wax will melt and you’ll pour it into a different container.

      I won’t make a business of it, just a tiny businesee.

  8. hajusuuri says:

    What a fabulous idea, Lucas, and it is coming to fruition. I can’t wait to read more about it!

    Other scented products I use besides perfume — soap and shower gel. For soaps, my favorite “known” brand is Atelier Cologne; the soaps are long lasting, smell just right while showering and do not leave traces. As for the shower gel, I recently bought the Orange Sanguine shower gel and oh my, it is so bright and citrusy; it doesn’t work as well for hair but for the body- oooh la la. The other shower gel I really like is from Le Labo with my favorite Iris 39 — it is so luxurious but also spendy. Wait, how could I forget – Lush Rose Jam Body Wash – woo hoo!

    I got a Papier d’Armenie paper inside a baggie from a swap a while back and I still huff that baggie every so often — the scent kept very well.

    I don’t burn papers, candles, incense or use any kind of anything to scent my things. I think I should just throw out some of the room sprays I bought from ::::gasp:::: Yankee Candle Factory!

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you sweetie! I will send you the information soon!

      You’re making me lust over those Atelier Cologne soaps, I bet Rose Anonyme soap or Silver Iris one would be gorgeous in the shower.

      I’m glad you enjoy the Orange Sanguine shower gel you recently bought. I have mixed feeling about this scent. If they did this with Grand Neroli I would be very tempted.

      Le Labo is generally very costly, perfumes, shower gels, everything…

      I should give that Papier d’Armenie a try 🙂

      Did you get those Yankee things in your ‘pre-perfumista life’?

  9. Lyubov says:

    Yep, another intense user of other scented things here! Besides traditional ‘others’ like soap, shower gels, body lotions and candles, I also choose and dive into fragrant teas, napkins, linen, chewing gum, even nail polish. I suppose the smell of books, and magazines doesn’t count, though sometimes I buy just for that single reason…
    I am thrilled to find scented products reminding me of some specific perfume without being in its range. Just because I know what a fan you are of Atelier Cologne, I should mention that one of the shower gels of Balea (dm) with Dead Sea salts, smells quite like Orange Sanguine, and I used them along. Totally invigorating and fulfilling cleansing experience!
    Congratulations on your new adventure, and I wish you a fruitful and pleasing work!

    • lucasai says:

      It feels like most of those who use perfume regularly als reaches for other products that have a nice and pleasant smell.
      The scent of magazines you say? You should try a Paper Passion fragrance, inspired by the smell of new books.
      Thanks for the info about Balea shower gel similar to Orange Sanguine

      • Lyubov says:

        I tried Paper Passion last Fall in Amsterdam, it was not what I expected it to be (hard , dry, dusty or inky). Though nice, the lavender-musky combo wasn’t new and thrilling for me. The book/magazine scent Quest to be continued…

  10. Undina says:

    Love the project! I’ll be waiting for pictures (I hope you do take those on all stages!) and the whole story. I made scented soap once. Let’s say, it was an interesting experiment that taught me that ingredients do matter.

    I use a diffuser in one room. In winter sometimes I burn some sticks. I didn’t have much success with scented candles: a couple that I tried, including Diptyque’s one, didn’t want to part with their scent. Recently I bought Amouage Dia soap on sale but I haven’t tried it yet. In general, I prefer most of the scent to come from my perfume, everything else should be pleasant but very subtle.

    • lucasai says:

      I’m planning to write such a post next week and yes, different stages will be involved. I’m sure soap is more difficult to make.

      What is the scent of your room diffuser? And what kind of incense sticks sticks you use (brand, scent? )
      I have only smelled Diptyque candles in store, unlit. Cire Trudon candles are amazing. I smelled some both unlit and lit in Milan and they gave a beautiful fragrance, subtle but noticeable

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